Friday, October 7, 2011

Nonna Maria's Day at the Salon

Okay for an Italian Canadian kid who is in the salon industry this is the funniest thing I have ever seen! This is a parody that I found about an Italian nonna (Grandmother) who is going to the salon for her big makeover. For me, this was a meshing of two very different worlds and I had to bring that to you all. I mean, When was I going to get the chance to show you guys a little snip of what childhood with my nonna was like and have it tie into the salon world enough to be able to blog it and bring it to you all! This video is a real classic for me and although the english isn`t really there for you all to understand you will have no trouble figuring out what she is taking about. As they say Italian often do a lot of talking with our hands so as you would expect this video will be clear as day! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it because I was in literal tears when I found it and thought to myself I have to blog this... It was just to sentimental! I hope you enjoy it!  Oh by the way... the man beside her is her husband chef Luigi!

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