Friday, December 30, 2011

To Wash, Or Not To Wash...

So yesterday we addressed the topic of a couple of things that some of you out there may want to audition changing in the new year.  A resolution is only good if you follow through and these are some things that made need some changing regarding your hair regimen.  The first one to address is over shampooing,  something that most of you out there seem to be doing a lot of.  Men have the luxury of shampooing every day and having it not affect their scalps much ( Their hair is much shorter).  Women on the other hand have a bit more to contend with when shampooing ( Their hair is longer and more at risk) in regard to their scalps becoming over oily and their ends drying out.  

Most of you are unaware however that the more you shampoo the more you expose your scalps to becoming greasier.  When we over stimulate the sebaceous glands in our scalp (Through over cleansing and stimulation)  they begin to produce more natural oils.  So yes it is true that if you can get into the habit of shampooing less,  your scalp will begin to adjust accordingly and produce less oil.  Soo... what`s a good resolution here?  Easy,  invest in a good dry shampoo (Talc powder with moisturizers built that help to cleanse the scalp,  get rid of smells and create volume)  and try to push out that one extra day between washes.  As you progressively space out your shampoos more and more your scalp continues to adjust making it easier and easier to go a little longer.  Your hair and scalp will be healthier and more moist after making the change!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Resolution Ideas!

Hey Folks!  hope you all enjoyed the much needed rest over the holiday period... I can tell you that we at the salon surely did!  I am sure you were all spoiled with great family time and moments that hopefully will last a very long time.

But its time to start focusing on what it is your`e a going to change for the new year!  I for one would recommend maybe looking into your haircare regime.  How many times a week do you  flat iron your hair?  How many times a week do you shampoo? How many times a week are you blowdrying?  What type of products are you using and are they quality?

The answers to these questions only you have.  What are they?  Only you can answer.  The issue is if you are doing any of those things on a more than regular basis then you probably have to start treating your hair with a bit more love and respect.  It can`t look the way you want if you don`t give back ( Like any other relationship!).  Anyway,  we will move to explain why these things are troubling to your hair and what to do about it over the next couple of days.  We just wanted to plant a seed... 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Who ever said that this whole Santa coming down the chimney thing was a fake needs to see this!

All of Us at evoke Salon would like to wish all of you out there a Very Very Merry Christmas! We Hope you share all the joy that the season brings!!! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Simplicity Reigns Supreme!

I am really happy about where hair trends are going right now,   have been waiting for this trend segment to come back for a while.  We went a little layer/volume crazy there for a while with layers that were just plain too short.  I really am a stylist that believes that less is more when it comes to hair and fashion,  its just more sexy that way!  We did a little too much in the way of teasing and lifting and pumping for just way too long,  and with this trend change upcoming we will get back to letting women look sexy just being natural.  That is something that I for one really embrace as a stylist.

With the upcoming changes in  hair fashion I feel like the image I have posted above will be one of the starting points.  In that,  I mean we will evolve from here and get into slightly longer and shorter variations of the same style.  Layers will get a little longer and blunt lines will be left a  little heavier taking the looks back to the mid 60`s feel that I personally LOVED.  In simple terms, the bob and the blunt are back baby! (Like they ever left?)  I hope that this sparks a change in my guests that will allow me to get back to doing the type of cutting I really love to do (Yippeee!).  Let those layers grow out a little ladies!  Forgo the volume for a more simple and healthy version of your everyday styling routines,  and with it embrace a whole new sexy look!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Do!

Check Out this great Christmas hair style tutorial by Lilith Moon, she does a phenomenal job and creates a very inspirational do!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As For Beards...

It`s the time of year that a big fat man with a beard starts out on his journey of visiting everyone`s houses.  And wow what a beard!  Its funny that the big old guys beard always seems to be the same length,  Mrs. Clause must really know how to work that trimmer for him!  His beard always seems to be very well trimmed and maintained.  So it reminded me that I have yet to address the beard!  Believe that or what?!  I mean I sport one so what was I thinking?!  Maintaining your beard is something that most men seem to do pretty well.  I have taken notice of this recently because more and more men are sporting them fashionably and they are more in style today than they have been in a while.  The key to a well maintained beard is simple... Don`t forget that its on your face!  I find that the ones that look scruffy are the ones that are not trimmed down to a consistent length,  the sides are not well lined up.  It is imperative to keep the lines of the beard well formed and trimmed because it looks neat,  the right tools are important when doing just that.  A good trimmer with varying guards to adjust the lengths is very important. You wanna make sure that even if you decide to leave it a little longer it can still be a consistent and even length.  This will ensure that you do not see darker and lighter areas of hair.  A great trimmer I personally use is the Andis T-liner.  A phenomenal and professional tool that has a good strong engine and never seems to miss hair or pull hair with its blades.  A fabulous last minute gift idea for your wife and kids to buy "the man who already seems to have everything!".

Friday, December 16, 2011

Stunning... Hair Done By: YOU!

A really beautiful way to put your hair up quickly this holiday season! Why not stun the fam with your gorgeous looks this holiday!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just A Light Kiss...

