Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Question Answered


Are You Stuck? Get the Gum Out!

Hey it happens and sometimes in the most innocent of ways,  you get stuck.  Maybe you have a kid who is fixated on your hair and their gum at the same time!  Or maybe you had a crazy night of partying and don`t even know how it got there.  Regardless,  its there and now its gotta come out.  WAIT!  Do Not reach for those scissors!  We have a better idea,  why not take a look at this video and excercise some patience in getting it out?  Here`s a great video on the best steps to take next,  it will take some work but you can get it done.
Check it out...

Jon DiMauro

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top Bid For Bieber`s Hair is at $7,200. 61 !!!

Okay so the bid for Justin Bieber`s hair ends on March 2, 2011, and so far it has amased a worth of $ 7,200.61!  It`s great that Ellen DeGeneres has started this bid, and all proceeds are going to Gentle Farm, an animal rescue organization.  Check Out this article for more details...

Jon DiMauro

evoke Salon is Now working with Quora !!!

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"Dyed my bangs black. Its my new monsterlook."

Gaga strikes again with a rocking new look and we love her for it.  There's no doubt that some roots are worth being left alone.  We've seen Drew Barrymore and Ashley Simpson flaunt them with grown out golden brown and honey blond strands.  Gaga has taken this look to the next level with black bangs leaving the rest a yellow blond.  Natural or not we`re diggin the roots.


We love Gaga for setting a new bar to aim at,  and think the world of her talent.  Wicked edge!

Jon DiMauro

We Love Willow !!! Whip It Girl !!!

Honestly I cannot get over this kid!  I know that having parents like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith makes it a little easier to get into the spotlight but... Whoa, she has talent!  For a little girl who is not yet 11, it is truly amazing to see what she can do now, and imagine what she is capable of for the future.  She is soo stylish,  so with it and cutting edge its crazy!  Needless to say I am absolutely loving her hair!  So daring and comfortable in her own skin,  this little one sports some wicked looks.

She also has some amazing hair colouring skills!  All you have to do is watch her video (Linked below) to see that she loves hair,  and could have a future as colourist with us any day!  The way she whips that colour around would make even the industries best fearful for their jobs!  I just love everything this kid does and think she really is one to watch out for in the future!  Check out the video for "Whip my Hair" below...      

P.S.  If you have a Pixie Cut and can`t Whip It ... Just Fake It!

Jon DiMauro

How To Cut Out The Grease !!!

If you haven’t been the victim of oily hair than you have definitely known someone who has. Oily hair does not discriminate nor is it kind. Warning, it may result in unwanted stares and not so complimentary remarks.

Certainly you’ve glanced at an oily scalp at least once before and thought to yourself, ‘That person could use a shower’. In most cases the solution to oily hair isn’t as easy as a hot shower. Inside all of us a gland named Sebaceous resides, and that my friends, is where oily hair stems from. 
  When the Sebaceous gland produces an excess amount of sebum the result is oily, wet looking hair. In some extreme cases, too much sebum can cause your scalp to stink, undoubtedly attracting the wrong kind of attention. On the flip side, a regular does of Sebum is necessary to prevent hair from drying out. However finding a balance isn`t so easy for everyone.
  Oily hair is limp and nearly impossible to style but there are solutions and tips out there that Evoke is ready to share. First off, hands off! Constant touching or brushing of the hair will cause stimulation of the scalp leading to sebum travelling from the top of the roots downward, causing your whole head to look wet. Secondly, you must resist the urge to shampoo, rinse and repeat every day. Invest in a stylish hat and let your oily hair work its way through its drama in private. 
    Diet and proper nutrition are imperative as in most areas of the human body. Consuming lots of H20, vitamins, proteins, fruits and vegetables will aid in regulating the sebum in your scalp. Stress levels also affect the oiliness of your hair so it`s wise to visit Evoke Salon where rest and relaxation is inevitable.
  Another common mistake is excessive use of hairspray, gel or shine products. The more product your hair holds, the more potential for oil and grease. Evoke Salon and their award winning technicians will inform you about products that will be beneficial for your specific type of hair. You may just find the solution to your oily prone scalp and other burning questions you have regarding your hair.  Let`s work together to leave the excess oil in the frying pan and out of our luscious, stylish hair.

