Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WHOA! Now That`s a QR Do!

Hey guys! Today I am gonna post something that is gonna make our twitter followers pretty excited! We have been asked repeatedly by this group if we can achieve this particular style, I will say this.... We are working on it! This folks is NOT EASY TO DO! And before you commit to saying, "Yeah Sure we do Qr Code Engraving!" Maybe, just maybe we should try it out a couple of times first! I mean can you imagine doing a 2 and a half hour haircut ( Yes, I think it will take that long!) Only to have it not be readable by your iphone or Blackberry! That would be BRUTAL! Anyway check this video out and tell me if this looks EASY! Crazy Cool! Just let the first ad go by, trust me it will be worth the wait!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don`t FLIP Out!

Hey folks! We Are OFF! with another week of blogging for you to enjoy and we want to start the week of right today!. Hope you guys had beautiful weekends filled with time for family and friends. Anyway, I would like to extend my gratitude to our readers for staying engaged in what we do and actively contributing to the blog. Thanks for your readership and continuing to ask great questions that get me thinkin! So here we go with today`s question!...

" Hi Jon, I am having a real hard time working with my hair :( I seem to have this crazy flip happening on my right side and I have no idea why it always forms in the same place! Its crazy because it does n`t matter what I do to work with it, it always comes back! My hair is cut in a bob and it looks silly having one side tuck under really well while the other flips up like crazy. It looks like my hair is being blown with a gust of wind in one direction... Please help."

Funny because you have no idea just how often I am asked about this! Its even more often because it does n`t only relate to ladies wearing bobs. Rather it relates to ANY length of hair on ANY person! That`s right girls it also effects the guys! Anyway the reason that flip is forming is because we ALL have circular growth patterns that dictate which direction your hair will move in. Think back to the last time you took a look at the top of a baby`s head... Remember, remember that cute little swirl that formed in their crown? Well, as their hair gets longer (like yours did) the swirl just becomes more and more pronounced. All of the hair that grows back toward the crown area (back of your head) will tuck under beautifully, you won`t even have to work at it! BUT, the hair that grows forward (toward your forehead) that hair, THAT hair IS your problem. It will flip... that`s what it WILL do. It is the same scenario with 99.9% of my clientele. I have found over time that the BEST way to work with it is to trick it. What I mean is, try and trick the hair into believing that it actually grows the other way. We can achieve a more balanced style that does n`t flip as much if we blow out both sides in a backward direction. So, when drying the front area of you style you drag ALL of the hair, from the front of your hairline on both sides toward the back. As you stretch these sections toward the back ensure that you release them at the back by the nape and that will help to force it to tuck under better. Works for me ALL day, so there is no reason it won`t work for you!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

We are BACK! With another episode of Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!! This is our first episode in a couple of weeks so I try to go hard on this one and give you curly hair clients something to talk about! In this video we try to get across the best ways to create a smooth natural curl with a diffuser while not being left with the frizzies! Check it out!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Are You scared of the Dark?

Alright,  so this is how I know that we are getting closer to the fall,  When I start hearing the initial grumblings about whether or not its time to go dark!  Around this time ladies everywhere start to think about what colour they want to be over the fall season and into Christmas ( a great time for a hairstylist!)  So I was not surprised at all by the question I received from Sarah in Toronto,  lets take a look at it and I hope to answer some of your questions along the way!....

"Hey, I was just curious whether or not it was too early to get into a darker tone now?  Or should I wait a little longer until it gets a bit colder out?"

The answer to that question is simple... Do NOT RUSH SUMMER!  No in all seriousness it depends on your personal feeling.  I mean there was n`t really a reason to get away from the dark tones to begin with,  in that colour is very much a personal thing.  I feel like ladies should go slightly lighter in the spring but not sway to far because come this time of year most will want to go back to a warmer and deeper tone.  The amount of work required in going darker from that lighter shade,  and the amount it costs is lessened  if you haven't gone too much lighter.  However, at this time I have to say that yes (even though I am not ready for it)  the summer is winding down,  and if you are not planning to see your stylist again prior to October or even November than now is the time to deepen it up.  Gather some pics,  and prepare yourself for your visit as there are many deeper tones to choose from.  Also,  make sure that if your stylist is taking you a little darker they "fill" the hair shaft first to allow for better staying power in your colour.  Thanks again for your question Sarah and I hope to have answered it effectively!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Bangs For Your Buck!

