Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Danger of Hair

Who needs bugs bunny anyway?! This little feature is all about hair and pretty funny I must say. I thought it was cool and probably done by like a college student or something. There are three short cartoons that all have their own little funny moments. There is some serious danger in hair and these cartoons show you some of it!

Jon Di Mauro

So as per Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!
Here Is Another Answer!

Corie in Edmonton Asked "Does Anyone use gel anymore?"

Yes! for sure we do! and more now than over the past ten to fifteen years as a matter of fact. The reason is more and more styles are coming back that require a gel to achieve the look. As an example that awesome 80's look where women were slicking their hair back and coming it with gel. Also, needless to say Mad men has been very influential when it comes to gel! Hope that helped and yes please embrace the gel again! Light hold of course!

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