Jon DiMauro

Friday, February 25, 2011

They Are Auctioning Bieber`s Hair On Ebay!!!


I am not even joking! As crazy as this sounds, its true! This is becoming ridiculous!  You know what the funny thing is? Someone is actually going to buy this.  Wow, I can`t even believe it.  I really hope that at least the money raised in this sale will be given to a great charity with a worth while cause.

Jon DiMauro

Haircutting For the Cure !!!

On March 14th,  2011 at the evoke Salon will be hosting an amazing event to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.  The event is called the hair dare, we will be cutting the hair of 7 girls simultaneously.  These girls have been growing their hair in anticipation of cutting it all off,  all at the same time for cancer.  Its a really great idea, that we are very proud to be associated with and a sponsor of.  Check out the link for more details.

Jon DiMauro

A Nice Light Kiss

I should have done this prior to Valentine`s Day,  who in their right mind wouldn`t want a Light Kiss before Valentine`s ?  Anyway, today we are going to review an awesome hairspray.  I guess I already told you how I feel about it eh? We love this product!  It is a hairspray that is called "flexible spray" and its called that for a reason.  This spray is great to use when you have not yet finished molding the hair,  or if you just prefer to have a Light Kiss of spray at the end.  It has an incredibly light fragrance,  and is overall mild.  Available for an affordable price at between $18.00 and $23.00 for a 300ml bottle,  or $9.50 to $12.00 for a 100ml.  Awesome spray,  and great overall styling tool.

Jon DiMauro

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Swan Wins By A Hair

Okay,  if I had my say Natalie Portman would have already been announced Winner of this year 2011 Oscar for best everything!  Sure, sure the Social Network stole our hearts,  and the King`s speech was brilliant but come on! Did you see her? She became a black swan! She literally grew wings. I for one was petrified! and I believe that it was that hair and make-up and styling that did it.  Well done, whoever the team was that pulled that together!  She stole the show and should by our account,  be the Winner!  Let`s see what happens this Sunday night.

Jon Di Mauro

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WHOA!!! Justin Bieber Got A Haircut!!!

Hey,   Check it out guys Justin Bieber got his haircut!  He is now sporting a 90`s influenced do.  Looks a little like Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210 to me!  I love It!  Hey maybe the guy beside him is the proud hairdresser who did the work?  Justin looks like he might need some time to get adjusted!!!

Jon Di Mauro

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Thought Toronto Was Cold !!!

Okay, so myself and my better half have travelled to Edmonton, Alberta.  Yes, you heard me, we traveled away from our homes in Toronto ( +7 degrees) to lush and wonderful Edmonton ( -27 degrees).  Family will get you to do some crazy things!  Sooo I figured since I was feeling the static in my one-inch-long hair,  toques for you ladies could be disastrous!  Lets review a few things that you guys can do to control the crazy amounts of electricity you`re currently conducting. 

  • 1
    Deep-condition your hair regularly.  Properly moisturized hair is less likely to be affected by static.  Huh?... it`s because the cuticle layer is more active due to the fact that every time you shampoo it, it opens and a conditioner will seal it.

  • 2
    Use a "leave-in" conditioner on your hair after you wash it.  Same theory applies,  the conditioner is going to seal the hair shafts cuticle layer.

  • 3
    Spray your hairbrush or comb with an anti-static spray before you run it through your hair.

  • 4
    Keep a fabric softener sheet handy and run it over your hair when it starts to get out of control. Carry it in your purse so you can use it several times during the day if necessary.  Oh yeah,  i`m serious try it!

  • 5
    Avoid hair products that include ingredients that will dry out your hair, such as alcohol or harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphates.  Which you should be doing on a regular basis anyway, cause they suck!

  • As for us...... we`re just chillin.