Hello out there! Hope you are all doing well and getting out to the EX on the weekends! I know, I know no one really likes the EX because that spells end of summer... :( But it can still be a really great time you know! Anyway today we have a question that comes to use from a wonderful client of mine named Evie! I was happy to get her question on the blog today instead of in salon! Thanks for your ongoing contribution Evie (always engaging us through social) You Rock!
Anyway, here is what Evie wants to know...

Hi Jon! Hope all is well with you. I've decided to take you/your blog up on asking a question (finally, right?!). 
So I'm wondering (on behalf of my sister) what type of bangs you suggest for girls with ROUND faces? She's a little hesitant because she doesn't want the roundness of her face to be too accentuated but is also looking for a change.

I would always try to remember as a rule for women with round face shapes that the overall length of your face is slightly shorter than most.  I`m sorry! I know that sounds terrible but it`s not it`s just the truth :(  The fact is that the reason your face looks round is not because it IS,  but because it is not as long as others so it naturally looks fuller and rounder.  This does not have to be a bad thing in that you just need to create styles that suites a shorter face shape.  So,  having said that the last you want to do is shorten it further by placing a bang directly on your eyebrows and making your face shape shorter,  now your focus is directed between your eyes and your chin,  Make sense?  What I am trying to get across is that ideally if you would like a bang as a change and you have a shorter, rounder face shape than make sure that you choose a bang that still part of your forehead.  An example would be the traditional side swept bang or as a cooler more trendy option the pixie bang is perfect,  it opens up your entire face shape while giving you some interest on your forehead!  Such a cute look and for the record ladies,  cute to a straight man MEANS Sexy!

Please Continue to send your queries guys to!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Okay, every once in a while I get a tip about a video I have to check out on Youtube. When I hear about them they are usually pretty hilarious and end up on our blog. Today guys is NO different! I heard about this one from a client of mine who told me she almost wet herself when she saw it, so naturally I felt the need to look into it and see what all the fuss was about! When I took my first look at this vid I was in hysterics! I thought to myself that if I ever had a funny vid to post this was it! I mean I have clients like this! Anyway please take a minute to check it out because you won`t regret it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We`re Ba ack!

Hey everyone!!!! 
So Happy to be back to the sunny and warm T.O!!!  Banff,  Jasper and the whole of the rockies is absolutely gorgeous! There is not a thing about that area that I did not enjoy.  The people are laid back and very relaxed ( you would be too if surrounded by breathtaking scenery!)  and the pace of life seems to move a little slower.  Although it is gorgeous it can get a little colder up there at that altitude and it is nice to get back to the heat!

Anyway without any further adieu lets get to today`s question!

"Hi there,  I was wondering if you could refer me a good product to use on fine hair that might help me get some more body and lift throughout the day?  I find that I can get it pretty full in the morning but by about 1pm its as flat as a board.  Something that can give me a little jolt mid day would be fabulous!"

Of course!  I must say that having worked as a stylist for 11 years in areas of the city that seem to have quite a few fine haired clients I see this a lot.  The most common complaint is exactly that,  volume is achieved at first but then disappears.  I will say this... Gravity sucks!  There is very little we can do to make hair that is supposed to fall flat stand up at attention!  However,  there have been some great progressions made in regard to volumizing products.  The objective is not so much to create body at the root as much as fullness everywhere,  and there are quite a few products that can "swell" your hair up!  I use the word swell because that is exactly what they do,  they swell the hair shaft making it seem fuller all over.  My favourite so far in this family of products is called "Dust it",  a talc powder that can make even the flattest hair seems huge!  You apply this product on dry hair by sprinkling a little into your palms,  emulsifying it slightly and then massaging it in all over.  The results are fantastic and the bottle is so small that keeping it in your purse because easy, care free,  and extremely beneficial!  This stuff has saved many of my clients from cutting it short in desperation so please give it a go... it works!

Thanks for your patience guys and hopefully you missed me as much as I missed you!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey Hey VK !

So from time to time even the most dedicated of bloggers has to take a trip no?  I mean I really am gonna have a hard time not blogging over the next 10 days or so but... I need a VK too!  So having said that Today will be our last blog entry until Tuesday,  August 23,  2011 with the same bat time (1:30pm - 2:00pm) on this same bat channel! 

I am really excited about where I am off too,  I think they will probably have some pretty cool salons I can check out in Banff and or in Jasper Alberta!  Yipppeeeeee!  We will still be posting a daily hair tip on Facebook and a look of the day for you guys to enjoy but blogging is gonna take a side seat while I lap it up in the Rockies!  Anyway, here is hoping that you guys miss us the way I will miss writing all of you!

