Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yep,  that`s right this is our 200th post!  I am soo happy to announce that because for me ( a guy who still types with two fingers)  it was along time coming as you would imagine!  I have however gotten a bit better in that regard,  not because I type with more fingers now but just because I have learned how to move fast while only using the two!

I hope to be creating blog posts that satisfy the questions I am  being asked with good answers.  It takes a lot out of a hair dresser to write a blog everyday and come up with good content so I figured the best way forward was for you guys (my amazing readers) to help me and in turned be helped.  I think that this setup has worked well for both as I am often sent great questions that I am told are being answered well.... Yippee!

Anyway,  a small note to say thank you all for your questions and feedback.  Most of all thank you for inspiring me to get to this 200th post by staying interested and asking great questions!  And remember I am always here to answer them and any other queries you may have at!  Thanks again guys!

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