Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shampoo For U

Alright!  Hello everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend that was full of sunshine and happy times! Anyway today we have a question from Nicole in Brampton, who is curious about shampoo.  Here it is...

"I am curious about shampoo and knowing how to pick it?  I mean I have colour treated hair that requires A LOT of moisturizing.  Is there anyway to know what is right for me?"

So... YES!  The key when picking shampoo is to remember that most major product manufacturer`s today are building colour protectant agents right into their shampoo`s.  In the old days,  you would have to make sure that whatever you chose in the way shampoo and conditioner had a higher PH balance,  allowing for the cuticle layer to stay a little more sealed during your shampoo experience.  Nowadays most manufacturer`s are building all their shampoo lines this way... ( or at least most of their lines).  So therefore most shampoo`s you would buy in PROFESSIONAL establishments are already colour safe.  If I were you looking for a new shampoo,  I would buy the one that offers the most moisture and just confirm its colour safe!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Nights Lights, Camera, Askin!

So tonight we have a video that answers a question regarding this seasons hottest trend and colour. We talk about what that colour is and how we have been using it in salon. Nora posed this great question and I hope to have fully answered it for her making her next salon visit as clear as day. Check it Out!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Okay this is not a question I received at all, but... WHOA you MUST SEE THIS MAKEOVER!!! What a change!!! Leslie really out does herself here with this change and to be honest, there isn't much else to say! This is the second day in a row that we are covering a makeover and only because we know how much you love them! Enjoy guys because Leslie gives new meaning to the term Makeover with this AWESOME, AWESOME CHANGE!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now That`s Change!

So today I decided that instead of answering one particular question I wanted to answer a generic type of question that I get asked on a regular basis. Its not really a question per say, but more of a query that I get asked about by clients from time to time. That is:

"How do you guys do these hair donations in salon ?" 

A lot of people are curious as to where we cut the hair, and how donations look. Soo... I figure the best way to showcase the changes we make when donating to causes like " Locks Of Love". Many of us have been directly effected by Cancer and feel like this is a great way to help show their support. Also, who in their right mind does`nt want to see a WICKED MAKEOVER?!!! Check Out The Vid!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bend It Like Lindsay !!!

So I got asked a question by Mary in Saskatoon! I didn`t know people in Saskatoon were reading this blog! That makes me very happy by the way! Anyway, Mary asked:

"I am seeing so many women sporting these awesome waves and I know that they do not occur naturally! My friend Sarah has straight hair and always seems to have these waves, I have to know HOW DOES SHE DO IT!? Also, like a lot of your customers I don`t really have a lot of time in the morning, so does it take a long time?"

I figure the best advice I can offer you Mary is to show you a video of stylist Lindsay Plaskett (phenomenal hair artist) doing flat iron curls on herself. She is really a master at self styling and it shows in this clip. Fast, easy, and very effective the flat iron is an amazing tool when it comes to many forms of styling, especially waves! Check Out The Vid and let me know what you think at dimauro.jon@gmail.com!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!!

So here is week seven of our Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!! series. Tonight I discuss the difference between natural hair colour and Professional hair colour. I touch on the longevity of both and how and why to choose the colour that is right for you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stop The Flakes !!!!

Alrighty so today we have a question from Mississauga.  The question for the day is regarding dandruff and how to remedy it in a natural way.  Stephanie asked:

"THIS DANDRUFF IS KILLING ME!  I guess it`s because of the season change but WHOA!,  It`s going crazy.  I have always had an issue with dandruff and would like some advice on a natural remedy to help calm it down! Thank you in advance"

Okay well considering we are talking about natural remedies it is unfortunately very difficult to guarantee this concept as a full blown cure.  However,  native peoples all over the globe have been using Tea Tree Oil for years as a cure for scalp irritations and burns.  In salon we have found that taking a couple of drops of certified organic Tea Tree Oil and mixing it into your shampoo works VERY well.  Tea Tree Oil can be found at any natural foods store and is relatively inexpensive.  It Works like a charm and can be used directly on the scalp also.  Please get back to me and let me know how it worked for you Stephanie, I would love some feedback. Hope that helped! And please continue to send me any questions you may have to dimauro.jon@gmail.com!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Volume!  Today we`ve got a question regarding volume.  Sandy in Milton asked 

"I find it absolutely impossible to find a product that will help me get volume that lasts!  Every time I go to the salon I purchase a "NEW" volumizing product that works for about fifteen minutes until my hair flops over and dies!  What is there that you can recommend me? Thanks"

Okay the first thing to consider here is the shape of your haircut Sally,  and to be honest I also would really need to take a look at your texture to give you a real assessment.  Now having said that, I do feel like I can give you some advice that seems to be a general rule when talking about volume.  The first thing I would recommend is to avoid putting conditioner ANYWHERE near your scalp.  Conditioner will often weigh the hair shafts down enough to stop you from getting any volume at all.  Another thing I would recommend is that if you are round brushing your hair at all,  you should look into maybe stepping down one brush size.  This will allow you to create more bend and establish more wave,  hence creating more volume.  One last thing... DUST IT!  I absolutely swear by this product! (I know, I know, you have A LOT of products) But maybe you just need the right kind.  This product is a miracle!  It is a talc powder that creates extra grit right at the root area, thus allowing for better support of your lift right at the root!  That will make it very very difficult for hair to fall after styling.

