Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

Here we are again guys, Saturday Night!!!!! This one is special because its HALLOWEEN!!! I decided to make this one a little spookier... unintentionally with the mannequin. She`s kinda scary! But I will tell you that she was very helpful in the making of this vid! Anyway check out this vid for some help on how to apply a mattyfying powder to the scalp for volume. Check Out This Vid!

Friday, October 28, 2011

One For The Dudes!

Hey folks,  today were going to put one out there for the guys.  I feel like it `s been at least a couple of months since I serviced the male clients out there.  Now,  I must say it was hard to do an entry based on mens products or questions largely because they weren`t sending any queries.  Finally however we`ve recieved a great one! And It`s great to be able to give some advice to a dude for a change! LOL!

"Hey I was wondering what the best product to use when styling your hair in a comb over is?"

AWESOME to the point like you would expect!  Funny because even though it isn`t a full blown comb over I myself am wearing the comb over slash pompador mix currently.  So considering the fact that I need to style it myself every morning I have been able to get my hands on a great product that works for my thick hair.  Which by the way makes a difference!  If you have fine and limp hair I would probably recommend sticking with pomades and lighter holding products in general.  Otherwise for all the men out there currently wearing this uber trendy look that have normal to thick hair I recommend they look at Eufora`s Hero line for men.  In particular I love the Grooming Cream,  its just enough hold to maintain a well groom look,  has shine and at the same time doesn`t paste your hair to your head.  The way I see,  this is a look that should still have some movement even though it is very polished.  Check it out,  it won`t disapoint,  Hope that answered your question and thanks for writing me at!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Parrot Who Can WHIP IT!!!

Ever seen a parrot dance? Well I`ll tell you I hadn`t and thought it was really funny the first time I saw it! This is not the first time I have blogged this song but it is the first time I am getting to blog a parrot! Anyway I thought it was light and funny and interesting to see and it had me laughing hard. I hope that you enjoy watching this parrot "whip it"!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grey , Grey... IT`S OKAY!!!

Hello everyone!  I am very happy to be writing to you on this fine day! LOL!  Its just how i`m feeling today folks... a little quirky!  Anyway today we gonna answer a question that I received a couple of days ago from a great client of mine.  This is not a standard question I answer in that it wasn`t emailed,  however I figured this is one that a lot of clients might want to hear about.  So having said that lets get goin!

"Okay,  so I woke up this morning and look at what I found!  I am only 29 years old!  Why the heck do I have this ridiculous grey hair right at the front of my head!  BRUTAL!  What am I supposed to do with this thing!"

The first thing to do is relax!  Just because you`ve found that first piece of sweet silver magic doesn`t mean that its time to hit the salon hard every six weeks!  Its truly a matter of personal feeling,  by that I mean how much does thing thing really bother you?  Suprisingly,  in all the years that I have been servicing my guests I have realized one thing for sure... Not ALL my clients dred that first grey!  Some women have a real confidence about them when discussing the topic.  Why I say confidence is simply because I have heard the story so mant times,  "it did`nt really bother me until my friend mentioned it!  Now its driving me nuts!"  The question is why?!  I feel like women have this preception that men who have turned grey are dapper or sophisticated but women are old and run down.  Personally I feel like that is a societal issue that we internalize if we care about what others think.  Just like there are always those clients that say "wow she looks great with her grey I wish I could do that."  You can.  The only difference is truly feeling like you can carry yourself with that class and confidence.  Now,  if that isnt you we look forward to seeing you every four to six weeks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Cut From The Heart... Thank You All!

I first of all would like thank everyone who came out and supported us this past sunday!  It was a fantastic success!  I would like to thank those of you who sent checks in the mail even though you were unable to here in person.  Your thoughts and donations were hugely appreciated by the Spencer family!  In total through cutting donations, T-shirt sales and raffle tickets sold we were able to raise an AMAZING $2107.00!!!!!!  

