Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SXSWi... Incredible.

We had an absolutely incredible experience at this years SXSWi;  we went down there to do the hair of one specific person and came home having made great connections with some fantastic people.  Quite frankly, it feels like the book "the secret" played itself out for us in Texas.

Originally we had contacted Gary Vaynerchuk and were heading down to "South By" (as I have learned to call it) specifically to cut his hair live on stage after his keynote.  Unfortunately, rules and regulations governing this event didn't allow for this to happen as planned, which we were informed of the night before we were scheduled to leave!  Well,  it all worked out in the end as the crew at Vaynermedia were quick to make other arrangements.  We were told that although this could not happen on stage,  Gary would  be happy to have us back at his condo where we could cut his hair and talk shop for a while.  This was a trade off we were happy to make,  as any face time with a guy as inspiring and cutting edge as Gary is Great time!

What made this whole story feel like something so special was that it did not stop there!  Just before Valentine`s Day of this year, we were invited to an incredible event called #LoveAHeart.  So, citing the fact that we are inspired by being social busy bodies, we gladly attended.  This event was amazing for many reasons, primarily because we were able to donate a substantial amount of money to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  We did this by bidding on and winning dates with some cool cats (our party is on the way folks... stay tuned) that were auctioned off for charity.  The other reason hammers home the point of "the secret" in that we met a Great new friend in Leora Israel.  If we thought we were social busy bodies, she is incredible and turned out to be in contact with some of the sweetest and most influential people in the social media world!  Through Leora (who we kept looking Great the whole trip!) we were able to get off a plane and go straight to work... which did not end!  We were able to meet and style hair for the Facebook team,  who were great hosts.

Randi Zuckerberg is the sister of Mark Zuckerberg and is an absolute sweetheart!  It honestly felt like I was doing her hair in the salon,  because she reminded me of so many of my great clients.  We also were  happy to style the hair of Erin and Charles,  two key members of the Facebook team (We love our T-shirts!)   


We had an incredible time and were very happy to have encountered some amazing people who we learned a lot from.  A special thanks goes out to Leora for having been so influential in us building so many great relationships.  Keep your eyes peeled,  because this is the beginning for us!  We are so pumped and excited by the ideas and opportunities running through our heads,  and look forward to sharing.

Jon DiMauro


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