Thursday, March 31, 2011


Okay although I must admit I have seen some pretty cool cuts done by people on themselves (yeah, yeah strange I know!) 99.9% of the time it ends like this. I think its amazing that there are so many talented and creative individuals who feel it`s okay to attack their hair with scissors! and I cant lie it can work depending on what you`re doing. However, you have to be someone who is okay with maybe lookin a little grungy! If you work in the corporate world I cannot stress to you enough that this is not for you. Now, having said that some people are a little more daring and care just that much less. It takes guts and confidence to grab a pair of kitchen scissors and start going to work on your head! Even this young lady (Gash) seems daring enough and then... Well take a look for yourself. I`ll tell you this, it got a great reaction out of us!

Jon Di Mauro

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

evoke salon Hits Up the 2011 ABA !!!

ABA 2011 was on fire! We love to get out there and see what is happening in hair, staying current depends on it. evoke prides itself on trying to stay ahead of the trends and see what is next, soo we HAD to attend the year`s biggest show in our city! Here we take you on a little journey of the ABA showing you some of the bigger stages and overall show feel. We love going on the Monday because you always find a lot of students who are pumped and into it, who we are inspired by. This year there were some great stages and exhibitions, with lots of the bigger brands well represented. Matrix had a cool theme in that they had two exhibits, with one main stage and a side trailer.

We got to mingle with some old friends and collegues in a laid bak setting and take in some of the work on display for a change! We were also very impressed with the Procter and Gamble stage. It was impressive that all thier brands were represented, and they had a real prescence after taking a whole corner of the convention centre.

Hats off to L`Oreal and Redken also who had some great set-ups and talented artists to match. A trend that we embraced in our shops over the last little bit is under-cutting. Remeber the 90`s guys and gals? it back huge and with great colour placements and hard base lines to match! We love this edgy look! Anyway, Great show, we were happy to get the chance to share some ideas and inspiratrion. Check this Out!

Jon Di Mauro

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need a Haircut Downtown Toronto? Talk about Timing!!!

She must have read the book "the secret" because putting it out there into the universe got this girl a haircut in the middle of her shift! We walked into Steve`s on Queen St. unassumingly to purchase a guitar for J. That was not going to be the end of this experience though! We walked into the acoustic and records room and found a haircut, downtown Toronto, going on right at the sales counter! Soo as you would imagine we couldn`t just let them finish... We just had to step in! Talk about random! I wasnt even prepared with the Flip cam!

Haircut Downtown Toronto - Who would have thought?!

Jon Di Mauro

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Needs a Piano Bar? Hair in The Lobby at the Hilton Hotel!

So if you haven`t yet noticed we don`t exactly care where we do hair! evoke Salon prides itself on truly believing that everyone should be okay with having their hair done anywhere and at anytime! It could be that we just love what we do that much or that we just like to get down and dirty wherever and whenever we can! Seriously we love startling people with where we might pop up to do hair next. As you will be able to see in this video the Hilton lobby in Austin Texas was no different. In this clip we decided to go live to air on the hit online show POP17 from the lobby at the Hilton. We figured that this might draw some attention sooo... WHY NOT! This was a lot of fun as the host Sarah Austin and Leora Isreal were up for it and in a big way. Hey, they needed their hair done for an amazing paparazzi style entrance in to a V.I.P Nikon party we all later attended. We Love This video... Check it Out!

Jon Di Mauro

Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Eats and GREAT company #DawgsTo !!!

Tuesday night was a serious time! In the process we had some phenomenal food.  Good friend @clickflickca held a great gahering at Lou Dawgs BBQ (#dawgsTo),  a great bar and restaurant on King St.  Lou`s IS BBQ,  in that they make a mean one! We were spoiled with great little pulled pork sliders,  and some mean wings.  I enjoyed the food because it was easy to tell that they cared about freshness and quality.  They took their time with every thing they did.  I believe the chicken wings are fourteen hour slow cooked! Anyway we enjoyed the food,  and really recommend you check them out. 

