Friday, November 18, 2011

BRRRR.... Time To Take It Up A Bit!

So as everyone has noticed by now it`s getting really chilly out there!  I cannot believe how fast the weather has changed.   In all fairness though we can`t complain,  we really only started to feel bone chilling cold come in this week;  and considering that we are in late November that isn`t too bad.  One thing is  for sure though;  that we are starting to use our scarves,  hats and mittens again.  When these three essential components to a Canadian winter come out they don`t leave until May,  so lets get used to wearing them.  When the weather gets a bit colder I notice a shift in my clientele also ( they will often stray from saying "lets keep it longer so I can tie it up" and start to say " lets take it up a bit so it fits under my hats").  I completely understand the shift,  who wants to put a hat on and stay warm only to find that all the work they did styling in the morning is now pasted to their foreheads!  My recommendation is simple... Take It Up A Bit.  When your in next to see your stylist of choice consult on a similar style that may be more hat and scarf friendly.  You may find that you don`t even need to change the overall style much at all,  and may be able to just bring it up a touch.  OR for some of you this may be the ideal time to try something a little different,  a time to try that slightly shorter cut that you have wanted for a while but could not quite work up the nerve.  Why not give that look a try now?  I mean what`s the worst that could happen?  At least you will have the next 6 months to grow it back out!

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