See you again soon...
Jon :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dip It, Dip It Good!... da da da da... da da!

What is next?  What is hot?  What is Trending?...  Well,  this is what we are asked on a daily basis in salon.  Its what we as stylists try to stay on top of and what we feel it is our responsibility to know.  So when we are asked a question that relates to what is current we get excited enthusiastic and just overall pumped to share that with you!  Today is gonna be no different... today I was asked the question that every trendy stylist wants to be asked!

"What is Hot right now Jon?  I am looking to do something edgy and funky with my colour so if you could recommend anything what would it be?"

YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!  I got asked!! Awesome!  Okay so when it comes to trends there are so many different things we could talk about!  The mere thought of it excites the crap outta me!  But,  what she really wants to know about is colour.  I mean in my world and in the world of most hair stylists the two go hand in hand but alright then I guess I can just focus on the one :(  Anyway,  trends are ever changing,  trends are created and re-created every single minute!  But when it comes to what I think is hot right now no doubt its Tie dye hair colour!  Ever since Miss Conrad (Lauren that is) decided it would be a good idea to redo this hot 80's look women everywhere are going batty for tie dye.  It is a hot look that can be achieved relatively easily and can change and be progressed with ease.  Anyway in salon we are achieving this look by literally dipping the hair in dye,  its hilarious and a lot of fun.  Having said that you could probably achieve this at home with food colouring just as easily.  Its soo cool and takes very little to achieve and maintain.  Anyway as a piece of advice I recommend that you look into it and if its not too funky go for it! you won't regret it!  I mean look how beautiful the image above is!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Quick Dry Love Glove!!!

Have too much hair?  Are you having a hard time figuring out how to get all that hair dry fast enough?  Well,  you are in luck!  I was asked a question that directly relates to the situation and we are using a solution in salon that rocks!  One that makes it faster,  easier,  and a lot more fun to get it dry fast!  Check it out...

"Hi Jon,  I am enjoying your "Look Of The Day" and all the hair advice,  thanks for putting it out there.  I finally have a question to ask of my own,  I was wondering if you new any other ways that I could dry my hair quicker and with a little more ease.  I am a new mom and finding the time to dry my hair correctly is hard to do.  Thanks for your help and keep up the fun!"

Okay so before I get started I gotta say that I absolutely love this product!  I mean we have been using this product in our salons for the past couple years and we have never had any problems.  We use it on most guests and have seen them last quite along time for the amount of usage they get!  The product is called the "Hand Dry Hair Glove" an amazingly innovative tool that allows you to dry your hair faster and smoother before picking up your brush and blowdryer.  I love it and recommend it to most guests,  even if you have fine hair.  The only difference is that for a fine haired client it will be even more effective!  Anyway, awesome product great results at a fair price ($24.95 Canadian per pair) Check them out they work great!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rainy Day Hair Wear!

Hey guys hope you are all doing well and figuring out a way to stay dry during this torrential down pour that we are experiencing! Its crazy how much rain! But, what I will say is that its about time that we have a little cause it was starting to feel like Phoenix with all that dry and desert like weather. Anyway I figure the best thing I can do for you today is to show you a video that will make styling your hair in this weather a lot easier. The main objective with weather like this is to create a hairstyle that will last AND look good! And what I always tell my guests is that when the weather is this wet and soggy your best option is to tuck it away as cleanly and beautifully as possible, leaving you some real style in the process. In this vid Lindsay Plaskett (Our self style expert!) shows you an awesome way to do just that, check it out!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

So did someone leave colour on your forehead? Because that is exactly what happened to Brenda on her last visit to the hair salon! As obviously silly as that sounds you would surprised at how many people that has happened to! Anyway, in this clip we answer Brenda`s question, and take a crack at making sure you NEVER get stuck in the same position!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Current Crops

Hey Folks,  Hope you enjoyed yesterday`s clip!  That vid had me in stitches and I was hoping it would do the same for you!  Today however we get right down to business and start doing what we do best again...  ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS!

"Hi,  Thanks for taking the time to answer this in advance.  I decided recently that I needed a change and that it was going to come through my hair style.  Wrong decision!  I got butchered at my local hair salon as they cut my hair into a bob when I wanted it shoulder length!  Anyway,  the only plus I can see here is that I have always wanted to try a pixie cut,  what better time then now?!  So,  my question is how do I pick a current and trendy pixie?  I am a little weary because I find that they can often look very dated if not done right.  Any suggestions?"

