Friday, May 20, 2011

Stop The Flakes !!!!

Alrighty so today we have a question from Mississauga.  The question for the day is regarding dandruff and how to remedy it in a natural way.  Stephanie asked:

"THIS DANDRUFF IS KILLING ME!  I guess it`s because of the season change but WHOA!,  It`s going crazy.  I have always had an issue with dandruff and would like some advice on a natural remedy to help calm it down! Thank you in advance"

Okay well considering we are talking about natural remedies it is unfortunately very difficult to guarantee this concept as a full blown cure.  However,  native peoples all over the globe have been using Tea Tree Oil for years as a cure for scalp irritations and burns.  In salon we have found that taking a couple of drops of certified organic Tea Tree Oil and mixing it into your shampoo works VERY well.  Tea Tree Oil can be found at any natural foods store and is relatively inexpensive.  It Works like a charm and can be used directly on the scalp also.  Please get back to me and let me know how it worked for you Stephanie, I would love some feedback. Hope that helped! And please continue to send me any questions you may have to!

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