Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time To Change...

So due to the excessive and AMAZING amount of questions I am being asked I am gonna change things around here! 

I have decided to focus my blogging energy on answering the abundance of questions that I am being asked! Thanks you sooo much for asking them in the first place! I feel like this is the best way to have the blog become more and more interactive and from a shared knowledge prospective I really feel that this is THE way to go.  From time to time I may still be compelled to share with you the knowledge that I want share! (haha) But overall I want to make sure that I keep focusing on making sure I answer what you guys NEED answered.  So having said that ... let`s go folks! Keep sending me your needs because I am excited and really enthusiastic to be answering them for you!

So here we go lets get to another question!

Karen in Toronto asked "If I want volume what type of brush should I be using?"

Great question Karen!  I am a strong believer in and user of Thermal brushes. These brushes are designed to heat up and allow hair to take the shape of them as it circulates inside and outside of the brush. Depending on the type of hair you have and the length of hair you have you should be using a smaller or larger brush. 
Remember that the more times your hair circles around the brush the more bend and wave you will get. So that means if you want a lot of volume you should consider using one of the smaller metal brush to increase the amount of wave your hair will take on.

Hope that helped and now more than ever people I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS! 
send them to me at

Jon Di Mauro

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