So,  more and more style is going the way of the bohemian,  free flowing, natural feel.  We are being asked in salon on a regular basis what the new trends are regarding colour.  The answer to that question is  simple,  literally.   More and more women are moving away from over done obvious highlights and moving into natural soft colours that blend give more of a "sun kissed" look.  Lots of salon brands have started rolling out products that make it easier to achieve that style.  As an example we in the Bloor West Village location of evoke use a colour line called Davines.  A fantastic  and trend setting line out of Italy that always seems to stay cutting edge and on top of the needs of stylists.  Davines recently launched a new segment to their line called "Flamboyage".   A play on the term "balayage"  which the technique is most commonly called.  This technique involves highlighting the outside of the hair to create the effect of very light tonal highlighting.  The kind of colour that most women want,  (you know the one your little girl has when she's been outside all summer)  but have a hard time achieving.  A lot of women may never get that colour naturally for varying reasons such as not spending enough time out in the sun (because we work in North America!)  or not having a light enough base colour to begin with hence making it impossible for the sun to lift.  Balayage is a fantastic effect for the hair and a wonderful new way to approach lightning,  if you have been waiting for this type of colour for a while then now is the time to try it out!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling Generous?

This Holiday season I would like to give you ladies and gents out there something to think about, as gifts come in many forms....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Save Yourself the Grief!

So every once in a while there is a brilliant invention,  from the little pizza tables inside your delivered pizza ( You know the one that keeps the box from squishing it)  to the amazing Apple iPad.  There are also some great ones in the hair world like feather hair extensions and the TiGi curl stick which we have covered.  Today I am bringing you another one that we are absolutely thrilled with in the salon,  the particular one that I have chosen to post above is called the Tangle Teezer which was the original.  This brush is phenomenal!  There are different lengths of bristles which makes it easier to get to the tangles on the outer and inner layer of your hair at the same time ( BRILLIANT).  They were also intelligent enough to make the bristles flexible enough,  to ensure that the brush ALWAYS gets through your hair. 
We are selling these things like hot cakes in the shop and the sale is an easy one considering it saves time and damage!  A great tool that I recommend you all take a look at this holiday... It will make you very very happy you did!

Friday, December 9, 2011

There`s A lot of Buzz Out There!!!

Its that time of year... The time when we are all going absolutely batty trying to get everything together.  Whether your out shopping for gifts (that are absolutely necessary to purchase or else!)  Or have to get the tree up,  decorate the hallway,  get lights on the front of the house or... or... or!  Its Crazy!  Its absolutely amazing to me that we go through all this!  That however is a total side note.  The other thing that most of you are probably out there doing is getting ready to attend Christmas parties (that was my segway right there... hope you liked it!)  If that is the case then you will hopefully pick up the phone and give your local salon a call (416-482-4247 Yonge St. Location or 416-766-4247 Bloor St. Location)  and avoid yourself some stress this season.

I could sit here all day and give you guys some tips on how to self style for the holidays but I will tell you that in the end it will not look like we can make it look as stylists!  That is the cold hard truth,  I mean I could tell you that I am sure whatever you do will look great (and for some of you it will)  BUT I would be lying for most of you.  WE DO HAIR.... That is what we specialize in,  it`s our trademark,  and really you wouldn't try to install your own pot lights would you?  So why would you gather that your hair is any different when you heading out to your big office Christmas bash?!  Most salons are right now offering some form of discount that will entice you to allow them the simple pleasure of saving you stress,  time,  and well embarrassment!  I`m Just Saying... Let us focus on your do so that you can focus on just doing you!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Looking For Some Feedback...

Hello guys I hope everyone is doing well out there and handling the weather shift well.   I wanted to chat with you today about drug store products.  I have been in this industry for 12 years now and seem to meet at least 5 guests a day that are cooked on their "Shoppers"  brand of choice.

My curiosity has led me to enquire with you all what exactly is it that gets you guys hooked?  Is it the television adverts that keep you going back every six weeks for that next shampoo and conditioner or what?  We know that it is not the most ideal product to be using on our hair,  we know that the shampoos and conditioners generally offer little to know actual nourishment for our hair shaft.  Is it price point driven?  that would make logistical sense however I feel that most guests are willing to pay for what they get.  It could be that the marketing behind big brands is so strong we forget that regardless of how professional they try to appear they are mass produced brands.  Gone are the days of people realizing that when a company makes everything in the world (from household cleaners to laundry detergent,  floor cleaner, windex AND hair products) they seldom make all well.  Traditional drug store brands are often only a few chemicals away from being the same formula as your floor cleaner yet we feel like they are enough to use on our scalps?  Anyway I don`t want to go on a rant here (hehe) I would love some feedback from you all to find out how we the professionals can market to you better,  and get you using products both you and your scalp can be proud of!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Going GAGA at Barney`s

So every year in good old NY they go crazy at department stores dressing their windows,  this year was absolutely NO different!  The real exception though is one from Lady Gaga who apparently has some pretty outrageous dreams.  Gaga designed the Boudoir window at Barney`s this year and she took her inspiration from a dream she had,  pretty crazy dreams I guess!  She designed the entire interior of the window using hair!  Both human and synthetic.  For me this is a real treat as one would imagine and so I decided to share it with you, check this out. I thought it was truly impressive and very very well done!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why So Squeaky?!!!

I heard a client the other day say "Wow that shampoo really made my hair squeaky, eh?" the perception of what our hair should sound like seems to be very important to you guys.  The important thing to remember is that there are many factors to our perceptions.  When we have always used certain types of products on our hair we are accustomed to what they make our hair feel like.

As an example,  I am pretty sure that there aren`t very many of you out there that are currently using river water,  berries, lemon, and gelatine to wash your hair.  In early times these were very common cleansing concoctions mixed by women when attempting to wash their hair.  Nowadays we are way to comfortable with that silky softy feeling that we think must come with every single wash.  Problem is we aren`t willing to look into what exactly it is that is formulating that softness.  

