Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!!

So here we go folks another webisode of Saturday Nights Lights, Camera, Askin !!!
Tonight I address a question sent to me by Larissa in Toronto who asked about cool rinses after shampooing. Thank you for continuing to engage and ask questions! You can send me your questions at! I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Get Gator Strength !!!

I don`t know how many of you have long hair and CANNOT get it to stay up in a pony! I mean I hear about it all the time! Or maybe you just have a tough time blowdrying and finding a clip that will actually hold when you're sectioning? Well, there is help!

There are phenomenal clips on the market now that I use every day and swear by; they are called Gator clips. These things are AMAZING. I have been able to hold a tonne (literally) of hair out of my way as I blow out one section before moving on to the next. In the past it would take a stylist at least two clips at a time to hold the hair of a woman with long, thick, flowy locks, but not any more! These things are phenomenal! Seriously!

The way they work is that there are hinges in the front and in the back, the one in the back controls the clips opening and closing function. The Hinge in the front however is the real prize! This hinge makes it possible for the clip to create like an elbow effect and therefore hold more hair in place in the middle space. One arm drops down and the other bends as you stuff more hair in the clip!  So you would imagine that if you have a lot of hair this is the right clip considering it just keeps wanting more and more of your hair!

Anyway they are normally sold in packs of three or four and usually go for anywhere between $8 - $15 dollars per pack. I love them and can`t get enough of these things! Check them out at your salon or closest beauty supply house. Quick tip that I hope makes your life easier and helps you get a grip!

Jon Di Mauro

So as per Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!
Here is another answer!

Mary in Woodbridge asked " I just bought a new flat iron and want to know if there is any products you recommend I use before I start flat ironing?"

First of all Great question Mary and thanks for asking! Yes I would recommend that you look into getting a good thermal protectant product. These products generally come in oil or cream form and are designed to protect the hair shaft from excessive heat application. They are made to be applied on wet hair and used during your rough drying and flat ironing. I will not even touch a guests hair with my iron unless a thermal product has been applied. A great one to use at a fairly good price is Flat Out by KMS and it retails at about $12-$18 dollars a bottle. Hope this helped Mary and thanks for your question!

Hey guys send me your questions to! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

YES!!! this was REALLY funny!

If you can get past the cursing in this video, it's HILARIOUS!! It had me in stitches! I can`t say I felt bad for her just based on how funny this prank is. I know that`s not very nice, but come on, have you never pulled a prank on any one before?! Now that I think about it, I am very happy that I posted this skit AFTER April 1st! At least my stylists will have to wait a year before they get me with a shtick like this!
Has anyone ever tried anything like this on you? If so, PLEASE share it with us because well... I would love to post your story if you do!

So as per the Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!!
Questions that I have been asked lets get to an answer!

Brenda in Whitby asked "Why is it that my hairdresser LOVES those stupid thinning scissor?"

Brenda I cannot thank you enough for asking that question! Thinning shears were introduced to the hairdressing world with the idea that a client needs to have bulk removed from her hair if she has a lot of it. I for one WILL NOT EVER USE OR ALLOW THINNING SHEARS TO BE USED IN OUR SALON. There is a very good reason also, I feel they are a cop out. They are simply a means for the stylist to get in and out of your haircut in a great amount of time (30mins). Great in terms of money making that is! They cause excessive amounts of damage as they severely destroy the hair shafts cuticle layer. Which is the outer most layer of each hair shaft, creating Frizz that is unworkable and an overall lifeless hair shaft! Anyway hope this helped and please do not allow for them to be used on your hair.

Send me your questions to I would LOVE to help you out too!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here it comes...SUN !!! What are the Best Summer Hair Products??

So it looks like slowly and steadily the sun is arriving! Thank Goodness cause this winter weather was really starting to get under  my skin! So, when we start moving into this warmer we need to change our arsenal of products also. So what are the best summer hair products? With the warmer weather and sunshine we start to require more UV protection and coverage.

Our skin feels the brunt of the UV ray damage but we would be fooling ourselves to think that our hair does n`t feel the same change. There are many products out there that care for the hair and its UV exposure, however very few of them protect, moisturize and REPAIR the hair from its UV exposure.

