Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bobby Pins.... A Love Story

We’ve asked a co-worker if they had an extra. We’ve scrounged through our bathroom drawers and make-up bags for them. We’ve all wished, for one reason or another, that we had a bobby pin.
Back in the 1920’s the ‘bobby pin’ was created to aid in the new bobbed hair cut which was gaining popularity. Women began using the two pronged metal clips to pin their perfectly curled, shorter hair back on the sides, spurring the style that most of us refer to today as ‘Old Hollywood Glam’. Since the roaring twenties, the bobby pin has found a place in homes and salons around the world for a multitude of reasons.

Bobby pins can be a woman’s best friend while being used in bridal up-do’s, french rolls, kiss curls or securing hot rollers in place. Not to mention they have become quite fashionable and trendy. Yesterday’s bobby pins were standard brown or black. Today’s showcase special plastic coatings to prevent split ends or tangled hair and are available in all colours with varying lengths. Thicker hair might require the lengthier bobby pin to ensure the strongest hold possible while the shorter ones can be used for thinner, curlier hair.

Also common among today’s women, colourful and extravagant flowers or headpieces attached to the end. To the outsider, the exotic flower sitting atop your head makes you look like you just stepped off the plane straight from Brazil, not out of your local hair accessory store. With the wide selection of colours it’s easy to find one that blends with your hair naturally, avoiding contrasting the colour of your hair with the bobby pin, creating a flawless and envious look of perfection. Though bobby pins are most commonly associated with women’s hair, most Jewish men are also known for using them while securing their traditional head coverings like a Yarmulke. Any stylist will tell you. The bobby pin continues to be an imperative tool in today’s hair care society. Bridal up-do expert, Priya Rampersaud who works for Evoke Salon uses them daily while creating beautiful and memorable hairstyles that will exist forever in photographs. “They are a versatile tool. There are numerous uses for the bobby pin and they are essential for an up do for any occasion” Easy to find, affordable and easy to use. Next time you’re out pick up a pack and let your imagination run wild. Experiment with your bobby pins and you might discover a hidden talent or a new hair style.

Jon  Di Mauro

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