    Jon Di Mauro

    Thursday, February 17, 2011



    I think with all the excitement surrounding evoke and all the hustle and bustle of everyday we may have forgotten to mention one important thing.  We are absolutely in love with HAIR!  We are driven and passionate about every little thing about this industry.  We love the art first and foremost,  however the art in itself has shown us other loves.  We love the interaction with everyone and everything regarding hair,  and as you may gather there is a whole lot of interacting!  Hair speaks an international language in that it unites people of all shapes, sizes, colours, and so on and so forth.  I mean after all, we all love it     (or hate it some days!).  We are inspired on too many fronts to site when it comes to hair,  and are pumped to continue to grow and evolve through its many mediums.  In short there is only one thing left to say,  one thing we shout when we`ve caught a rush off a wicked do.... HAIR!!!

    Jon Di Mauro

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    What A Hot Mess!!!

    Ever wondered how we stylists create that loose romantic style updo that everyone seems to be looking for? In this video featured artist Lindsay Plaskett shows you just how to recreate that awesome look by yourself!

    Jon Di Mauro

    Make a Wave... with a Flat Iron of course!

    Okay so we have been asked this question about a million times in each of our salons, so here it is, a demo that shows you once and for all! Featured artist Lindsay Plaskett is an absolute whiz at self styling, and here she shares her stuff with you!

    Jon Di Mauro

    Straight Can Be Great!!!

    Just like fashion, hair styles have a way of coming full circle and straight hair has come back from the 1970’s with a vengeance.
      Long gone are the days of your Mother’s iron and ironing board, lying flat down hoping your girlfriend can manoeuvre around your ears, sparing you another steam singed earlobe.
      Whether you have short or long tresses, straight hair, when worn properly is envied by most of the female population. Straight hair has the power to command attention and you can guarantee your fellow females of the world will be left wondering how you became blessed with such silky, smooth hair.
      If you are one of the lucky ones you are probably familiar with the necessary tools for grooming your straight hair. Paddle brushes are ideal for smoothing out long, straight hair. Be conscience of the static cling fly away hairs and split ends. It is vital to trim your hair regularly to ensure crisp lines and even length.
      Hair styles are limitless when you have such a blank canvas to work with. Ponytails, braids, buns and French rolls are all easy and time efficient. Bangs are also a great accessory for pin straight hair, be it long or short. Straight cut bangs just above the brow line also add a touch of glam and mystery.
      If you are part of the masses that have straight hair unnaturally, meaning you straighten it daily, listen up. Thermal spray is a necessity to protect your hair from splitting or breaking apart and should be used routinely with deep conditioning treatments.
      Another possible option for attaining straight, silky hair is fusion extensions. In today’s day and age a person can purchase straight hair and have it installed rather than enviously watching other women effortlessly twirl their hair between their fingers. Evoke Salon offers fusion extensions which are attached to strands of hair using protein bonds at reasonable cost. The licensed professionals at Evoke assure their clientele that fusion extensions cause no damage to your existing hair, guaranteeing your hair to look sleek, natural and sexy.

      Danielle Fong

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Grammy Hair 2011

    Did you guys see some of the hair that was present at the Grammy Awards yesterday?  There are always some pretty amazing looks present,  and this year`s edition was no different.  From Rihanna`s blown up red curls at brunch,  to Nicole Kidman`s polished waves,  this year had some great style and inspiration.  Esperanza Spalding was the new kid on the block,  she not only stole the Grammy for "Best New Artist", her hair looked amazing!  Here is a taste of what we saw...

      Jon Di Mauro                                      

    Is Your Pubic Region Ready?

    What ?...
    Did you think that because we were a hair salon,  we had no interest in hair that grows on other parts of the body?  Come On!  We are hair professionals and that title requires knowledge of all hair growth areas, textures, okay alright... too much info.  According to,  20 000 Tons of pubic hair will be trimmed in the United States leading up to this moment... Valentine`s Night!  That is a lot of hair!  

    You gotta read this....,    I was killing myself!

    Jon Di Mauro                                                    

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Bieber`s Hair Goes Bye Bye!

    Bieb`s hair gets the bulk of the attention on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live recently. There is a reason for it though, they shave him bald. This kids hair seems to be something of a national treasure recently as everyone seems to be talking about it! Justin`s hair has been such a center of attention that a lot of kids have started to sport his look. What an amazing impact this sixteen year old from Stratford, Ontario has had, as everyone in the entertainment world just seems to be at his feet!