I would like to send out special thanks to Nature Clean for their donations,  support,  and the wonderful prizes they were able to help us put together!  Most importantly though,  from the bottom of my heart I would really, really like to thank the staff of evoke for donating soo generously of their family time on Sunday.  This cut a thon would not have been possible without the hands we had cutting!  Guys you are truly appreciated by us and mostly by the Spencer family!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

Hey Everyone! This week`s Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin is more of an invite than anything else so please feel free to join us this Sunday October 23rd at our Yonge St. Location. We will be hosting a Cut A Thon between the hours of 10am and 4pm! All proceeds from the event will go directly to Little Dexter and his family who`s page can be found on facebook. A great little guy who needs our help, we will be performing cuts starting at $25 for just a cut or $50 with a blow dry! Your chance to get a great cut for a great price and support a great cause! Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hair in Awkward spots?

Hey folks I hope you guys enjoyed the video I posted yesterday back stage at the Vivienne Westwood show in Paris, thought it was fitting for fashion week :D! Anyway today I am going to get back to answering questions because I gotta keep up over here! Anyway today`s question is a funny one because it is not about any one persons personal needs. The question made me laugh when I saw it and I figured "you know what I have a video of that moment!" Let me show you exactly what I mean...

"Hi there I thought something to myself the other day when I saw a mother braiding her daughters hair in the bathroom at the mall! I wondered where the weirdest place you had ever done hair was?"

That is hilarious because it is right outside the box thinking and I am always happy and thankful for those types of questions! What makes that even more interesting is that we actually shot a video earlier this year that captures one of the many odd moments of me doing hair in an awkward spot. I would have to say though that although I have done hair in bathrooms before this might be my weirdest spot!...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion`s Hot Week!

So its Fashion Week!!! As everyone probably already knows! Anyway I wanted to share with you all a cool vid I found on Youtube that I was very inspired by. This is the backstage prep area for Vivienne Westwood at the Paris show. It is a long vid but I was truly inspired by he hair and makeup being used on set. Very cutting edge and beautiful work was on display and I am realizing that I really like her feel. Anyway a short post with a long video that follows is often all that one can post during this week! Considering that its sometimes better to do less talking and get more inspiration!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yep,  that`s right this is our 200th post!  I am soo happy to announce that because for me ( a guy who still types with two fingers)  it was along time coming as you would imagine!  I have however gotten a bit better in that regard,  not because I type with more fingers now but just because I have learned how to move fast while only using the two!

I hope to be creating blog posts that satisfy the questions I am  being asked with good answers.  It takes a lot out of a hair dresser to write a blog everyday and come up with good content so I figured the best way forward was for you guys (my amazing readers) to help me and in turned be helped.  I think that this setup has worked well for both as I am often sent great questions that I am told are being answered well.... Yippee!

Anyway,  a small note to say thank you all for your questions and feedback.  Most of all thank you for inspiring me to get to this 200th post by staying interested and asking great questions!  And remember I am always here to answer them and any other queries you may have at!  Thanks again guys!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Simple Truth on Colour

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend with friends, family or whomever you spent it with.  I think its official that it~s getting pretty freaking cold out there!  I even saw a guy out there with his full blown parka on!  Anyway,  I hope you all enjoyed Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin this pat weekend as I truly enjoyed getting back to it.  Speaking of getting back to it lets get to today`s question...

" Hi there,  I am in need of some advice here.  I have recently started to react to the colour that is being used at the salon I frequent,  and never did before.  I guess I have two questions because the first is why all of a sudden I would have started to react?  The second being in light of all of the news that has been coming out recently and the negative effects that hair colour can have on us,  is there a product line that is professional and still chemical free?  Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon."

