Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Curl Sticks Rock!


Today we are going to talk a little bit about a new trend, one that we here at evoke are really excited about. Its called a curl stick, and has pioneered a new way of creating easy, quick, beautiful flowing wave! More importantly, you don't end up with those ugly bends that you get from using a curling iron. It also creates much less of a curl effect and more of a loose sexy wave.... exactly what stylists and clients are looking for right now. The wave we want looks a lot like Kate Winslet`s in this runway shot.

The sticks are incredibly easy to use, in that all you need to do is wind a section of hair around it in a spiral. The stick will heat up and allow for the hair to mould to the rod in the shape you set! its that simple.  In our salons we are currently really attached to one stick in particular, the TIGI Bedhead Curl Stick. We love this stick because of its easy to use digital controls that have a simple on (green) and off (red) button system. It is also equipped with a temperature dial making it easy to set it to your desired temperature.

Another feature that we love about these sticks, is that they come with a little piece of plastic at they're tip. This makes it possible to place your finger on its end after you've wrapped the curl around the wand. This will allow you to support the stick while you set each sections curl.  

The Best: No. 8: TIGI Hardcore Curl Stick, $99.95

Make sure if you didn't get this awesome tool in your stocking this year you pick one up as soon as possible, they will be the difference between a nice smooth wave and a curl that's too tight and awkward looking.

Jon DiMauro

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What A Holiday!

All of us at evoke Salon hope that you had an awesome holiday with your friends and family, we sure did! After the in-salon rush, with all the treats and chatter, we had a really great time relaxing and enjoying our time at home. Wishing you all the best for the rest of this wonderful time of year, and a happy new year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Know what brush to ask Santa for ?

So, its that time of year again, the time of year where we get the chance to spoil the ones we love. However, that does not mean that we should not be spoiled ourselves! I am sure that some of you are absolutely addicted to blow drying your own hair... or maybe you have no choice (ha ha ha). Regardless you all need a hair brush, and knowing which one to choose can save you a lot of grief. To decide on the right brush, you first have to decide what look you are trying to achieve. The right hair brush is essential in being able to create that look;  for instance, if you were looking to create a wave and loose curl effect, you would definitely want to be using a metal brush round brush. The opposite is true for those looking to create a smoothed out straight effect, they should be using a natural bristle round brush. Why is that, well we first have to understand our hairs make up. Our hair strands work in the same way our skin does, cold air will close our pores and our hair cuticles while hot air does the opposite and opens both cuticles and pores alike. So, when trying to achieve a wave we need our hair shaft to take the shape of our brush in order to lock in that wave.

Metal brushes are designed to hold in the heat from your dryer by heating their metal surfaces and circulating hot hair around the brush. They also have very few bristles to allow the hair to be circulated easily around the now hot surface. Hair surrounding the brush will open its cuticle layer and take the brush`s shape, hence create a rounded wave. A little cold air locks that shape into place.

 Therefore in a very opposite way one would imagine that a natural bristle brush, with so many more bristles and a plastic or wooden handle;  is designed to do the opposite of add body or wave but to help straighten and smooth out the hair shaft. Natural bristle brushes should be rolled in to each sections root area and pulled through with good tension to create a straight finish.

I hope to have made your holiday wish list slightly easier to figure out, I know that I have made your decision on brushes more clear. Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us here at evoke.

Jon DiMauro

Friday, December 3, 2010

evoke Salons celebrate the holiday season together.

It is always a real pleasure to bring both of our teams together under one roof. We really enjoy each other`s company and have a great time touching base. Here is a peak at what our night at Copacabana on Eglinton was like for this year`s holiday party. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we obviously enjoyed making it! We truly hope that all of your holiday parties are just as special.