Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Say NO!

Hey Guys!,  Today I have a pretty awesome question to get to.  A question that I think must of us do not realize is extremely important!  One that most ladies and gentlemen out their don`t even know is important!  And it is in regard to the texture of our hair.  Most people battle with frizz and fly away daily,  what they know for sure is that they hate (those little hairs that stick out everywhere!)  However,  what they are unaware of is how they got there in the first place!

"Hi,  okay I am going to get right to this because I am soo frustrated right now!  I just went to the Hairdresser the other day and she destroyed my hair!  I have been trying for at least three months not to over style and keep it healthy,  Then I let her use those stupid scissors on my hair and "VOILA"!!!  Frizz central!   What happened?  Why does it feel like this now?"

The "Stupid Scissors" that she is referring to are called Thinning Shears... (A.K.A Death Touch!)  Okay so maybe that is a bit dramatic but hey! ...  Anyway I hate those things just as much as she does!  

I know that a lot of hairstylists just cannot work without those things but I have to be honest and say that they are a copout.  A way in which to speed up your hair cut process (your Stylists can earn more money doing more cutting!) and make your hair feel lighter.  That Sounds good no?  Well, that is going to  depend on how much time you have for styling in the morning!  Lets put it this way,  I am a 11 year hair professional and when those scissors have been used I have to blow dry your hair out about four times per piece to get it even close to smooth.  Then,  after having achieved a slightly smoother finish I wait about 30 seconds to watch as your hair shaft goes frizzy again!  

The reason is simple,  you have just been gifted a split Hair shaft!  And yes I said Hair shaft and not Hair ends because thinning shears are generally used throughout the hair shaft.  When a shear is used on your hair the blade of the scissors is being run from the root area of your hair all the way down to the ends.  This blade running along your hair shaft splits the cuticle layer (little pieces) from the main hair shaft.  Meaning,  it does not matter how much we blow dry and primp you now have two separate pieces that CANNOT,  EVER be smoothened back together.  

As you will notice in the picture above teeth intersect with the standard blade,  where they do the hair gets cut,  where they don`t your hair stays... Do you really want to create that much damage AND only have hair of your hair shafts potential?  The answer is simple, NO.... so just say NO!  Hopefully that helped and I am sorry that you had that happened all I can say is be patient hang in there let me know if I can be any further assistance at!

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