We have really been fortunate to meet some great people in this great Toronto Twitter community. People who we probably would not have had a chance to meet otherwise,  and we have grown in it.  Thanks to @clickflicka for arranging an awesome event. We know that this does not directly relate to hair but we had to share with you just how inspired we have been by these great people!  And quite frankly it does relate for us because we have been able to interact and answer questions daily and talk about hair... which we LOVE.  Hope you are all loving your new cuts.... We know we loved doing them!

Jon DiMauro

Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Icon in style... Liz.

I know that people have been pumping out blog entries regarding Liz Taylor like crazy over the last couple of days,  we have lost a real icon.  Liz Taylor in her heyday was a real beauty.  She set new trends in hair and fashion that lots of other celebs only dreamed of.  Liz was around to watch and be part of one of the most inspirational times in fashion and hair.  She was one of the first celebs who was really able to embrace her sexuality and show that on film.  Many stars during that era were pushing the envelope in style and fashion, such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and of course Liz herself. She sported this phenomenal short style early on and it caught like wildfire,  sparking a generation of women to take the plunge and try out short locks on their own.

It didnt stop there either because as time went on she realized that this new form  of exposure worked for her. She really was a sex symbol and could live that out not just in her amazing beauty.  She personified the lead actress and star,  and influenced so many young women in her time.  As she got older (two or three husbands in ; ) ) She started to take on the role of elegance that we have come to see from her.  Liz was always an elegant women but she went from being pretty much a sex symbol,  to be sultry and sophisticated.


She rocked out some awesome styles over the years and looked amazing during the 70`s and 80`s.  I was particularly attracted to her look during the seventies.  I mean just look at this photo of her all waved out and smokin!  She really did have some of the most beautiful features we have seen on a woman! Beautiful eyes,  gorgeous cheekbones and of course that amazing hair.  

One last shot to showcase just how great she looked sporting an absolute signature 80`s look.  I think she pulled of a look that a lot of women tried to during that time and failed miserably!  C`mon girls you know what i`m talking about,  tell me you looked good when you hair was styled like this! Well, good but not Liz good. Maybe I have a bias...

Anyway, Liz will live on in our hearts for years to come and be remembered for much more than her hair.  I for one will always remember her in Cleopatra and be in love!  Liz Taylor... an icon the world and hair industry alike will never ever forget.

Jon Di Mauro

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the HAIR DARE !!!

I am going to start and finish this post saying that I am proud of and inspired by the WONDERFUL team we have with us at evoke Salon.  I can honestly say that I am astonished, overwhelmed and feel truly fortunate to be surrounded by great people everyday.  When J and I opened our doors in July of 2002 I can`t say we thought we were going to luck out with the team we have.  A team that is as compelled and driven to make change as we are, and not just when it comes to hair either!  As you have seen in our recent blog entries Jason and I were in Texas recently  for this year`s SXSW.  However, BECAUSE we have an amazing team, evoke keeps on moving with or without us!  As was evident on Monday the 14th of March 2011.

The HAIR DARE is a wonderful cause that we were very happy and fortunate to be involved in.  It all started when a great client of ours named Grace Poon (@grayspoontweets) came in to see Erin Bick at our Bloor St. location. Grace mentioned to Erin that she was going to be putting together a fund raiser and that she was curious whether or not we would like to be involved (we would ALWAYS like to be involved! In pretty much anything and everything!) So, we then took a little trip over to and looked at the why? section on the top bar, it reads...

"Children across the world suffer from conditions like cancer treatments, alopecia and burns in which they lose some or all of their hair. There are a few organizations out there who help to alleviate some of the pain of losing hair by providing hair prosthetic to children made from real hair in hopes that they can help restore their self-esteem and face their situation with greater confidence".