Well,  lets start with the first question which is why the change all of a sudden.  I would have to say that the salon may have recently A) Changed their in house colour brand or B)  Introduced a new range of products to the salon that your colourist has recently started working with.  Generally,  if you have been a guest of their for a while and are simply asking for the same look,  they may have decided to go ahead with the new stuff as long as they could still achieve your same old shade.  If they have changed the colour line then you may want to find out about it because you will continue to have reactions after every use.  A simple phone call to your colourist should answer those queries,  have you started taking any new meds?  Because that may have an effect on your chemistry and have you react to the chemicals in the colour line.  To answer your second question I must say NO,  "Chemical Free" is a very strong term to use because in professional hair colour lines you must have some form of chemical that will open the hair`s cuticle layer and allow for the dye to develop onto the cortex layer.  Without some form of chemical to get the hair shaft open in the first place then the dye cannot penetrate the interior of the hair shaft and develop itself.  Natural lines like Henna and some other vegetable dyes work well enough by staining the outer layer of the hair shaft,  they do not penetrate.  This is a good enough system I just find that most people end up going a little more red than they had hoped.  There are some lines that are lighter chemical based like Davines or Organic Colour Systems,  But chemical free.... No,  they still need to work.  Hope that answered your question and thank you for sending it to me at feel free to send any more you may have!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

So tonight you will all be forced to look at my ugly mug again! Thought you got off easy last week huh?! Wee guess again because I am back and ready to give you all a little inside tip on the right comb to use when detangling. The choice is simple really in that you can watch this vid get a good tip on what to use and how OR you can continue to rip away and tug at your hair using that same old brush! I think you want to watch the vid!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Transplant Much?

So If your wondering what it looks like to have a hair transplant, or what that might feel like in general than you don`t want to miss this video! Not for anything this is a testament to why someone might want to be sure they are using the right hair products and taking good care of their hair. This video actually is quite funny considering the content and that fact that the guy is going in to surgery! He is in pretty good spirits overall I would say. Anyway check it out for yourselves and be sure of one thing... Take Care of Your Hair!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Looking For The After Party?

Hey Folks!  Hope you loved little Mariah`s Tutorial video yesterday!  I thought it was hilarious, and super cute.  Considering that she is only like 4 years old she did an absolutely amazing job of those pigtails!  Anyway  as we move into the end of yet another long week today`s  question has been needing addressing for the last couple of days.  So lets get to it because Margherita has been waiting soo patiently....

"Hi there,
I'm trying to find out where I can purchase Bed Head by Tigi (After Party smoothing cream).  We received a container as part of a loot bag for a birthday party our daughter attended and we absolutely love it for her hair.  Do you carry this product?
Thanks for your help!"

Okay so Margherita,  I can say that no I do not carry this particular product however I may need to start if you are feeling like it is the perfect product for your little ones hair!  Funny enough I do carry quite a bit of the Tigi Bed Head line just not the one product you are asking about!  Anyway lets get to some options here because I would love nothing more than to make sure you get what you need.  I can go ahead and special order that product from my manufacturer and have it in by early next week if you are in the area,  I can also ship it to you if you are not.  However I should be honest in saying that quite a few drug stores in the Toronto area have started carrying the Tigi brand and may carry that exact product.  Alternatively I may just look into carrying it from now on any way,  so having said that thanks for the tip!  Anyway let me know when and if you would like that ordered,  it would truly be our pleasure.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So easy a child can do it!

So we really like to show you hair tutorials... We know that you love seeing hair tutorials... Sooo today we are going to showcase a hair tutorial for all you moms out there. A tutorial that both you and your little ones will be sure to love, bevause this one is performed by the sweetest little hair instructor I have ever seen! Her name is Mariah and she knows just how to put her hair up! She has some serious skill I must say... But I won`t judge it, you guys take a look for yourselves!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

Hi Everyone!! So, the idea behind Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin is to answer peoples questions on hair in video form. Well, tonight I am going to take a step back and let another lovely lady we know very well take the stage. This lovely lady`s name is Julia Darby, and she is a great client of ours at our Bloor St. Location. The reason I am handing over the mantle for this week is that we recieved a question I can answer however I would need the time to put a video together correctly. Why do that when Julia has already done such a fabulous job?! So having said that, this is the question I recieved from Melanie... "Hi Jon, Hope you are well. I have a video request for you... could you show us how to do a glam old Hollywood kind of look? ". Here it is then, lets get to it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nonna Maria's Day at the Salon

Okay for an Italian Canadian kid who is in the salon industry this is the funniest thing I have ever seen! This is a parody that I found about an Italian nonna (Grandmother) who is going to the salon for her big makeover. For me, this was a meshing of two very different worlds and I had to bring that to you all. I mean, When was I going to get the chance to show you guys a little snip of what childhood with my nonna was like and have it tie into the salon world enough to be able to blog it and bring it to you all! This video is a real classic for me and although the english isn`t really there for you all to understand you will have no trouble figuring out what she is taking about. As they say Italian often do a lot of talking with our hands so as you would expect this video will be clear as day! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it because I was in literal tears when I found it and thought to myself I have to blog this... It was just to sentimental! I hope you enjoy it!  Oh by the way... the man beside her is her husband chef Luigi!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Hairs Driving You Batty?

