Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Night At #Cheeseschool !!!

Other than having a pretty much wicked day at the shop today and creating some great hair with our artistic team,  I also had the chance to attend an awesome tweet up!  For those you who are not interested in twitter or are just not on it yet,  a "tweet up" as I have come to find out, is a pretty cool deal.  Basically what happens is,  people who are in constant communication via twitter, organize a night of social gathering at a selected hotspot (I know, I know sounds clandestine :p ).   Anyway its great,  we communicate via twitter,  organize a night of socializing, share ideas,  and mingle (its basically magic).  The great part is, this often involves being exposed to some really great people  in some really great places,  that you may otherwise never meet.  For a Hairstylist and social busy body, this is Paradise!  This particular tweet up had an awesome vibe.  We were gathered at School,  which is a fabulous restaurant in Liberty village.  I loved the entire feel of the place,  great staff,  Awesome food,  trendy location,  and an overall cool vibe made it real enjoyable.  Let alone the Amazing company,  they had a great menu,  clever beverage combos,  and an overall warm environment.  It helped that we had some great company and that it was my business partner Jason`s birthday today!  For all of you who have been part of  evoke`s family for a while,  you know jj well,  and love him!  

Anyway we had a great time and are super thrilled to be able to connect with everyone let loose and have a good time.  We hope to get to spend more time together at future tweet ups,  and genuinely enjoy your company and the laughs.

Jon DiMauro

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