Hopefully that helped!  Please feel free to send me any additional questions to dimauro.jon@gmail.com!  Thanks for reading folks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Minute Stylin!

Alright guys this is the Question Of The Day!!! It comes in from Melissa in Hamilton who wants to know if I could show her a cool way to put her hair up. Here is Melissa`s question...

"Hi there, and thanks for taking the time to review my question. I was just wondering if you had any advice on a quick way that I can style my own hair up. I am a new mom and hate leaving the house looking ruff but do not really have the time to anything! Please help! "

Okay, well I can say this there are a lot of really cool two second updos that will have you looking chic when on your way out. Some of them are a little trickier than others but most are quite easy to achieve. Now then the first thing to assess is how long your hair is, some of the styles require a longer length of hair. I am going to have a really hard time trying to explain this by typing it soo.... I will attach a helpful video that will make it much easier to get across!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Short Or Long?

So today we have a question regarding layers and how to know what length is right for you!  Caitlin in Milton asked:

" My stylists always seem to want to cut my layers short on top! and I end up with this Christmas tree thing! Is it because of the short layering?

Well the simple answer to that question Caitlin is YES!!! I am so happy to have been sent this question because to be honest this is 90% of what I work on in the salon on guests!  It feels like every single time I get a new guest I have to spend the next two haircuts shifting her shape from heavy on the bottom and short on top to the opposite.  For some bizarre and unapparent reason most stylists still believe that cutting shorter layers in the top area will create volume.  I can tell you that haircutting is all about shifting weight, as gravity makes hair fall flat.  When cutting a shape the general rule is this, short hair pushes long hair and makes it look more full.  So the idea is to take that Christmas tree shape and invert it,  thus placing the shorter layers through the bottom and leaving the bulk and weight of the hair on top to create volume.  It works every time!

Hope that helped you out Caitlin and feel free to send me any more questions you may have to dimauro.jon@gmail.com

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Nights Lights, Camera, Askin !!!

So here we are guys another Saturday Night! Which means it`s time for another Saturday Night Lights Camera, Askin !!!

We have a question today that is gonna suit the men who read our blog just fine. Tonight`s question comes in from Todd who wants to know what kind of trimmer I use and whether or not it would work for him. Check it Out!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colouring Your World !!!

So today we have a question that came in from Linda in Ottawa!  Awesome! They read our blog in Ottawa!  Anyway Linda asked 

" I am always very confused when my colourist talks about whether he should use a semi permanent colour or a permanent colour when giving me a solid colour.  I cannot for the life of me figure out the difference?"

So really the difference is simple... Commitment level!  Basically Semi permanent hair colour is for those who are a little afraid of taking the big jump into hair colour.  Semi`s are colour that over time will wash out and not really be visible anymore.  They tend to be less intrusive and because of their "lighter" overall chemical composition do not last as long or require as much commitment.  Permanent hair colour on the other hand enters the hair shafts cuticle layer and deposits itself right onto the cortex layer of your hair shaft.  Therefore it makes itself (just by the sheer nature of it) a lot harder to get rid of hence requiring more of a commitment to maintain.  Another difference is when it comes down to chemical make up.  Semi`s use a lower peroxide level to develop, and generally have lower ammonia compounds.  The opposite being true regarding permanent.

Hope that answered your question and please feel free to send me any more your questions to dimauro.jon@gmail.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holy Tangles!!!

So today we have a question from Molly in Uxbridge, Ont...

Molly wanted to know "Is there any advice you can offer me in regards to tangles!?  I cannot seem to catch a break here!  Every single day I find myself in front of the mirror for at least 25 minutes brushing them out! Hopefully you can help me out here" 

Okay I can definitely help you out here, its very simple.... You should be using a comb!  Sorry to come across forward but I have been doing this for a while now,  and am astonished by just how many guests are unaware of the damage they create brushing wet hair!

The first rule of combing your hair out damage free is to NEVER brush.  The second is to use a good leave in conditioner.  Personally I love the sprays, they are light, effective, and easy to use.  Always make sure that you start to comb your hair out in the bottom area.  Clean out all of the tangles in the bottom and give the rest an area to escape from.  You will find that taking small sections and working from the bottom up is the best way to get in and out FAST!

