Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Future Is Now...

So thank you all so very much for coming to this crazy little blog everyday and reading/skimming/watching or whatever it is you do when you get here.  The other day I posed a question on our Facebook page and asked what you all thought about the prospect of spending 25% more for your technical services (Hair Colouring,  Straightening etc...)  and I was given some phenomenal feedback that I very much appreciated.  The reason of course is that as a salon we are now moving into what we believe in and feel will be the future of this great industry. 

To start to offer services in your professional environment that are different and are cutting edge is always a plus as a salon owner.  Having said that I believe we are all aware that sometimes we are a little resistant to change.  From guests to staff  this will be a real test,  remaining optimistic in the face of a new colour when you are soo comfortable with you are currently using will take adjustment.  I believe as do my staff and partners that this is the way the world is heading.  I for one have started to make REAL change in my life through diet, environment, and above all cosmetics.  From choosing shampoos that are Gluten Free,  Certified Organic, Local,  and Vegan to choosing styling products that are free of plastic i`ve done it all with real success.  I now feel that we as a salon owe it not only to ourselves but also to our guests to try and show them that they can achieve the same great colours and styles while minimizing their exposure to harmful ingredients,  and being kinder to the environment at the same time.

So we ask that you give us a little time to work out the kinks and get going but we do want to letter you all know that soon ( very soon) we will having some GREAT alternatives to your current hair care regime that WILL allow you,  me,  and our staff,  the whole environment in general a chance to rest a little easier.  So stay tuned....

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