Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

Its Saturday NIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTTT! I always wanted to use that theme! Hope you all had a great week and that you have enjoyed your first day of the Long Weekend! Anyway does anyone have a cowlick that needs some taming? Well in the next vid I show you just how to do that... Check it out! And have a wicked weekend!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Taming your Curlies!

Hey Guys! Hope you are all doing well out there and that all you peoples who were complaining about the HOT weather are happy now! ;(
What is it with this Rain?! Anyway I feel like this was a great week in the salons so far as even though the weather has n`t been at its best we have been pretty busy, so thanks to our fans and those who make what we do everyday so rewarding! Anyway without any further adieu here is today`s question!

" Hi, I was wondering if you guys did Afro- Canadian hair at either of your two salon locations? I am in the market for a new stylist and love all the great things I have heard about you guys. Is there anyone who is a specialist with this type of texture working at either of your salons? Thanks"

Yes! At evoke our stylists are trained to cut hair for shape, which means that we all have a strong understanding of how to create a strong shape that grows in well and that is easy to self style. A lot of salons are coming out now and claiming to be specialist in cutting curl, but at evoke we are of the mind that if you have a strong grasp of geometrical cutting you can truly work on ANY hair texture. I personally will say that the tighter and curlier the curl the more fun it is to work with! Anyway, let me save you the terminology and technical talk because it`s only us stylists get catch a rush on it! Check out this AWESOME makeover that Ergys Tafilica was able to do out of our Yonge St. Location, I am sure that this will help you gain some confidence in just what it is I am talking about... Check it Out!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We ARE What We EAT!

Hey today we have a topic that I think will be a real great one for some of our readers.  I know that I am extremely pumped by this article and think that a certain Nutritionist friend of mine will be real proud of it!  I think that over the course of the last 150 blog entries we have posted ( Oh Yeah by the way we hit 150 entries yesterday!!!)  We have tried to touch on various topics that are hair related.  We have shown funny videos,  we have provided information that people can gain knowledge from,  and of course we have tried to answer as many questions as we could.  This however is one topic I don`t believe I have covered,  and that surprises me because it is quite important!  Lets get to it shall we? 

In my chair at 11am this morning I had a wonderful lady named Anne who`s hair I have been cutting for two years now ask me a GREAT question,  here it is...

"Jon,  Have you ever covered the topic of food and haircare?  I mean do the two even relate?  What are the important things to get from our diet that relate to our hair`s strength and health?"

NO!, ... No I haven`t,  and I am very glad that you asked Anne!  So glad I didnt even go to email today for a question as I really wanna talk about this!

Okay so our hair shafts are made up predominately of protein,  Keratin,  and Melanin.  What this means essentially is that our hair is a fibre and requires certain nutrients to maintain its overall health.  What we put in,  like everything else in life is exactly what we get out!  This concept very much applies to our hair, skin,  and nails because they are the places we notice deficiencies first.  Our hair in particular is a record of our diets,  in that if we are not taking in enough of any particular vitamin or nutrient our hair WILL show it.  As an example,  you may be a person who does not get enough protein in your diet and therefore your hair becomes fragile and brittle,  you get less body and "Life" from it.  In short,  insufficient protein in one`s diet decreases the hair shafts diameter,  making it less healthy, strong, and thick.  Crash dieting has a HUGE effect on hair in that you can begin to lose more hair as a result of a highly impacted growth cycle which causes a higher than normal amount of hair follicles to shed their attached hair fibres.  Vitamins also have a huge impact in that you can gain  a lot of what you are unable to get through food by supplementing it in.  As an example you can maximize your hair`s shine, vitality and strength by taking a proper blend of amino acids and B vitamins.  It is important to include B6, B12 and minerals such as Magnesium,  Sulfur,  Silica,  and Zinc when aiming to achieve healthy, strong and shiny hair.  In short,  when it comes to hair and overall health we REALLY ARE what we eat!  Thanks for reading and send me your queries to!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Say NO!