    Jon Di Mauro

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    What A Heart Felt Night of Partying!!!

    Okay seriously WOW! we had an awesome time last night at the Love A Heart fundraiser held by the 
    Girls of T.O. It was a gathering of some of the coolest and most heart felt people we have met in a while, who all came out for a blast and to support an awesome cause! There was an auction of some pretty influential bachelors and bachelorettes, and I think the Girls Of T.O had their expectations well surpassed! This was the link sent out before the event, on it you will see some great faces who gave it up for the Heart and Stroke foundation last night.

    We thank them and all those who we partied with last night that made it special, people like @stilettotwins, @GailGabrielle, @zachbussey, @GalacticPhantom, @clickflickca, @sassygirlcanada, @Fashionights, and @Affan #loveaheart. It really was an awesome night with all these great people, can`t wait to see your pics on Twitter!

    What a GREAT NIGHT!!!

    Jon Di Mauro

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    Questions Answered Section... Now Open!!!

    In this section we plan on doing the obvious.... answering your questions! What we would love to do is have your questions directed to where they can be retrieved and answered in a timely fashion. We plan on answering ALL the questions we receive and promise never to leave you hanging so....... Lets get to it!

    What People Think...


    It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Salon Evoke.   In short, I have never been to a salon as wonderful.  The staff are singularly outstanding - not just professional in their skill  and expertise, but uniformly friendly in their personality and demeanour.
    Since my first haircut in December 2004, I have never visited another salon.   Even when I lived out of town, I would wait until I returned to Toronto for a visit, to have my hair cut here.
    Priya,Ergys and Lindsay, to name but three of the talented staff, have all worked magic on my hair, and each exemplify the high standards the salon is known for.  
    In a cutthroat industry where ego and attitude are plenty, there is none of that at Evoke. Just down-to-earth professionals who love what they do and who do it exceptionally well.
    I highly recommend Evoke to anyone who is looking for a great haircut, in a relaxed and welcoming environment at a most
    Lorne Opler 

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Tie it Up... Just Don`t Break It!

    As a stylist of 11 years I can say that I have had the opportunity to see some pretty interesting things being behind my chair! Often times they come in the form of hairstyling techniques adopted by a lady who really needs a haircut, and sometimes its just been a really long week! One thing I can say I have noticed is just how hard women can be on the hair sometimes. Hair is a fibre, a very delicate fibre at that, so... you cannot rip away at it with a brush when your hair is wet! Although you woke up late, your hair should not have to pay the price! ( That will have to be a whole other blog entry!) Today however we are going to address yet another growing phenomena I have noticed, Hair tying!

    You would be truly shocked to see the kind of things I am seeing used to tie hair up! Here is one example...

    You have got to be kidding me!!! Rubber bands are made of exactly that.... Rubber! The delicate fibres of your hair cannot and will not be able to handle being bound up and ripped away at by rubber. Please, please stop! There are alternatives, here are a couple examples of what a lady with fine hair can use instead. My personal favorite for fine hair is made by Goodie and works wonderfully for all fine haired guests. With great traction, and a much gentler feel they are ideal.

    Although they are by far the ugliest option, the fabric elastics create great hold and offer the least amount of damage to the cuticle layer of your hair shaft.
    Who said you had to use an elastic in the first place? What about some of these alternatives...

    I think you get the point. Ideally any of these options are gentler, and in my personal opinion trendier and cooler than a simple hair tie. So come on, be gentle to the hair, and it will love you for it. At least I know I will!

    Jon Di Mauro

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Congratulations Shane and Green Circle Salons!


    We are very proud of Shane and the Green Circle Salons team for their accomplishment. Shane was awarding some great recognition for all the work he has done in our industry over the past couple of years. Shane is the co-founder of Green Circle Salons, an organization that is responsible for minimizing a massive amount of waste and garbage. We are a proud GCS partner and Shane has really helped us minimize our consumption and become a truly sustainable company. Here`s to you GCS for the work you have done, and that we will continue together! Check out this Great Green Heroes Webisode.......

    Jon Di Mauro