A lot of product manufacturers feel that as long as they have included a built in sunscreen then they are doing what is necessary to protect the hair shaft and therefore it should not need repair. Unfortunately this is far from true, and the minute that your hair is exposed to the sun and its damage it requires repair. There are a couple great lines out there that DO however recognize that a moisture restorer and protein replacer really make all the difference.

One such line that we know and love is made by the Italian product line Davines Haircare.  They have a line I am absolutely in love with called SU. This line is phenomenal when it comes to covering all aspects of sun exposure. From before care meaning protection and prevention to after recovery and vitamin replacement, I stand behind it all. I have seen its capability first hand in the Mexican sun and can say that it is unlike anything I have ever used. Its Argan Oil content is high and therefore replaces lost moisture and protein incredibly well.

Anyway, enjoy the weather to come but make sure you  have an incredible arsenal of defence and repair ready to go for when you need it. Check out Davines` SU line you won`t regret it. 

P.S If you are going somewhere or have just been let me know in the comments below, I will get you a sample to try and would love your feedback. I know one guest I gave it to recently loved it! Evie help me out here! 

So as per the Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!
Questions that I have been mailed let`s get to an answer!

Hilary in Brampton asked "What is a good colour to lighten to for summer?"

Hilary I have to say that that solely depends on what your current base colour is and what your skin tone looks like. However I can tell you that in our salon most of our guests have started to go at least 2 to 4 levels lighter than what their current base colour is. The most common tones are blondes that marry well with your natural colour, applied very finely for a nice natural feel. Hope that helped, however you should book a consultation with your colourist and get a clear picture of where you would like to go. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If Only Your Hair Was THIS Perfect!

So I had to put one out there for my anime loving, comic book reading, computer savvy techies! (We Love You) Anyway I thought this was a cool way of merging our worlds. We LOVE hair and you LOVE video games! I saw this vid and thought WOW this guy has some serious talent. Now I have to be honest when I say he does have many other versions of this vid but he has a tendency to maybe drag them out a bit (I can relate... He Loves what he does) This video however has a cool blend of awesome music and some serious drawing! I for one have always wished I could draw like this and admire his skill. I mean he dissects this drawing amazingly and gets an awesome result. I can`t do this! and wish I could, Can anyone relate?

Jon Di Mauro

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

Alright!!!!   So many more questions this week! I am lovin it!
Anyway this week I cover a question that came in regarding Drug store product and the difference between them and Salon product. Always a fun question to answer! Please feel free to send me your questions or comments to! Check Out This Vid!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is It Cheating?

WoooHoooo now were talking! I am so happy that you guys have come around and are starting to really ask a lot of questions! This week has been phenomenal! I have more questions then I know what to do with, and I am very grateful for all the interaction!

So having said that I decided to answer a really good one that I received here on our blog. I think that with the sheer volume of questions that I have received I may have to try and answer some of them this way. I will also be answering  a couple of them through our "Saturday Night Lights Camera Askin" segments so stay tuned on Saturday nights at 8pm!

Alright so here we go! Sarah in Hamilton wrote me on Tuesday and asked a really great question that I am sure all of you have asked yourselves at some point. " If I see another stylist am I Cheating on my Hairdresser?"

I love it! Awesome, Awesome Question!  However I must say that it all depends on your feel for the situation. I will say that in our salons we have a token statement that we all believe in and live by posted at the front of the salon. This sign is posted in that spot for a very clear reason we live by it as a team and hope our clients embrace the philosophy. Here it is....

Now needless to say the situation is different if you are not seeing a stylist within the same four walls (however some of you may feel like that would be even worse!)  I guess the point is that you should feel as though loyalty between you and your stylist should only be there IF your stylist satisfies all your needs. If that IS the case then you have a stylist who listens to you, observes what you need, articulates the possibility or impossibility of achieving it and why, and also works with you to build towards your goals.  Because let`s face it some of you ask for some really crazy things and we cannot deliver them or you don`t even realize that what you are asking for requires WAAAYY more work then your are willing to do!

