Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colouring Your World !!!

So today we have a question that came in from Linda in Ottawa!  Awesome! They read our blog in Ottawa!  Anyway Linda asked 

" I am always very confused when my colourist talks about whether he should use a semi permanent colour or a permanent colour when giving me a solid colour.  I cannot for the life of me figure out the difference?"

So really the difference is simple... Commitment level!  Basically Semi permanent hair colour is for those who are a little afraid of taking the big jump into hair colour.  Semi`s are colour that over time will wash out and not really be visible anymore.  They tend to be less intrusive and because of their "lighter" overall chemical composition do not last as long or require as much commitment.  Permanent hair colour on the other hand enters the hair shafts cuticle layer and deposits itself right onto the cortex layer of your hair shaft.  Therefore it makes itself (just by the sheer nature of it) a lot harder to get rid of hence requiring more of a commitment to maintain.  Another difference is when it comes down to chemical make up.  Semi`s use a lower peroxide level to develop, and generally have lower ammonia compounds.  The opposite being true regarding permanent.

Hope that answered your question and please feel free to send me any more your questions to

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