Friday, June 14, 2013

Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong...

Good Morning, It's Friday, the most wonderful day of the week isn't it?!
I know many of you have already had the pleasure of watching this but I figured anyone who hasn't is missing a REAL funny Vid. I know that isn't nice because the poor girl must have freaked out but when I saw her laughing at herself on Ellen I realized it's all good. A must see...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Consultation Done Right! 

 Consultation is by far the most important part of ANY hair service, and must be taking seriously and performed with love. When we as stylists get you as guests into our chair for the first or twentieth time consultation is still the key to satisfaction. However as a guest there are things that you do to help aide us in the process of achieving your overall desired look. As we all are aware of,  communication must be a two way street to be successful and this is not only relevant with our partners or spouses or friends! Lets look at a healthy haircut consultation in steps..

Step 1 is to ensure that both you and your stylist have a clear understanding of how long the overall length of your haircut should be. Everything about a consult should be clear visually to ensure you have a CLEAR picture. Clarify how much hair will be cut form the length and where it should then fall too.

Step 2 is the decide on the overall length of the hair that will surround your face. How short will the front area be? Will there be a bang or something in the front that is visibly shorter? Or will your shortest layers in the front be at chin or lip length or cheek?

Step 3 is to establish the length of the shortest layers on the inside of the cut, meaning the volume making stuff! Will it be shorter and sit fuller for volume like the curly hair lady pictured or will they be longer and more flowy creating more of a beach style?

Step 4 is the most important to the overall success of the cut, the one that makes it tick or doesn't,  Styling. It's fine to create a wonderful shape that looks great walking out the door but you and your stylist must also review quick, easy and effective ways that you can duplicate what they have just accomplished. Agreed they may have "magic hands" but with a little work and a clear understanding you just may shock yourself!