Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Eats and GREAT company #DawgsTo !!!

Tuesday night was a serious time! In the process we had some phenomenal food.  Good friend @clickflickca held a great gahering at Lou Dawgs BBQ (#dawgsTo),  a great bar and restaurant on King St.  Lou`s IS BBQ,  in that they make a mean one! We were spoiled with great little pulled pork sliders,  and some mean wings.  I enjoyed the food because it was easy to tell that they cared about freshness and quality.  They took their time with every thing they did.  I believe the chicken wings are fourteen hour slow cooked! Anyway we enjoyed the food,  and really recommend you check them out. 

We have really been fortunate to meet some great people in this great Toronto Twitter community. People who we probably would not have had a chance to meet otherwise,  and we have grown in it.  Thanks to @clickflicka for arranging an awesome event. We know that this does not directly relate to hair but we had to share with you just how inspired we have been by these great people!  And quite frankly it does relate for us because we have been able to interact and answer questions daily and talk about hair... which we LOVE.  Hope you are all loving your new cuts.... We know we loved doing them!

Jon DiMauro

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