Thursday, May 19, 2011

Volume!  Today we`ve got a question regarding volume.  Sandy in Milton asked 

"I find it absolutely impossible to find a product that will help me get volume that lasts!  Every time I go to the salon I purchase a "NEW" volumizing product that works for about fifteen minutes until my hair flops over and dies!  What is there that you can recommend me? Thanks"

Okay the first thing to consider here is the shape of your haircut Sally,  and to be honest I also would really need to take a look at your texture to give you a real assessment.  Now having said that, I do feel like I can give you some advice that seems to be a general rule when talking about volume.  The first thing I would recommend is to avoid putting conditioner ANYWHERE near your scalp.  Conditioner will often weigh the hair shafts down enough to stop you from getting any volume at all.  Another thing I would recommend is that if you are round brushing your hair at all,  you should look into maybe stepping down one brush size.  This will allow you to create more bend and establish more wave,  hence creating more volume.  One last thing... DUST IT!  I absolutely swear by this product! (I know, I know, you have A LOT of products) But maybe you just need the right kind.  This product is a miracle!  It is a talc powder that creates extra grit right at the root area, thus allowing for better support of your lift right at the root!  That will make it very very difficult for hair to fall after styling.

Hopefully that helped!  Please feel free to send me any additional questions to!  Thanks for reading folks!

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