Let`s take a look at a couple of things here... 1)  Your hair shaft is a natural fibre,  2) You have probably used some form of colour or chemical service on it in the last two years,  3) You probably hot style your hair at least one or two or more times a week,  4)  When you have it style you probably use some form of styling aid either when it was wet or when you finished the look.  All of these factors lead to one very important fact... Your fibre is being ruffed up.  When our natural hair fibres are ruffed up or compromised we can expect a dryer hair shaft,  the only reason your hair feels any "better" is because you just slathered it with silicone.  99.9% of shampoos on the market place currently use some form of slicking agent (anything that makes the hair feel silky) to "re soften" the cuticle layer.  The problem is you aren't re softening at all,  you are masking the real condition of your hair!  This all came up ironically when I used a local, certified organic, vegan, gluten free shampoo and conditioner system on that guest.  Funny... we are all starting to worry a bit more about what it is we put in our bodies (organic food, boycotts of fast food chains, etc...) but we haven't yet realized that when we slather on the silicone we aren't worrying about what we are putting ON our bodies!

In Summary,  when we lose the chemicals and start to care about what we`re putting on our bodies,  we may find that the transition can have a few squeaks in it.  If and when we stick it through,  it all gets silky yet again.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sexy Gone Wrong!

This is what happens when you mix drugs, alcohol, bathtubs, bikini`s, and candles all together, that @%*! don`t go together!
Honestly one of the funniest videos I have seen on Youtube, sad because weaves are not cheap and neither is self esteem. She must have felt a little embarrassed after this because it came out of no where while she was attempting to look as sexy as anyone ever has. I don`t know I mean its rude to laugh and ever more shameful because I style the stuff for a living but wow this vid caught me off guard!
Check This one out, hope you enjoy a little chuckle at someone else`s expense from time to time...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YOU Have To Chill Out!!!

What is it with you ladies out there?!!  I mean we have had over a year and a half of style that has included body,  wave,  curl,  and overall big big hair and still we iron!  I mean I would understand the fascination if we were still stuck in the late 90`s / early millennium addiction to start flat hair but we as stylists have progressed!  It seems to me that ladies of all ages (Yes,  that`s right it isn`t just the teeny boppers)  are absolutely addicted to damaging their hair.  Don`t mistake me here because we as salon operators are more than happy to sell you all the products in the world to help fix the damage but why make it easy on us?

As an example I have a guest ( Who will remain nameless!)  who has an obvious addiction ( her hair is double processed blonde and has started to chemically cut itself :( )  to the heat.  She irons daily,  and when I let her know that her hair cannot take this abuse and is breaking in various spots her answer is simply " I just can`t stop Jon... It`s not an option".  I for one find this extremely difficult to understand given all the irony I have used with her such as " That`s okay you can take your highlights home in a doggy bag today" or the clever " Hey check out this peach fuzz" .  I know that those are harsh things to say to a guest... I get it,  BUT,  The problem is that I actually truly and whole heartedly care and am scared for her.   Anyway I can rant all day on this the point is when your hairstylist (who sees an average of 9 clients/heads of hair a day)  says its time to stop... it`s time to stop!  Please share your thoughts below or don`t BUT,  if you know a junky smarten them up at least! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our 500th!!!

So for a little while there on our Facebook page I was trying to get us up to 500 likes,  and I am proud announce that we got there!  I know,  I know some of you will be saying " Whatever,  we have 1000 or 2000 or something like that"  But for me this was a great milestone.  I love posting content daily and having people "Like" what we put up and say,  however I have to say that it is pretty time consuming.  When we started posting content to the web and getting our story out we had slightly over 100 Likes,  and that was about 7 months ago.   I felt like 500 was very far away and it goes to show you how old i`m getting because time has flown!  Anyway,  I am very thankful and happy that you guys are enjoying our content and liking our page.  I hope to receive more and more feedback from you to be able to continue peaking your interest and sharing content with you that you enjoy!  To Jennifer Sprecht our lucky 500th  I hope you enjoyed your free cut and experience... We Loved doing it for you!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Colour For Lift And Volume?

Hey Everyone,  I hope your all staring to pull out those big Parkas and prepare for old man winter!  (Brrr Its cold out there!)  I for one have already started to curl up like an old man when walking outside.  Today I am gonna get back to   answering a question because I feel like it has been a while since I have done so.

"Hello,  I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not this is true;  I have heard from countless friends and even stylists that the best way to get extra volume on my fine hair is to colour it?  They say that it makes your hair thicker,  what is your opinion of that?  Thanks"

That is true,  it does definitely make your hair thicker.  The reason for that I don`t really like though!  What happens is that when your fine hair has been coloured it has had its cuticle layer damaged.  They way standard professional hair colour works is that when you were to have say a Highlighting service we go in with a "Pre-Lightener" (bleach)  and we strip your natural darker colour out of your hair shaft.  Then, when that colour is removed we find a nice new tone at that new level and apply a toner to even everything out.  The act of bleaching as one would imagine is not the most gentle on your hair`s condition,  the cuticle (the hair`s outer layer) is ruffed up by this procedure.  That is not however the only damaging part.  Even applying a solid colour can and will rough up the cuticle layer.  And although that rougher texture will help create lift and height in your fine hair,  the amount of conditioner you will need to get it feeling soft again cancels it out!  Give it a real thought before starting to colour because once you start,  stopping becomes very difficult.  Another way to get lift in your fine hair is to try root lifting agents like Powder lift by Eufora Or Dust It by Schwarzkopf.  They work wonders on fine hair and help to minimize oils and dirt build up.  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

20`s , 30`s She`s Got It Nailed!!