We read one paragraph and realized that not only were we willing to support this cause,  we were willing to sponsor it,  donate to it, and be actively involved in spreading its word!  I really believe that the hair dare will make a great impact on the lives of children in need in Toronto. This is a specialized cause that works with local organizations to really have an immediate and lasting impact... and its like crazy fun to do! We cannot wait to do it all again next year, and the year after and etc...

What really made us proud though was the effect it seemed to have on our team,  who seemed to really feel like they were a part of something bigger and really worth while.  I look at the amazing images provided by Justin Ing also known as @sensei88 and can really see how happy everyone was to be involved and make a great change. Well,  here check out the link for your self! ... 

Anyway, we were inspired by our staff and the commitment that they showed.  We were captivated by this amazing dare that these wonderful women followed through with! This took a lot dedication showed by so many people to make this happen!  Grace,  you are an amazing girl with a wonderful cause.  Justin we thank you so much for bringing it to life on film! Chenessa a.k.a @_chenessa we thank you for your generous gifts and involvement.

Thank you to our fantastic team for taking care of home base while we were away, and for performing some awesome changes on some inspired women! Please check out to live the dare next year!

Jon Di Mauro

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bobby Pins.... A Love Story

We’ve asked a co-worker if they had an extra. We’ve scrounged through our bathroom drawers and make-up bags for them. We’ve all wished, for one reason or another, that we had a bobby pin.
Back in the 1920’s the ‘bobby pin’ was created to aid in the new bobbed hair cut which was gaining popularity. Women began using the two pronged metal clips to pin their perfectly curled, shorter hair back on the sides, spurring the style that most of us refer to today as ‘Old Hollywood Glam’. Since the roaring twenties, the bobby pin has found a place in homes and salons around the world for a multitude of reasons.

Bobby pins can be a woman’s best friend while being used in bridal up-do’s, french rolls, kiss curls or securing hot rollers in place. Not to mention they have become quite fashionable and trendy. Yesterday’s bobby pins were standard brown or black. Today’s showcase special plastic coatings to prevent split ends or tangled hair and are available in all colours with varying lengths. Thicker hair might require the lengthier bobby pin to ensure the strongest hold possible while the shorter ones can be used for thinner, curlier hair.

Also common among today’s women, colourful and extravagant flowers or headpieces attached to the end. To the outsider, the exotic flower sitting atop your head makes you look like you just stepped off the plane straight from Brazil, not out of your local hair accessory store. With the wide selection of colours it’s easy to find one that blends with your hair naturally, avoiding contrasting the colour of your hair with the bobby pin, creating a flawless and envious look of perfection. Though bobby pins are most commonly associated with women’s hair, most Jewish men are also known for using them while securing their traditional head coverings like a Yarmulke. Any stylist will tell you. The bobby pin continues to be an imperative tool in today’s hair care society. Bridal up-do expert, Priya Rampersaud who works for Evoke Salon uses them daily while creating beautiful and memorable hairstyles that will exist forever in photographs. “They are a versatile tool. There are numerous uses for the bobby pin and they are essential for an up do for any occasion” Easy to find, affordable and easy to use. Next time you’re out pick up a pack and let your imagination run wild. Experiment with your bobby pins and you might discover a hidden talent or a new hair style.

Jon  Di Mauro

Saturday, March 19, 2011

evoke salon In The Huddle - Live from SXSWi 2011

 Okay we promise this is the last video of SXSW! We just had such a phenomenal time and have a lot of content from there. This one just had to be  shown though because the team over at Huddle Productions put such great work into producing it. We met the Huddle team on Monday afternoon in the lobby of the Austin Convention Center after an indroduction by our mutual friend Joallore Alon aka @clickflicka. We chatted for a bit and came to the resolution that they could help us out and NOW! They could shoot a professional quality video for us on the fly ! We then (at the same time... incredible) recieved a call from our good friend Leora Israel informing us that she was in the Blogger lounge upstairs on the 4th floor. 
She also informed us that Gary Vaynerchuk was up there and that we could talk about his haircut which we were supposed to do at some point during that day. After we spoke with Gary for a little while connecting and setting our time we went over to Leora`s table and went to work. The team from Huddle productions were funny, engaging, talented, courteous, professional, and on and on. Needless to say we had a great time doing the video and were fortunate to have it all come together. So many pieces fell in place and well...

