Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Day Break! For Your Hair Too!

So we are about to head into a much needed and very deserved holiday weekend,  one that the government decided a few years ago would be a nice addition to out list of already great holidays!  Well,  while our minds and bodies need to rest I am sure that for some if not most of our readers hair needs it too.  All the styling and primping and prodding can and should come to a rest this weekend.  I mean your sitting on the couch and chillin with the fam,  do you really need to have that hair all smoothened and flat ironed out?  I will venture to guess not!

So,  having said that lets take a sec to look at some of the ways to be treating your hair this weekend.  For most of us a little moisture slash protein combo never hurts,  so why not try using a Moroccan or Macadamia Oil treatment for seven minutes in the shower this weekend.  The combination of protein and moisture is seldom found with such great balance as in these two great lines.  The key ingredient in both products is the Argan Oil.  An oil extracted from the Argan seeds of Morocco,  it has a fantastic balance of being high in omegas creating dense and rich protein,  while leaving the hair feeling softer and more moist than ever before.  The objective here is not to sell product but to let you know that when you are having a hard time finding the ideal moments to treat your hair you MUST take full advantage of stat holidays!  You need rest.... ALL of you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

A great tutorial for someone who is looking to start using extensions on a daily basis, these extensions are great and easy to use. They are inexpensive and easy to use while being long lasting and an effective way to create extra length...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bangs Done By... You!

I must admit that my pet peeve is seeing a guest after she took the blades to herself! BUT this girl has cutting bangs herself down to a science, Check this out....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Connecting With Mommies....

So we love mommies!  No,  really we love to style their hair talk baby and share ideas and tips with them!  There exist not a better time to be there for one of your clients.  I mean they are retaining 90% of the hair they would normally have lost while they were pregnant and they haven`t got any time at all to work with it!  They need our support and help as much as we have the knowledge and ability to help them and it makes for a great success story.  

While a woman is pregnant she often just requires a little bit of styling advice,  a way to get that hair off her face and neck while maintaing a stylish and graceful look.  And it doesn`t end there,  because they cannot seem to understand why soo much more hair is now staying on their head!  (The body naturally retains the hair it should be loosing as a means of warm and protection and also maintaing a good vitamin balance... its quite incredible).

Its gets better after baby is born though,  because now mum is trying to figure out why handfuls of this stuff just keep falling out "Am I Gonna Lose It All?!!".  We have the luxury of being located in two areas of the city where mommies and strollers are as common as traffic lights,  and we relish the chance to work with them in these awkward times.  Anyway here is a link to a group called Mommy Connections that we work very closely with here in the Bloor West area.  We have been working with Karen and her organization for about two and a half years now and have really enjoyed the "connection". Having been around prior to the birth of their children its always amazing when they give you that first call letting you know that they need help up the stairs for their next appointment because these strollers are heavy! Its always our pleasure in every case.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This is the best way to waste your professional hair products and lose a lot of the friends you currently have! In all seriousness though this may be a great tip video for all the mums out there having a hard time getting the gunk out of their daughters favourite friend!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Braided Buns anyone?

Now this girl has the braided bun down to a science! Check out this tutorial vid, I thought she did a really simple and easy to interpret version of this look... Very Well Done!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What`s Trending?...

THIS!  This shot pretty much sums up the time period and era that we in salons are currently bringing back to life.  I know that I included a shot of a pretty Parisien woman smoking a cig,  but come on does anything sum up this period better?!  I mean the pin curls,  the deep skip waves,  the chignons,  and french rolls,  AWW what a time to be a busy little stylist.

The wave of trend right now has taken us into a period that we first saw in the 20`s and then saw repeated in the 60`s.  A period where women were whole heartedly "pin ups",  in every sense of the word they looked perfect and exuded perfection.  The amount of time that was taken to achieve the looks they wore with regularity was very excessive,  and therefore for done in salon for the most part.  It was very common for a woman of that period to have her hair styled on a Tuesday at a professional salon and leave it until that Saturday night.  They would get some serious self life out of there styles because they would absolutely pummel themselves with a chemical shower of spray and setting lotion!  

Other styles common of that period were softer and more natural,  provided you were a woman who already had that texture of hair.  It was easier on those ladies because they were able to avoid the whole step of setting curl into their hair before they styled it.  This is a period that most confident stylists are very happy to recreate because it became the basis of our basic education in styling school.  

Embrace it ladies,  and PLEASE allow me to help you by coming in and having us do the work!  It would be our pleasure.  If any one has any questions they would like answered on how to create this curl by yourself,  or quick ways to achieve these timeless looks drop me a line and I would LOVE to get back to you!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bohemian Waves Baby!

This is a video I found extremely helpful and interesting... This is THE way to create phenomenal and smooth wave and curls without using any heat or damaging your hair in any way. I would recommend some light workable hairspray but that`s it...