Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Healthy Fixation

Hi guys,  hope you enjoyed yesterday`s hilarious video... I thought it was a riot and it had me in stitches the first time I saw it.  Anyway today we will take it back to the questions because I think I need to get answering some of these!  Crazy!  Lets get to the next one...

" Hi Jon,  I wondering if you could refer me a good hairspray that is built with some more natural ingredients?  I don`t know if it exists but I am finding that the chemical level in most hairsprays I touch are now starting to really bother me."

So for the past couple of days I have been looking in to exactly that!  I am looking to bring into our salon a professional line that is as close to "Organic" as I can find.  I too am now staring to react to using a chemical rich product and thought it was about that time to make the much needed switch.  I have been auditioning the Eufora line and have to say that so far I am truly impressed.  They make products that are sustainable in packaging,  natural,  and still provide the balance of hold and lifestyle that I am looking for.  The hairspray in this line is called Elevate,  and I must say that other than the polymer chips included to create some hold the product is quite clean.  The fragrances ( which could very well be the irritant that you are feeling) in the line are exclusively composed of essential oils making them gentle and fresh without the irritation.   I can say this... Hairspray and hair colour are going to be the most difficult things to find without chemicals,  but so far so good from Eufora.  Hope that helped and give this one a go I think you will be satisfied.

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