Friday, August 5, 2011

Current Crops

Hey Folks,  Hope you enjoyed yesterday`s clip!  That vid had me in stitches and I was hoping it would do the same for you!  Today however we get right down to business and start doing what we do best again...  ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS!

"Hi,  Thanks for taking the time to answer this in advance.  I decided recently that I needed a change and that it was going to come through my hair style.  Wrong decision!  I got butchered at my local hair salon as they cut my hair into a bob when I wanted it shoulder length!  Anyway,  the only plus I can see here is that I have always wanted to try a pixie cut,  what better time then now?!  So,  my question is how do I pick a current and trendy pixie?  I am a little weary because I find that they can often look very dated if not done right.  Any suggestions?"

For Sure!  I have to start by saying that I am sorry about your last experience and hope whatever you do next works out a whole lot better!  Anyway,  IF you decide to go the rest of the way and try out a pixie than all the power to you (there are some great cuts for you between a bob and a pixie!)  I am also very very impressed to hear you say that pixie can look dated!  You would be shocked at just how many people are unfortunately unaware of this!  Anyway,  when looking for a great short cut I have two to three celebs who`s hair I just love to channel because they are ALWAYS current.  One of these is Pink,  who always seems to get great short cuts and push the envelope just enough to appear uber trendy and edgy.  The next is Sienna Miller who wore about three short cuts in a row there that were absolutely AWESOME!  The best however I always save for last and the best in this case is definetly the one and only Rihanna!  I mean she can wear short crops like no one I have ever seen.  I am gonna gather some shots for you at the bottom and recommend that you look through carefully and choose one that best suits your face shape.  If you have a round face avoid cuts that are exposing of your cheeks and jaw line,  if you have a long face shape try to expose them as much as possible! I hope these help and good look the next time round OR... I am located at 2213 Bloor St. West in Toronto! 

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