Hope that helped,  and feel free to continue sending me your queries at dimauro.jon@gmail.com!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!!

Here it is folks! Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!!
This week we received a great question regarding natural bristle brushes and how to use them. I hope you are all enjoying the NEW blog format as I am really pumped and excited to be able to share some great hair advice with you! Check Out the answer and let me know what you thought at dimauro.jon@gmail.com!

AND... Make sure you give MUM a BIG hug for us!

Jon Di Mauro

Friday, May 6, 2011

Am I going BALD!

Today we have a question from Todd in Toronto who asked... 

"Alright, so I have heard this my whole life and wanna ask whether or not its true.  Do Hats really influence hair loss at all? I wear my hat all the time and love baseball caps! Am I going bald? or what!"

Okay the simple and direct answer to this question is NO!  There is not a baseball cap in the world that is gonna have you walking around with a glistening bald head by thirty.  The bottom line is that this is simply an old wives tail.  The fact remains that it is all about your genes,  and whether or not your mum`s dad went bald! There are however some things to be weary of when choosing to have that thing stuck to your head ALL DAY EVERY DAY!  Especially for those that are sporty and wearing a ball cap while being active.  When you sweat while wearing your ball cap your scalp and its follicles are not receiving adequate ventilation.  This can causing clogging of the pores and tempoarirly slow down or even stop hair growth.  

Sooo wear your cap all you want,  if you're going bald its gonna happen anyway.  BUT... don`t help it by being active when wearing one.

Jon Di Mauro

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time To Change...

So due to the excessive and AMAZING amount of questions I am being asked I am gonna change things around here! 

I have decided to focus my blogging energy on answering the abundance of questions that I am being asked! Thanks you sooo much for asking them in the first place! I feel like this is the best way to have the blog become more and more interactive and from a shared knowledge prospective I really feel that this is THE way to go.  From time to time I may still be compelled to share with you the knowledge that I want share! (haha) But overall I want to make sure that I keep focusing on making sure I answer what you guys NEED answered.  So having said that ... let`s go folks! Keep sending me your needs because I am excited and really enthusiastic to be answering them for you!

So here we go lets get to another question!

Karen in Toronto asked "If I want volume what type of brush should I be using?"

Great question Karen!  I am a strong believer in and user of Thermal brushes. These brushes are designed to heat up and allow hair to take the shape of them as it circulates inside and outside of the brush. Depending on the type of hair you have and the length of hair you have you should be using a smaller or larger brush. 
Remember that the more times your hair circles around the brush the more bend and wave you will get. So that means if you want a lot of volume you should consider using one of the smaller metal brush to increase the amount of wave your hair will take on.

Hope that helped and now more than ever people I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS! 
send them to me at dimauro.jon@gmail.com.

Jon Di Mauro

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair Colour... Kool Aid Style!

Sooo you can dye your own hair with Kool Aid! Crazy! I know but you gotta see what these kids created at home by themselves! It had me impressed to see the innovation. I mean kids are always asking their parents to colour their hair but these little ones took it to the next level! You gotta see this video because if you have kids or are a kid yourself you are gonna relish the chance to get some colour without the damage. I was all over this video and think its brilliant! Check it out!

Jon Di Mauro

So as per Saturday Nights Lights, Camera, Askin!!!
Here is another answer!

Tonya in Leslieville Asked " What is your favourite hairspray and why?"

Well the answer to that question is simple... Davines Hair care`s Invisible spray! It is the lightest, least smelly, light weight, moldable hairspray I have ever used! And its got a great price point at about $18- $23 bucks a bottle. I love it for updos or as a finishing light kiss! I recommend it highly.

Hope that helped and feel free to email me at dimauro.jon@gmail.com for any answers you may need!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Danger of Hair

Who needs bugs bunny anyway?! This little feature is all about hair and pretty funny I must say. I thought it was cool and probably done by like a college student or something. There are three short cartoons that all have their own little funny moments. There is some serious danger in hair and these cartoons show you some of it!

Jon Di Mauro

So as per Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!
Here Is Another Answer!

Corie in Edmonton Asked "Does Anyone use gel anymore?"

Yes! for sure we do! and more now than over the past ten to fifteen years as a matter of fact. The reason is more and more styles are coming back that require a gel to achieve the look. As an example that awesome 80's look where women were slicking their hair back and coming it with gel. Also, needless to say Mad men has been very influential when it comes to gel! Hope that helped and yes please embrace the gel again! Light hold of course!

Hope to get more of your questions sent my way at dimauro.jon@gmail.com