I have been finding that a lot of the hair tutorial work I see on Youtube is extremely well done. Every time I go out there and check the web for cool hair tutorials to share with you I stumble across someone else who is doing it very very well! Today is no different, Today I came across this girls Youtube channel and thought, WOW she really has this down well. She extremely talented and showcases some phenomenal work, especially in the Vintage/ Pin up categories. I thought that the way in which the video was put together in the first place was also very cool. Anyway check out this vid and let me know what you think at!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lean, Mean, Green and Clean!

We at evoke are starting to take notice of how we live,  what we eat,  and what it is we put on our bodies and hair.  With this new reckoning has come improvements and changes in our salon locations also.  Our Yonge and Eglinton location has been using a No ammonia base colour line for about the last 6 months,  while Bloor St.  has plans to roll out an Organic colour line in the new year.  Along with the introduction of healthier and cleaner colour alternatives;  we at both locations are looking into healthier and chemical-less alternatives in our shampoo and styling sections.  

This week our Bloor St. Location started to carry a range of Local,  Certified Organic,  Vegan, Gluten Free shampoos and conditioners by Green Beaver.  A fabulous range of product that I have personally been using for about 3 months now with great results.  We feel as though we can still achieve wonderful results using these cleaner alternatives,  and at the same time support a movement that we truly believe in and support.  I believe this evolution started as a result of a couple of different factors,  one being the recent spike in celiac cases and a need to satisfy their demands.  The other being a general belief in the need to support local,  greener,  and healthier options.  To me this was a natural progression as I had already started to make changes in this direction a while ago.  We at evoke hope to continue to service the needs of our guests and at the same time stay trendsetting and current!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who Needs Heat Anyway!

Okay I have to say that I am truly very impressed! I have never ever seen anyone use socks to do this! Never mind the fact that she used socks for a minute (although for me that is tuff to do!) She is soo clever! I mean I would love to say something silly like " Oh yeah we have been using this technique for years!" But That would be bull crap! This my friends is innovation at its finest because she understands that all you need to create any wavy shape in hair is something to wrap it around and a way to let it sit there and dry. I was really taken aback by this girl, please check her vid out! SOOO cool!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

Here we are with another Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!! Tonight I get into the discussion of what the right type of brush is for thick wavy hair blow dries. Check Out this video and hopefully you get something from it!

Friday, November 18, 2011

BRRRR.... Time To Take It Up A Bit!

So as everyone has noticed by now it`s getting really chilly out there!  I cannot believe how fast the weather has changed.   In all fairness though we can`t complain,  we really only started to feel bone chilling cold come in this week;  and considering that we are in late November that isn`t too bad.  One thing is  for sure though;  that we are starting to use our scarves,  hats and mittens again.  When these three essential components to a Canadian winter come out they don`t leave until May,  so lets get used to wearing them.  When the weather gets a bit colder I notice a shift in my clientele also ( they will often stray from saying "lets keep it longer so I can tie it up" and start to say " lets take it up a bit so it fits under my hats").  I completely understand the shift,  who wants to put a hat on and stay warm only to find that all the work they did styling in the morning is now pasted to their foreheads!  My recommendation is simple... Take It Up A Bit.  When your in next to see your stylist of choice consult on a similar style that may be more hat and scarf friendly.  You may find that you don`t even need to change the overall style much at all,  and may be able to just bring it up a touch.  OR for some of you this may be the ideal time to try something a little different,  a time to try that slightly shorter cut that you have wanted for a while but could not quite work up the nerve.  Why not give that look a try now?  I mean what`s the worst that could happen?  At least you will have the next 6 months to grow it back out!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Men Au Natural!

So one thing I have noticed in mens style and fashion recently is that we are really trying to go back to a more natural and care free version of style.  The look started to make a comeback when Robert Pattinson came on the scene with his free flowing and wild hair in the Twilight series.  Since then, our looks have been revamped! I don`t adore Robert Pattinson or the series but you gotta see my free flowing locks!  Anyway, I think it was just a matter of time before we'd realize that maybe the helmet heads we'd been sporting from all the crap in our hair was maybe not the best look for us.   I for one am absolutely in love with the new trend and feel like most guys out there sporting it actually pull it off really well.  

Now having said that and talked about just how crappy wearing product feels in a man's hair,  there are certain products that encourage this style well and help to keep it from looking sloppy.  I personally am really into the Grooming Cream by Hero For men.  It is a mens line that branches off of Eufora and is really making head way in the industry (Pardon The Pun!).  Anyway, I recommend checking it out if you are sporting this trendy look.  Let's keep this trend going for as long as we can because I'm really enjoy the lazy days!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Found Love... In Rihanna`s Hair!

This woman is just ridiculous; everything she touches turns to gold! (Or platinum in this case). I absolutely love Rihanna!  Many love her for her music and swagger, for me, it's her hair.   I have blogged about her in the past and have also used one of her images as our "look of the day."  Why? The reason is simple... Rihanna embodies trendsetter. I remember seeing her at Much when she and Kanye were just starting out (around "Jesus Walks/ Umbrella" Days) and they were already way ahead of the curve. Her videos are always edgy and she always seems to have the greatest hair! This is yet another of those videos in a long line of solid hits.  They Found Love, and I Found Hair-Love!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knot That %*#@ !!!!

Wanna know what`s trending and hot right now in the hair world?  Its pretty simple actually... Laziness!

Funny because I feel like that has been a hair trend for years in certain circles!  Anyway funny enough I`m not kidding at all because easy is the new style when it comes to hair fashion.  The best part is it`s not that new because it seems like we have been on this trend for a couple of years.  
The latest in the long line of clever, quick and easy ways to throw your hair up with style is the double knot.  The easiest possible "updo"  I think I may have ever seen or done!  All there is to it is exactly what it sounds like you literally just tie your hair in two knots!  

