Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guard Your Scissors !!! This Kid`s Goin Buck wild !!!

Why do they do it ?  What is it about hair that makes them think they are little Van Gogh`s !!!  Why do kids attack their own hair with scissors?  I guess it has something to do with the exploratory stage they are in.  I think its crazy that a little one will find a way to get out of every ones sight with a pair of scissors and go to town on their hair!  I am fascinated by the creativity and self confidence,  then again it`s no different than a woman who thinks she knows how to cut her own bangs! ( a whole other blog post!)  Anyway I am a hairstylist,  a person who is truly enamoured with the art of hair cutting who can say that as a child I NEVER took scissors to my own head.  What makes some kids do it and others not?  Typically the younger a little one is the less reason they had for doing it in the first place.  They were just feeling creative!  It could also be that you as their parent are more obsessed with seeing their hair long than they are.  Kids often hate to have long hair rubbing up against their face while they write creatively all over the living room wall with their new crayon set.  So,  They just cut it off,  instead of fussing with it ( Simple when you think of it)  I love that about kids,  they really don`t care about what they look like and are more focused on adding their finishing touches to your wall and or furniture.  The best thing to do when your little one sprung loose and got creative is to consult a stylist.  The last thing mom or dad should do is get creative yourselves!  Often this can be repaired with a simple blunt cut or a proper fade,  unless of course they really did a number.  Either way a stylist has about 10 times better odds than you do at getting this right!  Watch the scissors... and invest in dolls with long hair is my best advice! 

P.S. Sheila, I loved seeing you today and thanks for your question! 

Jon DiMauro

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