Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Swear, Great Bridal Hairstyles !!!

Bridal Hairstyles
   With spring around the corner a new and exciting season is about to get under way.  For us as stylists it is an exciting time of change, as we start to look ahead to spring and even summer trends. Bridal hairstyles are what excites us about this season!
   It’s one of the most important and monumental days of your life, and definitely the most photographed. It’s your wedding day. Stress levels are running high and your mind is running a mile a minute with to do lists and last minute preparations. One part of your day however, should be a definite deal, set in stone, no changes necessary. Those ladies, are your hair plans.
   You’ll want to be sipping champagne and bonding with your bridesmaids, making memories that will last long after the cake is cut on your big day. In order to execute this fantasy you will need a little leg work first. Deciding on a Salon and stylists for the big day starts well before the wedding. 
   All brides should make several consultation appointments at different salons to experience the various approaches to style and creativity. These consultations are usually free of charge and bringing a digital camera and a friend would definitely be in your best interest. Trying to recall the differences from salon to salon will be difficult without visuals. 
   On the big day at your chosen salon you should expect smooth and efficient service that gets you the bridal hairstyles you want. Some salons go the extra mile and make the day even less stressful allowing the brides make up team to work alongside them. Lyndsay Plaskett, a bridal hair specialist at Evoke Salon says “Use of salon space for make-up artists is definitely an option. If we are able to compact that time for her and her party and relieve that stress level just a bit, than we’ve done our job”. 
   The internet is a great tool to use while researching salons and bridal up dos. Some salons provide videos with examples of different bridal styles for you to view. You can also read reviews and testimonials from clients. In any case, deciding on a salon and stylist two or three months in advance of the I – do’s is recommended. Ask about the groom and his party as well.
   Most salons should be able to stagger appointment times to clean up the guys with a quick shave and trim and avoid the bad luck run-in between the bride and groom. Make a consultation appointment with a wedding stylist and be amazed at the beauty they’ll create. It’s a stylists’ mission to make sure you and your bridal parties’ vision of beauty is produced through their creativity and excellence. So relax, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect hair style when you’re looking in the mirror and you can’t imagine your wedding day without it. Just like the groom I suppose... :)

Jon DiMauro

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