Hey Guys!,  Today I have a pretty awesome question to get to.  A question that I think must of us do not realize is extremely important!  One that most ladies and gentlemen out their don`t even know is important!  And it is in regard to the texture of our hair.  Most people battle with frizz and fly away daily,  what they know for sure is that they hate (those little hairs that stick out everywhere!)  However,  what they are unaware of is how they got there in the first place!

"Hi,  okay I am going to get right to this because I am soo frustrated right now!  I just went to the Hairdresser the other day and she destroyed my hair!  I have been trying for at least three months not to over style and keep it healthy,  Then I let her use those stupid scissors on my hair and "VOILA"!!!  Frizz central!   What happened?  Why does it feel like this now?"

The "Stupid Scissors" that she is referring to are called Thinning Shears... (A.K.A Death Touch!)  Okay so maybe that is a bit dramatic but hey! ...  Anyway I hate those things just as much as she does!  

I know that a lot of hairstylists just cannot work without those things but I have to be honest and say that they are a copout.  A way in which to speed up your hair cut process (your Stylists can earn more money doing more cutting!) and make your hair feel lighter.  That Sounds good no?  Well, that is going to  depend on how much time you have for styling in the morning!  Lets put it this way,  I am a 11 year hair professional and when those scissors have been used I have to blow dry your hair out about four times per piece to get it even close to smooth.  Then,  after having achieved a slightly smoother finish I wait about 30 seconds to watch as your hair shaft goes frizzy again!  

The reason is simple,  you have just been gifted a split Hair shaft!  And yes I said Hair shaft and not Hair ends because thinning shears are generally used throughout the hair shaft.  When a shear is used on your hair the blade of the scissors is being run from the root area of your hair all the way down to the ends.  This blade running along your hair shaft splits the cuticle layer (little pieces) from the main hair shaft.  Meaning,  it does not matter how much we blow dry and primp you now have two separate pieces that CANNOT,  EVER be smoothened back together.  

As you will notice in the picture above teeth intersect with the standard blade,  where they do the hair gets cut,  where they don`t your hair stays... Do you really want to create that much damage AND only have hair of your hair shafts potential?  The answer is simple, NO.... so just say NO!  Hopefully that helped and I am sorry that you had that happened all I can say is be patient hang in there let me know if I can be any further assistance at!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank You!

So today guys I am going to switch things up a bit,  in that today I am not going to answer a question.  Today I want to start by saying that we as a salon team feel blessed,  I mean we run two very successful salons and have an AMAZING team that make that possible.  We also however would not need our team if it was n`t for the SPECTACULAR group of guests we have that have been soo loyal to us for so many years.  There is however a new group of people that we really want to thank,  and that group is you guys!  Our wonderfully supportive and inspirational on line community.  We really love interacting with you guys daily and sharing everything from experiences to embarrassments to special moments.  I must say that I am really inspired by the people who take time everyday to share thoughts and words in a world where we have very little time left to do so.  Having said this there is also a special new group within this existing group who we are truly and utterly flattered by!  And they are our guests... who also happen to be bloggers! Or Tweeters!  People who take it upon themselves to share with the world the experience that they cherish at evoke.  I can honestly say to you that we feel blessed and truly humbled by your efforts and by the way we seem to have touched your lives,  we will not stop trying our BEST for you!  I have an example of what I am talking about in the link below,  please take the time to read it because I can say that I was blown away and it made me feel really lucky!  It is you guys that we do this for... it means a lot. 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!

WHHHAAAAAZZZZZZ UUUPPP! How goes it folks?! Before you head out to enjoy a serious night of partying with your peeps you gotta check out tonight`s video! In it I discuss body wave and the best ways to achieve it using a rockin new tool... Check it Out!

Friday, July 22, 2011

This Is A CLASSIC!!!

Hey Guys,  hope you are managing to stay cool out there because this is some CraZy weather!  I figured this would be the most appropriate question to address considering that right about now ALL of us would love to use one of these machines!  You will see what i`m talking about....

