Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holy Tangles!!!

So today we have a question from Molly in Uxbridge, Ont...

Molly wanted to know "Is there any advice you can offer me in regards to tangles!?  I cannot seem to catch a break here!  Every single day I find myself in front of the mirror for at least 25 minutes brushing them out! Hopefully you can help me out here" 

Okay I can definitely help you out here, its very simple.... You should be using a comb!  Sorry to come across forward but I have been doing this for a while now,  and am astonished by just how many guests are unaware of the damage they create brushing wet hair!

The first rule of combing your hair out damage free is to NEVER brush.  The second is to use a good leave in conditioner.  Personally I love the sprays, they are light, effective, and easy to use.  Always make sure that you start to comb your hair out in the bottom area.  Clean out all of the tangles in the bottom and give the rest an area to escape from.  You will find that taking small sections and working from the bottom up is the best way to get in and out FAST!

Hope that helped,  and feel free to continue sending me your queries at dimauro.jon@gmail.com!


  1. I always have tangles too since I have curly hair. I actually comb my hair in the shower while I have conditioner in it!

  2. That is PERFECT!!! What conditioner are you using?