Friday, May 6, 2011

Am I going BALD!

Today we have a question from Todd in Toronto who asked... 

"Alright, so I have heard this my whole life and wanna ask whether or not its true.  Do Hats really influence hair loss at all? I wear my hat all the time and love baseball caps! Am I going bald? or what!"

Okay the simple and direct answer to this question is NO!  There is not a baseball cap in the world that is gonna have you walking around with a glistening bald head by thirty.  The bottom line is that this is simply an old wives tail.  The fact remains that it is all about your genes,  and whether or not your mum`s dad went bald! There are however some things to be weary of when choosing to have that thing stuck to your head ALL DAY EVERY DAY!  Especially for those that are sporty and wearing a ball cap while being active.  When you sweat while wearing your ball cap your scalp and its follicles are not receiving adequate ventilation.  This can causing clogging of the pores and tempoarirly slow down or even stop hair growth.  

Sooo wear your cap all you want,  if you're going bald its gonna happen anyway.  BUT... don`t help it by being active when wearing one.

Jon Di Mauro

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