Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shampoo For U

Alright!  Hello everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend that was full of sunshine and happy times! Anyway today we have a question from Nicole in Brampton, who is curious about shampoo.  Here it is...

"I am curious about shampoo and knowing how to pick it?  I mean I have colour treated hair that requires A LOT of moisturizing.  Is there anyway to know what is right for me?"

So... YES!  The key when picking shampoo is to remember that most major product manufacturer`s today are building colour protectant agents right into their shampoo`s.  In the old days,  you would have to make sure that whatever you chose in the way shampoo and conditioner had a higher PH balance,  allowing for the cuticle layer to stay a little more sealed during your shampoo experience.  Nowadays most manufacturer`s are building all their shampoo lines this way... ( or at least most of their lines).  So therefore most shampoo`s you would buy in PROFESSIONAL establishments are already colour safe.  If I were you looking for a new shampoo,  I would buy the one that offers the most moisture and just confirm its colour safe!


  1. davines shampoo for color-treated hair is now available at some Winners locations! (College Park, Hamilton Mountain - these I've seen so far).

    good luck!

  2. Careful!!! ANYTIME you buy a professional product outside of a salon you could potentially being buying false or diverted product! Essentially this is product that has been purchased from salons that are going under or distributors that are going under. It could be old product kept frozen until needed or even false product all together! Not to play down you excitement Evie but I wouldn`t trust it.