Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Day Break! For Your Hair Too!

So we are about to head into a much needed and very deserved holiday weekend,  one that the government decided a few years ago would be a nice addition to out list of already great holidays!  Well,  while our minds and bodies need to rest I am sure that for some if not most of our readers hair needs it too.  All the styling and primping and prodding can and should come to a rest this weekend.  I mean your sitting on the couch and chillin with the fam,  do you really need to have that hair all smoothened and flat ironed out?  I will venture to guess not!

So,  having said that lets take a sec to look at some of the ways to be treating your hair this weekend.  For most of us a little moisture slash protein combo never hurts,  so why not try using a Moroccan or Macadamia Oil treatment for seven minutes in the shower this weekend.  The combination of protein and moisture is seldom found with such great balance as in these two great lines.  The key ingredient in both products is the Argan Oil.  An oil extracted from the Argan seeds of Morocco,  it has a fantastic balance of being high in omegas creating dense and rich protein,  while leaving the hair feeling softer and more moist than ever before.  The objective here is not to sell product but to let you know that when you are having a hard time finding the ideal moments to treat your hair you MUST take full advantage of stat holidays!  You need rest.... ALL of you!

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