Start by taking your hair into a middle section at the back.  After you have the two sides of your head separated,  you then wind them up into what feels like two wind wound up ropes.  Then simple tie a knot with the two sides,  once completed you then tie it into another knot,  and place it in the position you want at the back.  Take a couple of bobby pins and pin it down for security,  once that`s done a little spray should finish it off great and you are on your way!  So chic and practical! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Normally its time to put forth a video showcasing the answer to a question iv`e  received but today,  I have to say...  I`m Exhausted!!!

I`m Exhausted because there have been few Saturday`s like this in my career,  today I had every single long,  thick haired, curly, wavy,  unbelievably massive haired client on my repetoir!   SERIOUSLY!  I blow dried more hair today than I have in my entire career combined!  I guess with the holidays on the way I was bound to get a day like this in there and well today was it!  

Everyone wants that smoothened out silky style and that means a workout for me people!  Holy moly if you think its hard on you to blow dry your own head of hair on a weekday morning imagine if 7 of you came in to see me in one day!  Well guess what... Today was THE day!  Anyway,  all i`m saying is at least I got through it with a smile :) 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Birds Of A Feather...

Okay I know I have already done a blog post on feather hair extensions,  But I cannot help doing another one!   This things are the hotness right now!  IT`S CRAZY!!!  I mean we are selling extensions like it going out of style (even though it REALLY isn`t!).  People are buying up these feathers because they are durable,  trendy and have a beautiful appeal to them.  They  create a really beautiful bohemian soft feel on long wavy hair and on shorter more cropped looks.  At the shop we sell them for $15.00 per feather and $25.00 dollars for three.  As you would imaging people tend to jump on the latter option just because it creates a nicer look to have multiple shades and textures of feathers.  It does so because it creates a more natural and eclectic look.  We love these things as I have four members of our staff sporting them and that helps to create a buzz.  Anyway I really think that if you have`nt tried them out yet you may want to give it a go before the trend changes.  They are easily cared for and can be shampooed,  blow-dried,  styled and last at least 6 weeks!  Anyway if you are interested come by either of our locations in Bloor West Village (at Runnymede)  or at Yonge and Eglinton for a chance to try them out!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Loonie Bird!

Okay every once in a while you find a someone who defies logic with their actions. To be honest, I can`t say that I haven`t thought about doing this to one or two of clients before (only if they have TOOO Much hair!) but to see it done on someone with hair this gorgeous absolutely broke my heart. The worst part about it is that she didn't even have any remorse! This crazy chick woke up one morning and decided she wanted to be bald. I thought it was worth a watch and when I did I decided I needed to show you. Hope you found it as bizarre as I did!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey everyone!  Glad to be back behind the computer today answering your questions and sharing ideas!
Today we are gonna respond to a great question I got regarding bangs.  People seem to always have the same question when it comes to bangs,  so as you would imagine that makes my life pretty easy when it comes to giving them an answer!  Let me share that query with you today!....

"Hi Jon,  it has been a really long time since iv`e had bangs and I`m thinking about going at them again!   BUT before I do I need to know what you think is trending right now in the bangs world?!"

Okay bangs kinda do this funny thing to people,  in that they are either truly ready for bangs and are not shy to get right at it with an all out full bang.  OR they seem to take a short cut and go for more of a side swept fringe that is more subtle.  I think to look at what is trending is the right approach as long as you are on the front end of that statement and are ready to sport a full bang.  Otherwise you are probably better off sticking to the fringe because it`s the safer bet.  Now,  having said that if you are ready than full bangs are super trending right now and have been for a little while.  They don`t seem to be on the way out at all and that`s a great thing considering I love them!  I have attached a pic of the type of bang I am talking about for your enjoyment,  It all however depends on facial shape,  hair length and texture along with how much styling your`e willing to do!  Hope that was helpful and that you go for it!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hello out there!  I hope you guys have started off your weekends with a bang so far and are enjoying your chill time.  I am writing to let you all know that I will be away from my computer for the next couple of days.  I will be attending the wedding of dear friends and so as much as I love you all I love them too!  I will not be around again until Wednesday of next week,  so here is to hoping you all miss me as much as I`ll miss you!

The Silver Fox!

Hey Guys!  Hope all is well in the world with you!  I am glad to get the opportunity to write to you today and answer another great question that I received recently.   I find that often I am sent questions by other young women or young men.  Not often however,  have I been sent questions by people who are a little older and therefore have slightly different queries.   Today we have one from a reader who is in her seventies and sporty a beautiful head of white hair!  Cool,  lets get to it!

Hi there,  I am a regular reader and often think about writing to you.  I finally had a question I thought you might be able to answer so I thought I would try it out!  My name is Carla and I have a short hair cut that is quite a bit more "Naturally Highlighted" than in my pat years.  I was wondering if you could help me by referring me a product that would help get the yellow out of my white hair?  I just find that it often has a tinge of colour I do not like and I haven`t been able to be rid of it,  Thank you in advance.

Sweet eh!?  There is definitely a way to be rid of the yellow!  We in the salon deal with many guests that have started to go white or silver,  and are having trouble because their hair becomes so porous that it collects smoke, or pollution or any other element and begins to change in colour.  The best thing to do is to try and neutralize the yellow or gold by killing it with an ash based toning product.  Because we do not want to colour our hair everyday we cannot used an actual colour.  So the best way to approach this is with colour based shampoos and conditioners.  We in our salon use one by Davines,  its effective and gentle and works extremely well.  These are meant to be used once or twice a week at most and left on for anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes.  I have attached a picture of the one we use in our salon,  its called Alchemic Silver Conditioner.  The conditioners are better because they carry the most pigment.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cool hair Vid man!