"Hey I was wondering if you could let me know what type of shaver you use when working on your male clients.  I like to keep my head shaved and recently had the one I use burn out on me."

Hahaha!  See what I mean!... Who on earth would n`t  want to shave their head in this heat wave?  I mean it is definitely easier than creating a bubble that surrounds you and keeps you air conditioned.  Okay in all seriousness I am absolutely in love with one particular clipper and I will NEVER change.  The clipper is an all time classic and is the single most reliable, dependable, and efficient machine I own.  Its called to Classic76 by Oster,  and is by far and large the worlds BEST when it comes to barbering and tapering machines.  This thing is deadly!  It has an incredibly tough motor that cuts through wet, thick hair with ease.  That would n`t sound impressive to anyone who does n`t hair but I will tell you that I have worked with many, many machines and NONE cut through wet, thick hair NONE.  Other than the Classic76 of course, it has removable blades which make it easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty.  You can purchase it for about $100-$150 and although that sounds steep you will NEVER need another machine and can easily maintain it and keep it clean and oiled.  This IS the cadillac of clippers, and you should really think twice before purchasing any other one.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grey Is The Way!

Okay,  is it just me or is this the hottest weather we have ever seen in Toronto?  I cannot believe this!  I will say though that this is NOT a complaint.  I will take heat and humidity over -30 ANY day of the week.  Alright so today we have a question that either pertains to you now or will at some point,  and seeing as how I turn 30 in a little over a month I am already there!

"Hi there,  I have recently started going greyer and greyer over the last little while and can honestly say that it is having a bigger effect on me than I thought it would.  I just feel old and boring and I am not sure what to do.  I am a person who would prefer to avoid maintenance when it comes to my hair,  and even more importantly don`t really want to spend extra money.  I have seen a lot of women my age just leaving the grey and wanted to know what you thought of this idea?"

I LOVE IT!  I will tell you this,  I have successfully converted three clients in the last month!  These are guests that used to colour their hair with us and that I have convinced that going grey is a better idea!  This is crazy for a business owner!  I mean for as long as they keep their insecurity toward their hair colour I will continue to profit.  However,  I have NEVER been that kind of business owner so why start now?  Anyway I feel that there is an air of sophistication that women have when they attain the confidence to go grey.  It really is a matter of how you feel when you look at yourself,  some feel proud and others are just dying to rewind the clock.  The difference may also lie in your haircut,  It seems to me that one of the reasons women give up and go back to colouring is that they don`t change the WHOLE look.  When you make the decision to go grey you will need an edgier cut or more fashionable one anyway to make you feel sexy and trendy.  I believe that most women can look fantastic grey as long as they stay current and trendy with their hair cuts.  Anyway if I had it my way you would be grey all the way!  but with a sexy progressive cut to match!  Hope that helped and please feel free to send me any more questions at!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One For The Dudes!

Hellloooooo! Hey Guys (Literally), Today we have one for the boys. I was asked a question that I think will be easily answered and that everyone will take something from. Let`s get to it because I think that this is gonna be a great vid for you guys to see. Check it out!

"Hey, so I was curious if you had any vids you could show me that showcase the experience a man has at your salons. I am in the market for a new stylist having just moved here from Vancouver. I like to pamper myself and think that a good cut is the best way to experience that relaxation."

OH YES WE DO! Not only have we got a video to show you, but we have a video I am sure most of you will love watching. In this video Entertainment Tonight Canada Star Rick Campanelli has a cut with Ergys at our Yonge and Eglinton location. Rick has been a guest of ours for 6 years and is always a riot when he comes in, a great guy with a great stylist I am sure this will show you that between our Aromatherapy massages, and hot towels for men the experience is unparalleled!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Texture Monkey!

