Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rockin` Out the side Pony!

Hey everyone! Today we have a question that came in from Jessie in Toronto that I think will be of use to you all. Jessie says that she has noticed more and more side ponies replacing the standard one and wanted some help on how to achieve the look. Easy enough when you have a self styling genius like Lindsay Plaskett in your ranks! Check out his fast and effective way to achieve the look we all love!

" Hi Jon and LOVE THE BLOG by the way! I was wondering if you had any videos showcasing side ponytails? I love the "How to" videos! Thanks."

So here we are with Lindsay getting right into this look, watch the movements her body makes as she does this also, because I for one believe that if you can make achieving the look comfortable than you will succeed in achieving it with consistency. Check This Out!

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