We Highly recommend you Check Out this video... We think it`s Reeeally well done.  And know it was really fun to make!

Jon Di Mauro

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jason of evoke Salon Styling Soleil Moon Frye`s Hair #SXSWi !!!

Honestly i`m a huge fan! Not only has Soleil Moon Frye become a great mum and a fantastic actress, she is a fantastic entrepreneur as well. She has been all over television over the years with most of her big roles coming during my childhood and adolescent years. I loved her as Punky Brewster, and was happy to see she still had some success in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She later made appearances on Friends and has taken that success over to the online community. With the Little Seed she seems to have hit her element and is very happy in life. It was a pleasure to meet a childhood character I loved and see the inspiring woman she has become today. Check Out This Video For More...

Jon DiMauro

Thursday, March 17, 2011

evoke Salon`s Jon DiMauro Styling Randi Zuckerberg`s Hair!... Check Out This Video!

I think I speak for both Jason and I when I say that we had a great time in Austin for the SXSW show. We learned a lot and met some great people. Some of the people we met had a larger influence on us than others naturally, and I think the crew at Facebook really blew me out of the water. The company culture is visibly amazing, and every single person we encountered on their team had a real drive and dedication to all things Facebook. I learned quickly why that was, its true what they say, great leaders really do build great teams. I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with some of Facebook`s leaders and motivators and can see why they are successful. I was really inspired by just how real, warm, and dedicated they were. As a leader in my own company I will take from them a real willingness to grow and improve that much more. Randi Zuckerberg really made a great impression on me and I must say that her humor and dedication (being at SXSW 9 mths pregnant) are things that I really admired about her! I will grow and improve from these encounters and wish to thank everyone who was involved for the experience. Check Out This Video to catch a taste of what I mean...

Jon DiMauro

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

evoke salon cutting Gary Vaynerchuk's hair in his hotel room at SXSW 2011

Here it is folks, a video we are proud to present to you as a World exclusive, evoke Salon cutting Gary Vaynerchuk`s hair in his condo suite at #SXSWi
Thank you Gary and thank you Phil and A.J for making it happen. Let us show you just how much Canada does win the next time your in Toronto!!!

SXSWi... Incredible.

We had an absolutely incredible experience at this years SXSWi;  we went down there to do the hair of one specific person and came home having made great connections with some fantastic people.  Quite frankly, it feels like the book "the secret" played itself out for us in Texas.

Originally we had contacted Gary Vaynerchuk and were heading down to "South By" (as I have learned to call it) specifically to cut his hair live on stage after his keynote.  Unfortunately, rules and regulations governing this event didn't allow for this to happen as planned, which we were informed of the night before we were scheduled to leave!  Well,  it all worked out in the end as the crew at Vaynermedia were quick to make other arrangements.  We were told that although this could not happen on stage,  Gary would  be happy to have us back at his condo where we could cut his hair and talk shop for a while.  This was a trade off we were happy to make,  as any face time with a guy as inspiring and cutting edge as Gary is Great time!

What made this whole story feel like something so special was that it did not stop there!  Just before Valentine`s Day of this year, we were invited to an incredible event called #LoveAHeart.  So, citing the fact that we are inspired by being social busy bodies, we gladly attended.  This event was amazing for many reasons, primarily because we were able to donate a substantial amount of money to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  We did this by bidding on and winning dates with some cool cats (our party is on the way folks... stay tuned) that were auctioned off for charity.  The other reason hammers home the point of "the secret" in that we met a Great new friend in Leora Israel.  If we thought we were social busy bodies, she is incredible and turned out to be in contact with some of the sweetest and most influential people in the social media world!  Through Leora (who we kept looking Great the whole trip!) we were able to get off a plane and go straight to work... which did not end!  We were able to meet and style hair for the Facebook team,  who were great hosts.