Something fun and light for cold November day! I am currently taking drawing classes and so I am a real fan all things drawing right now! Anyway as I scoured Youtube in search of educational videos on drawing I came across this video that tied both of these worlds together! I thought it was cool and wanted to share it with you all, I hope you enjoy it because I was amazed at how simple he made it look and how nicely it was finished. Anyway check it out!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A BOB is all you need!

So I freaked out when we found out about being nominated for a weblog award in two categories!  I don`t know if you could all tell yesterday that that was the case!  I was truly humbled to even have been considered.  Today though I gotta get back to business,  I`ve got to get back to story telling and question answering because THAT is what you all truly want to hear about!  Lets get back on track here shall we?

Today I wanna chat about bobs,  the most highly addictive and practical haircut of the last 50 years! (If you date it back to the 60`s anyway.)  This cut has become a staple in most salons the world over,  with many different variations and textures a bob is still a bob.  I have a couple of guests that WILL NOT... CANNOT... Ever change. The bob can be funked up to create a trendier, edgier look with colours,  and can be worn a bit more classical and almost parisian influenced with no colour and clean lines.  

I will say this I understand  where you guys are coming from!  And can recommend only this...  ADD BANGS!  Or change the colour every once in a while or I don`t know... Just don`t get stuck in that same  look for the rest of your life!  LOL!  Anyway,  just figured I`d share that thought today,  hope you got a laugh.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Canadian Weblog Awards NOMINEES!!!!!

OMG!!! I am absolutely over the moon honoured and thrilled to have had our blog place as a finalist in the upcoming 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards!!! I am uber flattered becuase we were nominated in the first place but even more excited because we were nominated in 2 Categories! CRAZY! We have been nominated for the "Best New Weblog" and "Fashion, Style and Design categories"!!! I have to say that this is a lot more than I was expecting and that I am truly honoured and whole heartedly flattered by this. Thanks go to all of you out there who read the blog and interact with us! I thank you for continuing to send your questions in and for keeping me on my toes having to answer them! The nominees shortlist will be announced on December 1st 2011, and the winners on January 1, 2012. We are just happy to have made it this far, and are really thrilled! Thanks again guys and I guess stay tuned to find out what happens on the 1st of December! WOOOOHHOOOOO!!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

Here we are again guys, Saturday Night!!!!! This one is special because its HALLOWEEN!!! I decided to make this one a little spookier... unintentionally with the mannequin. She`s kinda scary! But I will tell you that she was very helpful in the making of this vid! Anyway check out this vid for some help on how to apply a mattyfying powder to the scalp for volume. Check Out This Vid!

Friday, October 28, 2011

One For The Dudes!

Hey folks,  today were going to put one out there for the guys.  I feel like it `s been at least a couple of months since I serviced the male clients out there.  Now,  I must say it was hard to do an entry based on mens products or questions largely because they weren`t sending any queries.  Finally however we`ve recieved a great one! And It`s great to be able to give some advice to a dude for a change! LOL!

"Hey I was wondering what the best product to use when styling your hair in a comb over is?"

AWESOME to the point like you would expect!  Funny because even though it isn`t a full blown comb over I myself am wearing the comb over slash pompador mix currently.  So considering the fact that I need to style it myself every morning I have been able to get my hands on a great product that works for my thick hair.  Which by the way makes a difference!  If you have fine and limp hair I would probably recommend sticking with pomades and lighter holding products in general.  Otherwise for all the men out there currently wearing this uber trendy look that have normal to thick hair I recommend they look at Eufora`s Hero line for men.  In particular I love the Grooming Cream,  its just enough hold to maintain a well groom look,  has shine and at the same time doesn`t paste your hair to your head.  The way I see,  this is a look that should still have some movement even though it is very polished.  Check it out,  it won`t disapoint,  Hope that answered your question and thanks for writing me at!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Parrot Who Can WHIP IT!!!

Ever seen a parrot dance? Well I`ll tell you I hadn`t and thought it was really funny the first time I saw it! This is not the first time I have blogged this song but it is the first time I am getting to blog a parrot! Anyway I thought it was light and funny and interesting to see and it had me laughing hard. I hope that you enjoy watching this parrot "whip it"!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grey , Grey... IT`S OKAY!!!

Hello everyone!  I am very happy to be writing to you on this fine day! LOL!  Its just how i`m feeling today folks... a little quirky!  Anyway today we gonna answer a question that I received a couple of days ago from a great client of mine.  This is not a standard question I answer in that it wasn`t emailed,  however I figured this is one that a lot of clients might want to hear about.  So having said that lets get goin!

"Okay,  so I woke up this morning and look at what I found!  I am only 29 years old!  Why the heck do I have this ridiculous grey hair right at the front of my head!  BRUTAL!  What am I supposed to do with this thing!"