Thursday... almost there folks,  before you know it you will be carving into that 18 pound turkey of yours and adding cranberry sauce to that ever delicious stuffing!  Before we get there though we need to cover a few more questions that have been directed my way this week.  So without any further talk of mouth watering turkey lets get to it...

"Is there any way that I can control these little hairs that grow at the front of my hairline?  They are really tough to work with because I have curly hair and  they stand out like a sore thumb.  I guess the reason they are there in the first place is because I just gave birth right?"

Yes and no... I know not exactly the answer you were all looking for.  The little hairs along your hair line are typically called "baby Hairs"  and there are multiple reasons for the nick name.  Yes, frequently women experience breakage at the front of their hair lines during pregnancy,  and yes it does get worse once the child is born and the hair that remained on your head during term starts falling out.  However,  there are many many clients who have these shorter pieces of hair around their hair lines regularly just because they have curly hair that breaks easily with friction.  The hair in that area can also break due to exposure to elements or even just because you wear your pony too tight.  

The only way to control these shorter hairs is to cover them up with a fringe of some sort,  whether that be a bang or a side swept fringe.  The only other option is to slick them back into your ponies and break em again!  Anyway patience is truly a virtue when it comes to those little hair because they are really fragile and any excess amount of product or styling you do to them only inhibits their growth and durability.  A word to the wise... leave them alone as much as possible,  unless of course you like having them around!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Healthy Fixation

Hi guys,  hope you enjoyed yesterday`s hilarious video... I thought it was a riot and it had me in stitches the first time I saw it.  Anyway today we will take it back to the questions because I think I need to get answering some of these!  Crazy!  Lets get to the next one...

" Hi Jon,  I wondering if you could refer me a good hairspray that is built with some more natural ingredients?  I don`t know if it exists but I am finding that the chemical level in most hairsprays I touch are now starting to really bother me."

So for the past couple of days I have been looking in to exactly that!  I am looking to bring into our salon a professional line that is as close to "Organic" as I can find.  I too am now staring to react to using a chemical rich product and thought it was about that time to make the much needed switch.  I have been auditioning the Eufora line and have to say that so far I am truly impressed.  They make products that are sustainable in packaging,  natural,  and still provide the balance of hold and lifestyle that I am looking for.  The hairspray in this line is called Elevate,  and I must say that other than the polymer chips included to create some hold the product is quite clean.  The fragrances ( which could very well be the irritant that you are feeling) in the line are exclusively composed of essential oils making them gentle and fresh without the irritation.   I can say this... Hairspray and hair colour are going to be the most difficult things to find without chemicals,  but so far so good from Eufora.  Hope that helped and give this one a go I think you will be satisfied.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Working The Wax!

Sometimes, Sometimes we decide to mix it up. Today IS THAT DAY! I came across this video on a blog that I like to read and thought WOW, Hair and its removal can be pretty painful. I mean, as a guy myself I often forget just how much women deal with in their everyday beautifying routine. I know that sounds silly but its true, women primp, prode, and put up with all sorts of crappy things in order to look their "BEST" either for a man or just for themselves. I have often wondered what it would be like to be waxed or go through electrolyisis or some of the other wonderful things they do to themselves... Well, Greg works it all out for me in this video. Greg, thanks for the answer dude... Just glad it was you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!

So here we go again folks! Its Saturday Night!!! So we have questions coming like crazy and tonight I decided to address one that I thought would really help the client who asked it. Tonight we are going to answer a question that I think a lot of people ask themselves. We were asked what the best bang to choose is for a round face shape. Check this vid out!