Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hanz De Fuko`s In The House!

So we are pretty pumped about the new range of hair care products we are carrying at our Bloor St location called Hanz De Fuko! I gotta admit I was sold by the name (HeHe). Anyway check out this cool vid where Rasmus shows you a couple of cool styling tips using the Scheme cream. We are loving this Certified Organic and Paraben free mens styling range!...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bringing Back The Warmth...

I think we are all trying to warm up or something!   The amount of young ladies coming in to the shop over last couple of weeks asking for warmer reddish/ coppery tones is CRAZY!  I have to say though that we are truly loving it.  These tones are always so much fun to create because you get the opportunity to test out your colour line.  These are the tones that tell you what kind of colour your product of choice can really produce.  It takes a lot of pigment depth and shine to create a really impressive red tone.  Yesterday I posted one that was done on the weekend by our up and coming talented Alanna Janes at our Bloor Street location.  The vibrancy was amazing and she had some phenomenal dimension and shine to the colour (the stuff that makes a colour great).  

I think the trend started to really kick into full effect in the late summer month of August when we started to notice a lot more requests for warm and rich copper tones.  Everyone seemed to be looking for that auburn look (maybe it was Rihanna rich red that started it out).  Anyway since then it has taken off in our shops as more and more guests are coming in looking to go back to these shades.  This makes us really happy in our colours departments as we are always up for a challenge and are pumped by our results!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Future Is Now...

So thank you all so very much for coming to this crazy little blog everyday and reading/skimming/watching or whatever it is you do when you get here.  The other day I posed a question on our Facebook page and asked what you all thought about the prospect of spending 25% more for your technical services (Hair Colouring,  Straightening etc...)  and I was given some phenomenal feedback that I very much appreciated.  The reason of course is that as a salon we are now moving into what we believe in and feel will be the future of this great industry. 

To start to offer services in your professional environment that are different and are cutting edge is always a plus as a salon owner.  Having said that I believe we are all aware that sometimes we are a little resistant to change.  From guests to staff  this will be a real test,  remaining optimistic in the face of a new colour when you are soo comfortable with you are currently using will take adjustment.  I believe as do my staff and partners that this is the way the world is heading.  I for one have started to make REAL change in my life through diet, environment, and above all cosmetics.  From choosing shampoos that are Gluten Free,  Certified Organic, Local,  and Vegan to choosing styling products that are free of plastic i`ve done it all with real success.  I now feel that we as a salon owe it not only to ourselves but also to our guests to try and show them that they can achieve the same great colours and styles while minimizing their exposure to harmful ingredients,  and being kinder to the environment at the same time.

So we ask that you give us a little time to work out the kinks and get going but we do want to letter you all know that soon ( very soon) we will having some GREAT alternatives to your current hair care regime that WILL allow you,  me,  and our staff,  the whole environment in general a chance to rest a little easier.  So stay tuned....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy Caboki!

Okay this tripped me out when I saw it! How do you feel about this?

The Magic is Immense...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Get That Roxy Wave!

A very cool way to create the sexy beach look you all want! AND its shown to you by a company that knows beach looks...ROXY. Personally I love their clothes and the company image as a whole. Thought you might wanna check this cool vid cause I got a kick out of it....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Enough Of The Silicone!... Try Silica!

So we are continuously trying to find out ways to better the condition of our hair are we not?  I mean I don`t think I know one person who doesn`t want fuller,  thicker,  shinier, or more lustrous hair.  One of the previously listed is for sure on your wish list.  Men for example are trying desperately not to lose it,  or if that isn't the issue then they could definitely use more shine.  Women always want more of it to aide them in creating more volume,  and if thats not the case then I am sure they too want more softness,  less frizz and a lot more natural shine.  We all know that what we put in IS what we get out and we are sure that we have all heard the little tricks ( "Add more protein to your diet" or "Make sure you take enough Vitamin B").  What we may not have heard is that Silica could be your hair`s secret weapon!

Our Hair at 90 micrograms per gram is almost as rich in Silica as our bones at 100 micrograms per gram,  and is a major component of hair and most of all of healthy hair!  Using a good Silica supplement can make a massive difference in the vitality of your hair.  Make Silica a part of your daily routine to help revitalize limp and lifeless hair,  as it can help to prevent baldness,  stimulate the growth of healthier hair, and provide a beautiful lustre,  strength and shine.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free As Her Hair...

If she ever gets sick of the music industry I think she may already have her next career lined up! I mean she not only dressed the Christmas windows at Barneys completely in hair this year, she preceded it with this!...

And WE LOVE HER for it!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ponytail Days...

Well,  it finally came.... Old man winter.   On days like this the best thing to do is figure out a great way to put your hair up because under that tuque there is much else to do!  On days when we inevitably have to wear a hood just to avoid our faces being soaked really have we got other options?

I am a firm believer in the side pony,  its simple,  effective and quite stylish.  It can be dressed up or down depending on the attire being worn,  and is a very feminine and flirty.  There are so many great tutorials available on line that show you creative ways to achieve them and then how to hide your elastic and polish them up with some product and spray.  It`s a great option for snowy days and for days when we to get out of the house fast and still look great. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This Deserves A Bow!

One Of The cutest styles I have seen performed on the internet! This girl is a fantastic artist who obviously knows her stuff! Check Out This great tutorial!....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I think that this is something that most of you have dreamed of having at one point or another. With this great future invention comes some positives for sure BUT also some negatives... I will let you be the judge.
P.S. Great Writing and Direction by Rosie S. Miles!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bloor and Yonge Tie The Knot!