Randi Zuckerberg is the sister of Mark Zuckerberg and is an absolute sweetheart!  It honestly felt like I was doing her hair in the salon,  because she reminded me of so many of my great clients.  We also were  happy to style the hair of Erin and Charles,  two key members of the Facebook team (We love our T-shirts!)   


We had an incredible time and were very happy to have encountered some amazing people who we learned a lot from.  A special thanks goes out to Leora for having been so influential in us building so many great relationships.  Keep your eyes peeled,  because this is the beginning for us!  We are so pumped and excited by the ideas and opportunities running through our heads,  and look forward to sharing.

Jon DiMauro


Saturday, March 12, 2011


Okay folks,  we are on our way to the biggest interactive show of the year! evoke is excited and ready to go and have a great time exposing ourselves to great people.  We encourage you to stay tuned as we plan on keeping you posted on the events (and there will be some Great events) down there in Austin, Texas. We hope to do a lot of hair,  mingle with a lot of people.  We hope you stay tuned....

Friday, March 11, 2011

You Won`t BeWeave This !!!

This is probably the funniest video I have ever seen!  Shocantelle Brown really knows how to bring it in this clip!  She will use hot water to wash Yo hrrr fo FREE!  Her enthusiasm and sales pitch both work for me.  You will ask..."Is she for real?" I found it hard to tell so I did a little research and found out that she is not only acting,  but Shocantelle is actually a country singer who puts on a brilliant performance!  Just felt like sharing a little laugh....enjoy OKRRRR!

Jon DiMauro

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Swear, Great Bridal Hairstyles !!!

Bridal Hairstyles
   With spring around the corner a new and exciting season is about to get under way.  For us as stylists it is an exciting time of change, as we start to look ahead to spring and even summer trends. Bridal hairstyles are what excites us about this season!
   It’s one of the most important and monumental days of your life, and definitely the most photographed. It’s your wedding day. Stress levels are running high and your mind is running a mile a minute with to do lists and last minute preparations. One part of your day however, should be a definite deal, set in stone, no changes necessary. Those ladies, are your hair plans.
   You’ll want to be sipping champagne and bonding with your bridesmaids, making memories that will last long after the cake is cut on your big day. In order to execute this fantasy you will need a little leg work first. Deciding on a Salon and stylists for the big day starts well before the wedding. 
   All brides should make several consultation appointments at different salons to experience the various approaches to style and creativity. These consultations are usually free of charge and bringing a digital camera and a friend would definitely be in your best interest. Trying to recall the differences from salon to salon will be difficult without visuals. 
   On the big day at your chosen salon you should expect smooth and efficient service that gets you the bridal hairstyles you want. Some salons go the extra mile and make the day even less stressful allowing the brides make up team to work alongside them. Lyndsay Plaskett, a bridal hair specialist at Evoke Salon says “Use of salon space for make-up artists is definitely an option. If we are able to compact that time for her and her party and relieve that stress level just a bit, than we’ve done our job”. 
   The internet is a great tool to use while researching salons and bridal up dos. Some salons provide videos with examples of different bridal styles for you to view. You can also read reviews and testimonials from clients. In any case, deciding on a salon and stylist two or three months in advance of the I – do’s is recommended. Ask about the groom and his party as well.
   Most salons should be able to stagger appointment times to clean up the guys with a quick shave and trim and avoid the bad luck run-in between the bride and groom. Make a consultation appointment with a wedding stylist and be amazed at the beauty they’ll create. It’s a stylists’ mission to make sure you and your bridal parties’ vision of beauty is produced through their creativity and excellence. So relax, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect hair style when you’re looking in the mirror and you can’t imagine your wedding day without it. Just like the groom I suppose... :)

Jon DiMauro

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guard Your Scissors !!! This Kid`s Goin Buck wild !!!

