Friday, August 26, 2011

Are You scared of the Dark?

Alright,  so this is how I know that we are getting closer to the fall,  When I start hearing the initial grumblings about whether or not its time to go dark!  Around this time ladies everywhere start to think about what colour they want to be over the fall season and into Christmas ( a great time for a hairstylist!)  So I was not surprised at all by the question I received from Sarah in Toronto,  lets take a look at it and I hope to answer some of your questions along the way!....

"Hey, I was just curious whether or not it was too early to get into a darker tone now?  Or should I wait a little longer until it gets a bit colder out?"

The answer to that question is simple... Do NOT RUSH SUMMER!  No in all seriousness it depends on your personal feeling.  I mean there was n`t really a reason to get away from the dark tones to begin with,  in that colour is very much a personal thing.  I feel like ladies should go slightly lighter in the spring but not sway to far because come this time of year most will want to go back to a warmer and deeper tone.  The amount of work required in going darker from that lighter shade,  and the amount it costs is lessened  if you haven't gone too much lighter.  However, at this time I have to say that yes (even though I am not ready for it)  the summer is winding down,  and if you are not planning to see your stylist again prior to October or even November than now is the time to deepen it up.  Gather some pics,  and prepare yourself for your visit as there are many deeper tones to choose from.  Also,  make sure that if your stylist is taking you a little darker they "fill" the hair shaft first to allow for better staying power in your colour.  Thanks again for your question Sarah and I hope to have answered it effectively!

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