For Sure!  I have to start by saying that I am sorry about your last experience and hope whatever you do next works out a whole lot better!  Anyway,  IF you decide to go the rest of the way and try out a pixie than all the power to you (there are some great cuts for you between a bob and a pixie!)  I am also very very impressed to hear you say that pixie can look dated!  You would be shocked at just how many people are unfortunately unaware of this!  Anyway,  when looking for a great short cut I have two to three celebs who`s hair I just love to channel because they are ALWAYS current.  One of these is Pink,  who always seems to get great short cuts and push the envelope just enough to appear uber trendy and edgy.  The next is Sienna Miller who wore about three short cuts in a row there that were absolutely AWESOME!  The best however I always save for last and the best in this case is definetly the one and only Rihanna!  I mean she can wear short crops like no one I have ever seen.  I am gonna gather some shots for you at the bottom and recommend that you look through carefully and choose one that best suits your face shape.  If you have a round face avoid cuts that are exposing of your cheeks and jaw line,  if you have a long face shape try to expose them as much as possible! I hope these help and good look the next time round OR... I am located at 2213 Bloor St. West in Toronto! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Extra Rinse...

So I know that for the most part I just keep on answering your questions here. And I have to say that the feedback has been encouraging, people like asking questions and enjoy them being answered. BUT... from time to time I wanna throw these "different" blog entries at you guys because if I found them entertaining then maybe you guys will too!

Considering that we have had an absolutely scorching summer in Toronto (for which I personally am VERY happy) we at evoke have starting giving clients a little extra rinse just to cool them off. I mean when its this hot out what is better than some refreshing cold water to cool you down? For me NOTHING! Anyway, all kidding aside someone really has taken hair washing to the next level... Check This Out!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pin That +#@! Up!

Hey Everyone!  And I hope you are all settling back into the working world well after your long weekends!  Today we have another question that needs some answering and I hope to satisfy with my answer!  Here we go,  lets get to it!

"Hi Jon!  I wanted to start by saying that I am a reader of your blog on a regular basis and that I am very interested in basically all of the content.  So, I figured it was time to produce my own question for you!  I am noticing a specific area of my hair that is constantly breaking and fragile,  I am also aware that this is probably happening because of where I tie my elastic all the time!  Is there anything else I can do?  I need to get my hair up when I work out but do not want it to keep breaking :(  a little help please..."

Well,  unfortunately I have to say that there isn`t very many ways to create a "non-damaging" ponytail with elastics.  The only way to do a pony and still keep it from damaging that one specific spot in your hair is to use those really sexy 80`s fabric elastics (Oh yeah! So Hot Right now!)  I am not even kidding because those are the ones that protect the integrity of the hair while getting it up tight and out of the way.  The other option is to use a couple bobby pins to pin up a bun after you wind all your`e hair up.  So the way to go is to pretend that you are going to create a pony and gather all of your`e hair together.  When you have it gathered you begin to twist it until you have it all wound up.  Then begin to wind it up in a bun shape at the back of your head,  once wound up begin to pin it at the base all the way around the circle.  When you have it secure stick in three more pins to be sure,  then a little spray and your`e done! If you have any more trouble fire me off an email and I will give you a call!  It should be a great way to change it up and still get your`e hair up while you save the condition of it!  Thanks for reading and contributing! It made me soooooo happy!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love is in The Hair!

Hey Guys, Hope you enjoyed that AWESOME long weekend! I had a blast hangin with friends and just enjoying the beautiful weather and each others company. I hope you all had a chance to do the same. Anyway, it is bridal season in full effect right now so I am not surprised that I recieved this question today, and I look forward to answering it with another one of our interactive vids!

" I am looking into various hair options for my wedding day in October and I was wondering if you had any way of showing me what a common experience at evoke looked like? I have heard so many great things about you guys and look forward seeing what you guys can do".

We do have some video to show you (As Always!... What? We wil love video!) Anywayb this was a wedding party that made the day so easy in that they were sweet, organized and of course had beautiful hair! You will see what I mean fromm this next clip. I hope this gives you a good background of just what it is that we do. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation at either of our locations. evoke in Bloor West Village can be reached at (416)766-4247 and our central location can be reached at (416)b 482-4247. Thanks again for your question!