Why do they do it ?  What is it about hair that makes them think they are little Van Gogh`s !!!  Why do kids attack their own hair with scissors?  I guess it has something to do with the exploratory stage they are in.  I think its crazy that a little one will find a way to get out of every ones sight with a pair of scissors and go to town on their hair!  I am fascinated by the creativity and self confidence,  then again it`s no different than a woman who thinks she knows how to cut her own bangs! ( a whole other blog post!)  Anyway I am a hairstylist,  a person who is truly enamoured with the art of hair cutting who can say that as a child I NEVER took scissors to my own head.  What makes some kids do it and others not?  Typically the younger a little one is the less reason they had for doing it in the first place.  They were just feeling creative!  It could also be that you as their parent are more obsessed with seeing their hair long than they are.  Kids often hate to have long hair rubbing up against their face while they write creatively all over the living room wall with their new crayon set.  So,  They just cut it off,  instead of fussing with it ( Simple when you think of it)  I love that about kids,  they really don`t care about what they look like and are more focused on adding their finishing touches to your wall and or furniture.  The best thing to do when your little one sprung loose and got creative is to consult a stylist.  The last thing mom or dad should do is get creative yourselves!  Often this can be repaired with a simple blunt cut or a proper fade,  unless of course they really did a number.  Either way a stylist has about 10 times better odds than you do at getting this right!  Watch the scissors... and invest in dolls with long hair is my best advice! 

P.S. Sheila, I loved seeing you today and thanks for your question! 

Jon DiMauro

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Curly Hairstyles For 2011

Here is a peak at a couple of new looks that will be hot this spring and summer for curly haired Women.  I believe that we will see the graduated curly bob make a serious comeback.  The graduated bob has never really left completely,  but the curly version of it has been on hiatus since the late 80's. This curly bob has been given a very cool update.  No longer are we searching for height and big volume in this look with perms and over refining.  Most women sporting this cute look are trying to allow for their own natural flirty wave to form.  I for one love the change,  and feel as though these natural looks are youthful, playing, easy, relaxed.... great on all fronts!

There are also great short cuts coming for curly hair.  This blonde pixie above is a look we should be seeing a lot of very soon.  More and more we are embracing the natural curl and allowing to form with really very little work.  With both of these looks we are applying a small amount of light curl cream to wet hair, ensuring that you have covered all the hair and then.. just not touching it! Allowing the hair dry in its natural state is imperative.  When dry,  you will see that the curls are defined and grouped together smoothly.  Great look, easy to wear, humidity friendly, and no work to style.  Enjoy these retro looks, dress them up,  wear them out! They Rock !!!

Jon DiMauro

Connect With Us !!!

evoke Salon is looking to stay connected with you and provide you some awesome content and helpful advice.  In our ongoing effort to build and stay connected to our online community, evoke Salon has decided to create a blog schedule.  We promise produce a "Look of the Day",  a "Daily Hair Tip",  and a helpful and interesting blog post everyday our salon is open!  That means everyday between Tuesday and Saturday of every week,  we will share with you some Great content!  Look for us and connect with us!  We look forward to building and sharing with you  our online community!

Jon DiMauro

Friday, March 4, 2011

Toronto Barber Shop? WHY ? !!!