So THIS is what happens when our Yonge St. and Bloor St. locations work separately but together.... We Tie The Knot Baby!!!!  This is a post I have been waiting to put up until I finished with the New Year`s resolution posts of last week.  Greg Di Biase and Murielle (Di Biase?)  Tied the knot on October 22, 2011 and we are soooo happy for them!  Greg is a guest of mine at our Bloor St. shop while the lovely Murielle has been client of ours up at Yonge and Eg for some time now.  They looked gorgeous as you can see for yourselves and had a beautiful ceremony at the prestigious One King West.  Murielle`s hair is coloured up at Yonge by Michelle Ang while Julie Hasen was responsible for the bridal style.  Guys we wish you both a magical marriage filled with love,  respect, happiness and most of all FUN!  Glad you guys were able to bring our salons together on your big day of coming together!
Check Out The link to see more of their beautiful day... http://bit.ly/yPZmIB

Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Like A "Pledge"

So today is the last day that I am going to bother you guys about your new year hair resolutions.  I mean it, this is really the last one ( I have a tendency to be long winded... Hehe).  Today we are going to discuss your product cabinet,  I know its a touchy one!  Most of you out there are quick to spend that little extra on yourself when it comes to nice things (Pandora charms, Leather Boots, Fancy jeans etc...)  There is absolutely NO problem with that if you can afford to do it.  I am all for the work hard and play/spend hard mentality especially when its earned.  What confuses the heck out of me is why some of you have not adopted that same mentality when it comes to your hair care regimen.  I mean I continue to hear from some of you that your shampoo of choice is a Drug store brand (Any one of them,  They are all equal!)  Or that you cannot switch to professional product because it doesn't leave your hair feeling silky enough.  I must admit that this really confuses me considering the type of ingredients used in these brands.  Most of you would probably be absolutely stunned to know that most of the "Big Name" brands you find in a drug store are literally only one or two ingredients away from being the same thing you clean your floor with!

What we need to remember is that these companies that are producing shampoo and conditioners along with other styling aids for hair are also producing toilet bowl cleaners and dog food!  Ever heard the old adage " Do One Thing Really Well"  This does not in any way apply to these companies.  How can a major manufacturer that produces everything from toothpaste to household cleaners and tupperware really know how to truly tailor a product for hair and scalp?  I know,  its in the research,  and I can see that BUT there are HAIR companies out there doing the same research... Just specified to what it is they do... HAIR.  I was always under the impression that you not only get what you pay for but that anyone who is a specialist in one area charges more and IS more capable and qualified.  The truth is that the conditioner "feels silkier"  because it is,  its FULL of silicone and therefore is coating your hair shaft and not actually creating any longer term moisture repair or damage control.  To me its never more clear,  in hair as in life what you put in is what you get out.  John Lennon said it best when he said "The love you make is the love you take".   So enjoy those boots and those fancy new charms but remember... Your hair needs some love and affection too!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seduced By Smooth!

Today we are going to cover the second last in our series of potential new year resolutions.  Tomorrow being the last one I listed in the blog entry regarding possible hair resolutions,  products of choice.   I hope you have been getting a lot out of these because all of them keep us in business and you spending your hard earned dollars!  

These are a few ideas that can help you to minimize your exposure to damage and at the same time keep your hair looking healthy, happy and shiny!  We are going to talk about flat ironing today and figure out a couple of ways to avoid excessive use of this amazing yet damaging tool.  So,  we should start by looking at how you can start to get a little more time out of each wash.  Start by using a good heat protective product.  These are commonly called smoothing balm or relaxing fluids.  They are designed to go on the hair shaft wet and not only create an easier smoothing experience but also keep away humidity.  When the humidity is kept away the style can last longer,  not just in the summer months but also in the winter.  Another way to get a bit more time between washes is to avoid applying any "finishing" products aft flat ironing.  An example of these are shine drops or oils,  these can add the humidity you are trying to fight back onto the hair shaft.  When the hair has been ironed it is at its flattest point and therefore reflects light very well.  Meaning you will not need to enhance the shine as it should already be there very intensely.  If you find that the iron has left you with a little bit of static,  believe it or not I recommend a fabric softener sheet!  It is by far the best way to control that static without applying a topical product.  It will control the static AND ensure that you avoid that keep your style looking smooth and "soft"!  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Should I Dry It... Again?

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!!!  We at evoke hope that you have all had a beautiful and relaxing change of year.  So I think we still had a couple of topics to discuss for our resolution list!  The last one we covered as a potential hair resolution was washing and how and why we should try to minimize the amount of washes we do in a week.  

Today we are back with yet another topic to discuss,  a touchy one I might add... Blowdrying.  I for one can say that I have a multitude of guests who insist on drying their hair every single day.  For the record I DO NOT recommend or indorse that in ANY WAY.  The last thing your hair shaft needs is to be pulled and stretched every single day.  Most of you are unaware that the entire point of blowdrying with a brush is to stretch the hair shaft out and create a "smoother" more "polished" finished.  The problem is,  in order to achieve that desired look you must elongate and therefore damage the hairs integrity.  We do this by pulling on the cortex layer with our brush and changing the hairs elasticity.  There are only so many times that we can stretch out and elastic until it gets that one little dry spot and just snaps! 

Other options include,  using a clever google search (evokehair on Youtube! ) to find great tutorial videos that will give you one more day without that shampoo and mandatory blow out.  Or working with the currently very stylish braids that are being fashioned all over the place.  Both are great ways to still look trendy and professional without putting your hair through the ringer.  Or we will see you in a couple of months for a very expensive moisturizing treatment and some pricey take home solutions.... The choice is yours baby!