Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Short Or Long?

So today we have a question regarding layers and how to know what length is right for you!  Caitlin in Milton asked:

" My stylists always seem to want to cut my layers short on top! and I end up with this Christmas tree thing! Is it because of the short layering?

Well the simple answer to that question Caitlin is YES!!! I am so happy to have been sent this question because to be honest this is 90% of what I work on in the salon on guests!  It feels like every single time I get a new guest I have to spend the next two haircuts shifting her shape from heavy on the bottom and short on top to the opposite.  For some bizarre and unapparent reason most stylists still believe that cutting shorter layers in the top area will create volume.  I can tell you that haircutting is all about shifting weight, as gravity makes hair fall flat.  When cutting a shape the general rule is this, short hair pushes long hair and makes it look more full.  So the idea is to take that Christmas tree shape and invert it,  thus placing the shorter layers through the bottom and leaving the bulk and weight of the hair on top to create volume.  It works every time!

Hope that helped you out Caitlin and feel free to send me any more questions you may have to dimauro.jon@gmail.com

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