What`s Up Guys!   It is SOOOOO Hot Outside !!!!!  My Goodness!  This is some of the hottest weather we have had in a long time,  or at least that is what it feels like!  Anyway today`s question relates to something we probably ALL wish we had right now and that is short hair!  Check it out...

"Hi Jon,  I have been reading your blog for a while and finally decided it was time for me to get some advice!  I have very short hair that I apply product to and try to create some texture and lift.  I was curious if you knew of a good product to help build texture and hold that isn`t too sticky?  Thanks for your help,  and keep it up!"

NICE!  That is great!  I just got a little reader love!  That makes you feel like people really are enjoying the content and thank you soo much for that.  Okay so YES,  I can make a couple of recommendations  that I think might be what you are looking for.  I have a product that I swear by called Matt Moulding Gesso by Davines.  This product is great in that it does n`t create to sticky of a hold  and yet creates a phenomenal amount of grit and texture.  It is the type of product that is meant to be a matte finish (which I love by the way) so it is therefore white as a base colour.  When using this product you want to be sure to really emulsify and break it up in your hands before you apply it to the hair.  For your short hair you would want no more than a nickel size worth,  after taking it into your palms you would rub it in until it gets hot and starts to turn opaque.  When you have gotten to that point I recommend applying it in a circular pattern until you have it all out of your hands.  When finished take a look at the mess you have just created... AWESOME!  All that is left now is to piece it out and place all the little wild pieces where you want them.  Anyway I think this is a perfect fit for what you are looking for,  and so don`t let the price tag slow you down (about $28 per container)  It spreads well and is concentrated so a little goes a long way and should last a while.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

HELLO!!!!! Hope all is well out there! Okay so tonight I answer a question that I think might interest you ladies looking for long flowy locks! That`s right... extensions! Anyway I`m gonna just get right down to it then, Check out this Vid! and then have a nice weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

All Knotted Up!

So today folks we have a question from a new mom! She tells me what most new mom`s do... That they have 0 time for sleep, let alone hair styling! I think we can help her out though, you guys be the judge and let me know what you think or ask your own question at

"Hi there, I have just been blessed with my first little bundle of joy and although any form of rest is hard to come by I am soo in love! One part of me that isn`t very happy with this new change is my hair, do you have any tips for quick ways I can throw my hair up? I feel like if I just knew a way to tie it up then I would`nt look so frumpy. Thanks for the tip in advance! :)"

I have to admit that due to the fact that I am a man, and more precisely a man with short hair I don`t have very much experience at putting my own hair up! BUT... Luckily I have just the right staff to help you out. This is Lindsay Plaskett showing off her skills and how! Check out the work she creates in this video using nothing but knots and a couple bobby pins!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long AND Strong!

Hellooooooo! How goes it guys?! Are you making it through the week? We`re almost there... Just One and a Half more days to go for each of you out there, you can do it! Today we have a question that kind of relates to that, a question that has to do with patience and achieving a goal by just hangin in there, Check it out!

" Hi, I am in the process of growing my hair out from a chin length bob, and I must say it is driving me bananas! It has gotten as far as my shoulders now and I really need a cut! What do you think I should do with it now that I have come this far? I don`t want to get it too long just about chest length but i`m finding it heavy, any advice?"

Okay so a lot of stylists will tell you that at this point the best thing to do is come in frequently so that we can keep your ends tidy and allow it to grow faster... (we ALL need to earn a living!) I on the other hand have never really been able to doop people! It kills me because if I could I would earn a lot of money (haha). In all seriousness I do not share the same belief as most stylists, at evoke we try to be honest and build long standing relationships with our guests. So, having said that my ideas for a haircut for you right now might be a little different in that I feel like the most important thing to do right now is try to keep your ends and mid shaft as healthy as possible. The way you do that is to keep your current style simple, right now your ends are probably flipping up all over the place! and that is attributed to the fact that you are currently at a point where the ends hit your shoulder and flip up. My advice to you would be to keep your layers a little longer and closer to the length right now, allowing you to avoid the flip and keep them a little healthier as they grow in. However, where I differ from most is that when you have had a good clean up and the shape is there then you avoid scissors like the plague! That means NO NOT regular haircuts, BUT the opposite! Stretch them out, and allow for your hair to actually grow! (Novel idea eh?!) I believe you stay away for at least twelve weeks between cuts and use a good healthy split end mending product to help you buy more time. It has always worked for my guests in more than one way, the pocket and the long term goal will thank you for it! Send me your questions to!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tight Buns!