The first thing to do is relax!  Just because you`ve found that first piece of sweet silver magic doesn`t mean that its time to hit the salon hard every six weeks!  Its truly a matter of personal feeling,  by that I mean how much does thing thing really bother you?  Suprisingly,  in all the years that I have been servicing my guests I have realized one thing for sure... Not ALL my clients dred that first grey!  Some women have a real confidence about them when discussing the topic.  Why I say confidence is simply because I have heard the story so mant times,  "it did`nt really bother me until my friend mentioned it!  Now its driving me nuts!"  The question is why?!  I feel like women have this preception that men who have turned grey are dapper or sophisticated but women are old and run down.  Personally I feel like that is a societal issue that we internalize if we care about what others think.  Just like there are always those clients that say "wow she looks great with her grey I wish I could do that."  You can.  The only difference is truly feeling like you can carry yourself with that class and confidence.  Now,  if that isnt you we look forward to seeing you every four to six weeks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Cut From The Heart... Thank You All!

I first of all would like thank everyone who came out and supported us this past sunday!  It was a fantastic success!  I would like to thank those of you who sent checks in the mail even though you were unable to here in person.  Your thoughts and donations were hugely appreciated by the Spencer family!  In total through cutting donations, T-shirt sales and raffle tickets sold we were able to raise an AMAZING $2107.00!!!!!!  

I would like to send out special thanks to Nature Clean for their donations,  support,  and the wonderful prizes they were able to help us put together!  Most importantly though,  from the bottom of my heart I would really, really like to thank the staff of evoke for donating soo generously of their family time on Sunday.  This cut a thon would not have been possible without the hands we had cutting!  Guys you are truly appreciated by us and mostly by the Spencer family!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

Hey Everyone! This week`s Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin is more of an invite than anything else so please feel free to join us this Sunday October 23rd at our Yonge St. Location. We will be hosting a Cut A Thon between the hours of 10am and 4pm! All proceeds from the event will go directly to Little Dexter and his family who`s page can be found on facebook. A great little guy who needs our help, we will be performing cuts starting at $25 for just a cut or $50 with a blow dry! Your chance to get a great cut for a great price and support a great cause! Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hair in Awkward spots?

Hey folks I hope you guys enjoyed the video I posted yesterday back stage at the Vivienne Westwood show in Paris, thought it was fitting for fashion week :D! Anyway today I am going to get back to answering questions because I gotta keep up over here! Anyway today`s question is a funny one because it is not about any one persons personal needs. The question made me laugh when I saw it and I figured "you know what I have a video of that moment!" Let me show you exactly what I mean...

"Hi there I thought something to myself the other day when I saw a mother braiding her daughters hair in the bathroom at the mall! I wondered where the weirdest place you had ever done hair was?"

That is hilarious because it is right outside the box thinking and I am always happy and thankful for those types of questions! What makes that even more interesting is that we actually shot a video earlier this year that captures one of the many odd moments of me doing hair in an awkward spot. I would have to say though that although I have done hair in bathrooms before this might be my weirdest spot!...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion`s Hot Week!

So its Fashion Week!!! As everyone probably already knows! Anyway I wanted to share with you all a cool vid I found on Youtube that I was very inspired by. This is the backstage prep area for Vivienne Westwood at the Paris show. It is a long vid but I was truly inspired by he hair and makeup being used on set. Very cutting edge and beautiful work was on display and I am realizing that I really like her feel. Anyway a short post with a long video that follows is often all that one can post during this week! Considering that its sometimes better to do less talking and get more inspiration!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yep,  that`s right this is our 200th post!  I am soo happy to announce that because for me ( a guy who still types with two fingers)  it was along time coming as you would imagine!  I have however gotten a bit better in that regard,  not because I type with more fingers now but just because I have learned how to move fast while only using the two!

I hope to be creating blog posts that satisfy the questions I am  being asked with good answers.  It takes a lot out of a hair dresser to write a blog everyday and come up with good content so I figured the best way forward was for you guys (my amazing readers) to help me and in turned be helped.  I think that this setup has worked well for both as I am often sent great questions that I am told are being answered well.... Yippee!

Anyway,  a small note to say thank you all for your questions and feedback.  Most of all thank you for inspiring me to get to this 200th post by staying interested and asking great questions!  And remember I am always here to answer them and any other queries you may have at!  Thanks again guys!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Simple Truth on Colour

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend with friends, family or whomever you spent it with.  I think its official that it~s getting pretty freaking cold out there!  I even saw a guy out there with his full blown parka on!  Anyway,  I hope you all enjoyed Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin this pat weekend as I truly enjoyed getting back to it.  Speaking of getting back to it lets get to today`s question...

" Hi there,  I am in need of some advice here.  I have recently started to react to the colour that is being used at the salon I frequent,  and never did before.  I guess I have two questions because the first is why all of a sudden I would have started to react?  The second being in light of all of the news that has been coming out recently and the negative effects that hair colour can have on us,  is there a product line that is professional and still chemical free?  Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon."

Well,  lets start with the first question which is why the change all of a sudden.  I would have to say that the salon may have recently A) Changed their in house colour brand or B)  Introduced a new range of products to the salon that your colourist has recently started working with.  Generally,  if you have been a guest of their for a while and are simply asking for the same look,  they may have decided to go ahead with the new stuff as long as they could still achieve your same old shade.  If they have changed the colour line then you may want to find out about it because you will continue to have reactions after every use.  A simple phone call to your colourist should answer those queries,  have you started taking any new meds?  Because that may have an effect on your chemistry and have you react to the chemicals in the colour line.  To answer your second question I must say NO,  "Chemical Free" is a very strong term to use because in professional hair colour lines you must have some form of chemical that will open the hair`s cuticle layer and allow for the dye to develop onto the cortex layer.  Without some form of chemical to get the hair shaft open in the first place then the dye cannot penetrate the interior of the hair shaft and develop itself.  Natural lines like Henna and some other vegetable dyes work well enough by staining the outer layer of the hair shaft,  they do not penetrate.  This is a good enough system I just find that most people end up going a little more red than they had hoped.  There are some lines that are lighter chemical based like Davines or Organic Colour Systems,  But chemical free.... No,  they still need to work.  Hope that answered your question and thank you for sending it to me at feel free to send any more you may have!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

So tonight you will all be forced to look at my ugly mug again! Thought you got off easy last week huh?! Wee guess again because I am back and ready to give you all a little inside tip on the right comb to use when detangling. The choice is simple really in that you can watch this vid get a good tip on what to use and how OR you can continue to rip away and tug at your hair using that same old brush! I think you want to watch the vid!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Transplant Much?

