Friday, March 2, 2012

No Tangles!!!

So every once in a while there is a brilliant invention,  from the little pizza tables inside your delivered pizza ( You know the one that keeps the box from squishing it)  to the amazing Apple iPad.  There are also some great ones in the hair world like feather hair extensions and the TiGi curl stick which we have covered.  Today I am bringing you another one that we are absolutely thrilled with in the salon,  the particular one that I have chosen to post above is called the Tangle Teezer which was the original.  This brush is phenomenal!  There are different lengths of bristles which makes it easier to get to the tangles on the outer and inner layer of your hair at the same time ( BRILLIANT).  They were also intelligent enough to make the bristles flexible enough,  to ensure that the brush ALWAYS gets through your hair. 
We are selling these things like hot cakes in the shop and the sale is an easy one considering it saves time and damage!  A great tool that I recommend you all take a look at this holiday... It will make you very very happy you did!

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