Hi Guys! Today we have a question regarding buns, ohh yeah that sounds sexy! Ha Ha! Anyway in all seriousness Tammy from Newmarket is gettin married this summer and wants to know if there is any video of us doing classical buns that are low and sleek. I have a video from one of our photo shoots this past year that I think will do just fine. Hope she gets a good feel for what we are able to do, Check out her question and our video to follow!

"Hi Jon, I am getting married this coming August and have yet to find a hair style! Anyway I really like polished buns that are placed slightly off center. Have you got any video of this type of look? Maybe it will be worth the drive from Newmarket!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey, Is This Safe?

So here we are with another week in front of us... For most of you this started yesterday,  but as stylists we are accustomed to a work week that starts on Tuesday and ends with Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!  I hope you have all had a GREAT weekend and are settling in to a relaxing summer when not in the workplace!  Today we have a great question that will pertain to some of you right now and some in the future ( others not at all for obvious reasons!)  Check it out...

"Hi, my name is Jessica and I am currently 2 months pregnant.  I have about 40% grey hair and I am dying to colour it!  These roots are just viscous,  what do you think,  is it safe?"

Well,  I think the simple answer is MAYBE.  I know that sucks and that it really isn`t an answer at all but it is the truth.  There is no hard core proof that hair colouring during pregnancy is for sure a detriment to you and the baby BUT,  that does n`t necessarily mean that it isn`t.  It`s possible that some of the chemical compounds in hair colour can cause Cancer and or birth defects for you and or your new born,  however it is believed that one would have to use them in extremely high doses for them to have this effect.  These quantities would be far greater than the amount you would be exposed to when colouring your hair every month or two.  I must say that I have told many clients that during the first trimester of your pregnancy I encourage you to avoid their use,  however like anything else the choice is for you to make.  A safe alternative to try would be using colour systems that have a lower ammonia base to them and that can attest to less PPD content in their product.  Another way to go would be to consider using a vegetable base colour during your term such as Herbatint.  These are safe and effective ( just difficult to change)  in achieving the desired tone your`e looking for.  I hope this answered your question Jessica,  I know it is a tough decision,  let me just say this,  If you were my guest...  You would have to convince me to colour. Send me your queries to

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Night Lights Camera Askin !!!

Alright guys here we are again on Saturday Night! Whoohooo!!! Hope you are all gearing up for cottage country or something fun like that. Anyway before you take off for the weekend here is another segment for Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!! Tonight I talk about mens styling products and what is hot right now, Check It Out!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hottest Trend Now?.... VINTAGE!!!

Hey guys,  hope all is well in your world!  I know we are just loving this hot weather!  Anyway I got asked a pretty great question and I cannot wait to get the answer out there for you!  So,  without any further adieu...  Let`s get busy!

"What is trendy right now in hair care?  Just want to get ideas of what I can do with my short hair next!"

Alright,  well much like in the fashion world trends always move in cycles.  What we are living in right now is for sure one of my personal favourites!  What is hot right now no doubt is anything Vintage!  I mean all you have to do is tune in to much music and catch the latest Gaga video to find out for your self.  Everything from polka dot dresses, to flowers in the hair,  to brown platforms with big gold buckles vintage is everywhere!  And hair care is absolutely NO different.  There are many ways to create this look by using wave and texture but also with straight hair.  Side ponies,  and loose gathered buns can be easily achieved with your straight hair.  Even french rolls are back!  I had a guest come in last Saturday and ask me to re-create a look that her mum wore in 69` on her wedding day! I was floored and quite excited by this prospect.  I for one as a stylist absolutely love to recreate vintage hair, so this time for me is very exciting.  Anyway,  regarding short hair in particular the best advice I can give you is to channel Liz Taylor and get yourself a roller set to use,  you can create amazing bend and quickly look finished and trendy!  Add a flower to this look and WHOA! your gonna knock em` dead!  Thanks for your question and feel free to send me more at!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rockin` Out the side Pony!