So If your wondering what it looks like to have a hair transplant, or what that might feel like in general than you don`t want to miss this video! Not for anything this is a testament to why someone might want to be sure they are using the right hair products and taking good care of their hair. This video actually is quite funny considering the content and that fact that the guy is going in to surgery! He is in pretty good spirits overall I would say. Anyway check it out for yourselves and be sure of one thing... Take Care of Your Hair!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Looking For The After Party?

Hey Folks!  Hope you loved little Mariah`s Tutorial video yesterday!  I thought it was hilarious, and super cute.  Considering that she is only like 4 years old she did an absolutely amazing job of those pigtails!  Anyway  as we move into the end of yet another long week today`s  question has been needing addressing for the last couple of days.  So lets get to it because Margherita has been waiting soo patiently....

"Hi there,
I'm trying to find out where I can purchase Bed Head by Tigi (After Party smoothing cream).  We received a container as part of a loot bag for a birthday party our daughter attended and we absolutely love it for her hair.  Do you carry this product?
Thanks for your help!"

Okay so Margherita,  I can say that no I do not carry this particular product however I may need to start if you are feeling like it is the perfect product for your little ones hair!  Funny enough I do carry quite a bit of the Tigi Bed Head line just not the one product you are asking about!  Anyway lets get to some options here because I would love nothing more than to make sure you get what you need.  I can go ahead and special order that product from my manufacturer and have it in by early next week if you are in the area,  I can also ship it to you if you are not.  However I should be honest in saying that quite a few drug stores in the Toronto area have started carrying the Tigi brand and may carry that exact product.  Alternatively I may just look into carrying it from now on any way,  so having said that thanks for the tip!  Anyway let me know when and if you would like that ordered,  it would truly be our pleasure.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So easy a child can do it!

So we really like to show you hair tutorials... We know that you love seeing hair tutorials... Sooo today we are going to showcase a hair tutorial for all you moms out there. A tutorial that both you and your little ones will be sure to love, bevause this one is performed by the sweetest little hair instructor I have ever seen! Her name is Mariah and she knows just how to put her hair up! She has some serious skill I must say... But I won`t judge it, you guys take a look for yourselves!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

Hi Everyone!! So, the idea behind Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin is to answer peoples questions on hair in video form. Well, tonight I am going to take a step back and let another lovely lady we know very well take the stage. This lovely lady`s name is Julia Darby, and she is a great client of ours at our Bloor St. Location. The reason I am handing over the mantle for this week is that we recieved a question I can answer however I would need the time to put a video together correctly. Why do that when Julia has already done such a fabulous job?! So having said that, this is the question I recieved from Melanie... "Hi Jon, Hope you are well. I have a video request for you... could you show us how to do a glam old Hollywood kind of look? ". Here it is then, lets get to it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nonna Maria's Day at the Salon

Okay for an Italian Canadian kid who is in the salon industry this is the funniest thing I have ever seen! This is a parody that I found about an Italian nonna (Grandmother) who is going to the salon for her big makeover. For me, this was a meshing of two very different worlds and I had to bring that to you all. I mean, When was I going to get the chance to show you guys a little snip of what childhood with my nonna was like and have it tie into the salon world enough to be able to blog it and bring it to you all! This video is a real classic for me and although the english isn`t really there for you all to understand you will have no trouble figuring out what she is taking about. As they say Italian often do a lot of talking with our hands so as you would expect this video will be clear as day! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it because I was in literal tears when I found it and thought to myself I have to blog this... It was just to sentimental! I hope you enjoy it!  Oh by the way... the man beside her is her husband chef Luigi!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Hairs Driving You Batty?

Thursday... almost there folks,  before you know it you will be carving into that 18 pound turkey of yours and adding cranberry sauce to that ever delicious stuffing!  Before we get there though we need to cover a few more questions that have been directed my way this week.  So without any further talk of mouth watering turkey lets get to it...

"Is there any way that I can control these little hairs that grow at the front of my hairline?  They are really tough to work with because I have curly hair and  they stand out like a sore thumb.  I guess the reason they are there in the first place is because I just gave birth right?"

Yes and no... I know not exactly the answer you were all looking for.  The little hairs along your hair line are typically called "baby Hairs"  and there are multiple reasons for the nick name.  Yes, frequently women experience breakage at the front of their hair lines during pregnancy,  and yes it does get worse once the child is born and the hair that remained on your head during term starts falling out.  However,  there are many many clients who have these shorter pieces of hair around their hair lines regularly just because they have curly hair that breaks easily with friction.  The hair in that area can also break due to exposure to elements or even just because you wear your pony too tight.  

The only way to control these shorter hairs is to cover them up with a fringe of some sort,  whether that be a bang or a side swept fringe.  The only other option is to slick them back into your ponies and break em again!  Anyway patience is truly a virtue when it comes to those little hair because they are really fragile and any excess amount of product or styling you do to them only inhibits their growth and durability.  A word to the wise... leave them alone as much as possible,  unless of course you like having them around!