Friday, October 21, 2011

Hair in Awkward spots?

Hey folks I hope you guys enjoyed the video I posted yesterday back stage at the Vivienne Westwood show in Paris, thought it was fitting for fashion week :D! Anyway today I am going to get back to answering questions because I gotta keep up over here! Anyway today`s question is a funny one because it is not about any one persons personal needs. The question made me laugh when I saw it and I figured "you know what I have a video of that moment!" Let me show you exactly what I mean...

"Hi there I thought something to myself the other day when I saw a mother braiding her daughters hair in the bathroom at the mall! I wondered where the weirdest place you had ever done hair was?"

That is hilarious because it is right outside the box thinking and I am always happy and thankful for those types of questions! What makes that even more interesting is that we actually shot a video earlier this year that captures one of the many odd moments of me doing hair in an awkward spot. I would have to say though that although I have done hair in bathrooms before this might be my weirdest spot!...

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