Sunday, February 27, 2011

How To Cut Out The Grease !!!

If you haven’t been the victim of oily hair than you have definitely known someone who has. Oily hair does not discriminate nor is it kind. Warning, it may result in unwanted stares and not so complimentary remarks.

Certainly you’ve glanced at an oily scalp at least once before and thought to yourself, ‘That person could use a shower’. In most cases the solution to oily hair isn’t as easy as a hot shower. Inside all of us a gland named Sebaceous resides, and that my friends, is where oily hair stems from. 
  When the Sebaceous gland produces an excess amount of sebum the result is oily, wet looking hair. In some extreme cases, too much sebum can cause your scalp to stink, undoubtedly attracting the wrong kind of attention. On the flip side, a regular does of Sebum is necessary to prevent hair from drying out. However finding a balance isn`t so easy for everyone.
  Oily hair is limp and nearly impossible to style but there are solutions and tips out there that Evoke is ready to share. First off, hands off! Constant touching or brushing of the hair will cause stimulation of the scalp leading to sebum travelling from the top of the roots downward, causing your whole head to look wet. Secondly, you must resist the urge to shampoo, rinse and repeat every day. Invest in a stylish hat and let your oily hair work its way through its drama in private. 
    Diet and proper nutrition are imperative as in most areas of the human body. Consuming lots of H20, vitamins, proteins, fruits and vegetables will aid in regulating the sebum in your scalp. Stress levels also affect the oiliness of your hair so it`s wise to visit Evoke Salon where rest and relaxation is inevitable.
  Another common mistake is excessive use of hairspray, gel or shine products. The more product your hair holds, the more potential for oil and grease. Evoke Salon and their award winning technicians will inform you about products that will be beneficial for your specific type of hair. You may just find the solution to your oily prone scalp and other burning questions you have regarding your hair.  Let`s work together to leave the excess oil in the frying pan and out of our luscious, stylish hair.

Jon DiMauro

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