Hey everyone! Today we have a question that came in from Jessie in Toronto that I think will be of use to you all. Jessie says that she has noticed more and more side ponies replacing the standard one and wanted some help on how to achieve the look. Easy enough when you have a self styling genius like Lindsay Plaskett in your ranks! Check out his fast and effective way to achieve the look we all love!

" Hi Jon and LOVE THE BLOG by the way! I was wondering if you had any videos showcasing side ponytails? I love the "How to" videos! Thanks."

So here we are with Lindsay getting right into this look, watch the movements her body makes as she does this also, because I for one believe that if you can make achieving the look comfortable than you will succeed in achieving it with consistency. Check This Out!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You gotta smooth it out!

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all getting out there and enjoying the beautiful summer we have now moved into.  I know I am!  Here in Massacheusetts the weather is absolutely stunning,  yesterday was 31 degrees and I can tell you that my legs are feeling it!  Just a little sunburnt is all.  Anyway,  today we have a question that I thought was funny and unfortunate all at the same time.  Here it is,  and tell me what you think because I could not help answering this one!

"Is it true that I should`nt use conditioner after shampooing?  I was told by a friend that it is bad for your hair."

The simple answer to that is NO,  conditioner like shampoo has an immense importance to your hair shafts vitality and strength.  The way it works is simple,  on the PH Balance scale we have acidity and alkalinity,  as I have covered in previous blog entries.  Anything below 7 on the scale is regarded as acidic and hence is an astringent (closes pores, cuticles, etc...) where as anything above 7 is considered alkaline and has an adverse effect.  The idea behind ensuring you use the combination of these products is simple,  you must open you hair shaft (alkaline) to scrub it clean inside and out.  Once finished however,  it is very advisable to close the cuticle layer back down and leave your hair shaft smooth, closed and protected (acidic).  I really hope you put the kibosh to your fear of conditioner because the simple fact is your hair will love you for it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do The Do... YOURSELF!

Hi everyone, I am excited to get yet another week of blogging to you! I am excited because it is starting to feel to me like we are building some great momentum here. I want to let you all know that the timing behind my blog posts for today and tomorrow may be a little inconsistent as I am currently in Massachusetts! What a beautiful state that is even nicer over the Independence Day festivities of July 4. Anyway, I have been checking out some cool salons down here and getting an overall feel for hairstyling in this gorgeous part of the U.S.  However, you all know what is next sooo... Lets get to today`s question!

" I was wondering if you had any videos that showcased how to do a simple and effective updo on yourself? Thanks for considering my question."

Okay, we do and we have an amazing featured artist to show you what she can do. Our featured artist is Lindsay Plaskett, Lindsay has worked at evoke Salon for quite some time now and has ALWAYS had the gift of styling hair extremely well. She has this uncanny ability to be able to put her hair up by herself and have it look like a stylist spent hours on her hair! However, just because Lindsay is talented doesn`t mean it will be easy as pie to you! The thing is though that she was able to simplify this updo to the point where she can easily instruct you as you try to re create it. Anyway enough out of me, check out this vid that turns hair art into the easiest thing you will ever do with your hair! Thanks Lindsay for sharing your talent and I hop you all take a lot out of this video!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

Today we have some style ideas for all of the brides out there getting ready for their BIG DAY! We are gonna talk about what the "feel" has been in bridal over the past little bit, and how to get the Look yourself! Anyway, enjoy the vid and I hope that you are all having a GREAT Canada Day weekend!