Toronto Barber Shop

A Toronto Barber Shop?  That`s what you`re looking for?  Well I will tell you this much,  there is not a barber shop that gives you the service evoke Salon does!  evoke Salon prides itself on providing the best in customer care for both men and women alike.  We feel that to achieve this we need to surpass expectations at all points of your hair experience.  Men get the royal treatment in our shops,  literally,  a man`s service is just as extensive and enjoyable as a woman`s at evoke.  Men receive:  a full length consultation,  an aromatherapy massage,  a shampoo (which includes a scalp massage),  a Great Haircut (with scissors only - no clippers),  and a final rinse that includes a hot aromatherapy towel for your face.  I mean,  I don`t know of another way I would prefer to have my hair cut! One of the things our male clients love most is the additional service we offer in between their haircuts.  You see men have a common problem,  their hair grows in too quickly!  Within a couple of weeks most men start to notice that their hairline has grown back in.  At evoke Salon we offer complimentary maintenance on your hairline and promise to keep it clean at NO Charge until your next cut !  Anyway,  I respect and admire the barber shop culture and tradition ( I am a man after all!)  however, I do believe that times have changed.  More and more men are feeling confident enough to walk into our salons each day and spoil themselves. I think that as time goes on men may realize what women have known all along... salons are a Great escape!  See what all the fuss is about,  we`d be glad to have you.

Jon DiMauro

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justin Bieber`s Haircut Earns $ 40, 668.00 !!!

Wow oh wow!  Seriously that is all I can say because it really is amazing.  Justin Bieber's haircut earns $40,668.00! Justin got his wish, and the money will be donated to charity because of it.  I think it`s amazing that someone got out there and spent the forty thou in the first place!  Let alone that it was for Justin Bieber`s hair!  I mean a lock of Bob Marley`s hair maybe but not Justin`s!  I`m just kidding (40,000.00 is too much for anyone`s hair) I love that it is gonna be going to a good place.  The lock of hair is at least presented in a nice way,  it comes in a glass box that has big bieb`s signature on it! ( what a steal!)  Anyway check out the link below for more details about this awkward yet inspiring ebat transaction!

Jon DiMauro

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Night At #Cheeseschool !!!

Other than having a pretty much wicked day at the shop today and creating some great hair with our artistic team,  I also had the chance to attend an awesome tweet up!  For those you who are not interested in twitter or are just not on it yet,  a "tweet up" as I have come to find out, is a pretty cool deal.  Basically what happens is,  people who are in constant communication via twitter, organize a night of social gathering at a selected hotspot (I know, I know sounds clandestine :p ).   Anyway its great,  we communicate via twitter,  organize a night of socializing, share ideas,  and mingle (its basically magic).  The great part is, this often involves being exposed to some really great people  in some really great places,  that you may otherwise never meet.  For a Hairstylist and social busy body, this is Paradise!  This particular tweet up had an awesome vibe.  We were gathered at School,  which is a fabulous restaurant in Liberty village.  I loved the entire feel of the place,  great staff,  Awesome food,  trendy location,  and an overall cool vibe made it real enjoyable.  Let alone the Amazing company,  they had a great menu,  clever beverage combos,  and an overall warm environment.  It helped that we had some great company and that it was my business partner Jason`s birthday today!  For all of you who have been part of  evoke`s family for a while,  you know jj well,  and love him!  

Anyway we had a great time and are super thrilled to be able to connect with everyone let loose and have a good time.  We hope to get to spend more time together at future tweet ups,  and genuinely enjoy your company and the laughs.

Jon DiMauro

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Question # 3

After Shave Burns !!!

I have to confess,  I have some really sensitive skin!  Like really sensitive.  I found that after shaves really burned my skin when I applied it to my face and neck after shaving.  That immediate sting was something I despised!  Then I stumbled upon the idea of using conditioner on my face after shaving.  The reasoning was there,  conditioners are acidic on the PH Balance scale.  

This means that they are an astringent,  therefore will close your pores, cuticles,    etc..  It meant that I could try using a product that was designed to be more soothing and moisturizing to the skin from the get go.  What a difference it made!  I won`t shave now unless I am getting into a shower.  Anyway, try it,  it works.  When you get out your skin feels smooth and polished,  with half the irritation.   Apply the conditioner to your hair,  then take a bit more and rub it in to your face and neck.  Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, then rinse. Trust me,  works like a charm :)

Jon DiMauro