Friday, November 26, 2010

Rick Campanelli Of ET Canada at evoke

Rick Campanelli has been a client at evoke Salon for some time now and decided to give us a glowing testimonial, A great guy at a great salon for a great hair cut. Check it out!

evoke Salon at Windfalls Celebrity Shoot!

evoke Salon had an Amazing time styling celebrities for Windfalls Wear White For Windfall campaign. Its always a pleasure to work with the team at Windfall, and we had a great time chatting up the celebs. Among the celebrities present were Dina Pugliese, Anne Mrcoczkowski, Roger Petersen, Traci Melchor, Kathryn Humphrey, Karl Lohnes, and Designer Shawn Hewson. They were all great, and the Spoke Club was such a cool venue to work out of. Check out this video for a better taste of what went down.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tis` The Season For Change!

At this time of year the winter rolls in day after day, and we try to stay as warm as we can! So, a lot of you will pulling out your scarfs and turtlenecks, why let your hair get in the way? Now is the time to make change! (Ha Ha, so I may be stretching a little) Ergys Tafilica is showing us just that in this awesome makeover vid shot this past week. His guest was daring and ready to make a real change in her look, and boy did she ever. She looked AMAZING and we are all so happy to have had the pleasure to be there and share it. Check this out, what an AWESOME change!

evoke Salon at Fashion Week

evoke Salon was fortunate enough to be a part of Toronto Fashion Week this year; with one of our feature stylists Lindsay Plaskett doing some great hair. She had a lot of fun and got to meet some fantastic people, and of course the odd celebrity! Ben Mulrooney was part of the nights events and had his hair styled too! Anyway, here is a fun video to check out.... Enjoy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Care For Your Hair

I am sure you have noticed, it`s getting cold out there! What we may not know is just how
awful this cold wind can be for our hair. When it comes to our skin we recognize it because it can actually be quite painful. However, our hair feels that pain too! There are a couple of tips that we at evoke Salon start to talk to our guests about at this time of year. The trick is to start to prep your hair for what is next to come. The way we do this is to step up our moisturizing routines. We can achieve moisturized and prepared hair by the time it gets really cold outside, IF we start now. We recommend at- home treatments; it`s an easy and cost effective way to treat the hair to a little extra care.  In-salon treatments are often regarded as the only way to get a "real" treatment. The problem is they cost anywhere between $30-$80 for a one time fix, and cannot be seen as a long term cure. We recommend purchasing an intense moisturizing mask at the salon; you will get many more applications, and can treat your hair more frequently. That`s not all, in a salon your treatment would last about 1 hour, hardly enough time to make a real impact. We encourage our guests to develop a once or twice a week habit, throughout the winter months, and its easy to get hooked. All you have to do is give your hair a wash before bed, apply your mask from roots to ends, and comb it through. Once the mask is evenly applied, reach for a shower cap (or a bag) and cover your pinned up hair. The idea is to ensure that the cap is applied tightly, this will keep the heat from your scalp confined and allow for your hair shafts to open up and receive moisture.  Next step... sleep! I know, sounds rough to sleep with a bag on but think about it, that treatment is working for 8 hrs instead of 1. The results are incredible and worth one night of discomfort! There is NO better way to protect your hair and colour investment than to keep it well moisturized so.... Happy Treating!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

This video says it all, we had a Great time getting into the spooky spirit at both evoke locations. We had everything from Superman to Jane Fonda, from a Nurse to Big Momma. If that was not enough we even had "Justin Bieber" show up! It really was a Great time for both teams and their guests, check out the footage and try not to get too spooked! ....... BOO!!