Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bend It Like Lindsay !!!

So I got asked a question by Mary in Saskatoon! I didn`t know people in Saskatoon were reading this blog! That makes me very happy by the way! Anyway, Mary asked:

"I am seeing so many women sporting these awesome waves and I know that they do not occur naturally! My friend Sarah has straight hair and always seems to have these waves, I have to know HOW DOES SHE DO IT!? Also, like a lot of your customers I don`t really have a lot of time in the morning, so does it take a long time?"

I figure the best advice I can offer you Mary is to show you a video of stylist Lindsay Plaskett (phenomenal hair artist) doing flat iron curls on herself. She is really a master at self styling and it shows in this clip. Fast, easy, and very effective the flat iron is an amazing tool when it comes to many forms of styling, especially waves! Check Out The Vid and let me know what you think at!

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