BUT... at the end of the day it all comes back to whether or not your stylist has articulated that to you clearly.  I feel as though I am confident enough in my abilities to have clients see other hairdressers experience what they can do and then... come back home.  I feel as though I give each client literally ALL of my care and attention,  hoping they see the value and love what I do.  Now, there is the other side of the coin also, let`s not forget that if you are unhappy with what your stylist has done... They know!  (That may be the little secret of the day here).  Not only do they know they don`t like the feeling. After all if they are a good stylist then they want to make you happy.  And if they aren`t doing that it is clear to them.

I guess they best way to look at is like any other relationship you have,  in that if both parties aren`t satisfied it will be evident and end regardless of how much you strive for better.  Anyway, make sure you set clear expectations for your stylist and they receive them well.  If you have decided to move on and try something else remember... your not salvaging what was already lost.

Please let me know if you found this helpful Sarah,  and for everyone else I would love to know what you think! Chat soon.....

Jon Di Mauro

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Is Some LONG @!* Hair!

Okay I think I might pass out! Seriously, when I first saw this vid I felt faint because I could just imagine the smell that must radiate from this mans head! His hair is over 20 feet long! And as you would imagine... he hasn`t washed it in a while! Like a long while. I mean when I put out the blog post on dry shampoo I didn`t think people in Vietnam would hear about it! Let alone think they could go this long without a wash! In all seriousness I have to give this guy credit though because I for one LOVE hair and know for a fact that I could NEVER do this!
Check This Guy Out, BUT if you're my client PLEASE don't get any ideas!

Jon Di Mauro

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dare To Care... Go Green!!! Green Circle Salons

Here is a peek at what went down at this year`s Green Living Show which took place this past weekend at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto`s Exhibition Place. We were involved in the show with our guest artist Ryan Yee performing haircuts live at the Green Circle Salons booth. Ryan went down and contributed his time to an awesome cause as all of the hair that he cut down there went directly into hair boons! In our salons we work closely with GCS (Green Circle Salons) to lower our emissions as a salon and an industry as a whole. All hair cut in our establishments is given to GCS so that hair boons can be created and used for oil spill situations. We also recycle our foil with GCS and are proud to be green establishments! Check Out This Video!!!

We love Green Circle Salons!

Jon Di Mauro

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

So here we go! I got asked the first question!!!
I have to say I am a little shocked that in this whole week I only had one person email needing hair help! I know you`ve got more to ask than that! Anyway I am really happy to have gotten Claire`s question and hope this answers it. Thanks again Claire for interacting with us!

Friday, April 15, 2011

With The Spring Comes The Birds !!! How to Put Your Hair in a Bun.

So I am super pumped by this weather! I feel reborn every time I look outside and see the sunshine and people skipping along the street wearing less and less.  The spring is an awesome time to start cleaning up and putting life back together, especially after the hibernation that has been the last six months!

With the spring comes the birds, yes the birds. They are flying back at an awesome rate and making their way back home to us.  Now, those aren`t the only birds making their way back either... So are bird`s nest buns! I've been asked "how to put your hair in a bun." Yes, I mean those high buns that originated during the late 50`s and early 60`s.  They are back again because as we know fashion works in cycles and this isn`t the first time they`ve made a comeback.

What I really like about the newest version of this older look is that today we are wearing it with an edgier feel.  Ladies are dressing it up as an everyday look and sporting it with jeans, heels, and t-shirts! This look originally was dressed up quite a bit more, with ball gowns and dangly earrings being a necessity to sport it.  I love the new twist on and you know what, as much as I am NOT a fan of the jersey shore crew, maybe just maybe Snooki had something to do with this! 

It is a timeless classic that is relatively easy to achieve and looks great worn so many ways. Here is a little run down of how to achieve this style:

1) Start by pulling your hair up into a high pony at the top of your head.
2) Divide the ponytail in two by taking a section and splitting it in half.
3) Next, HEAVILY and I mean HEAVILY back comb and tease each side of the splitten pony. Make sure you have a lot of width and poof on each section (Like I mean HUGE).
4) Then brush them down just a little to smooth them out.
5) Now you can wrap the hair from one section around the other at the base of the pony to create what looks like a top knot.
6) Fold the other section over that base and start to pin it in place.
You should have what looks like a ball shape on top, wrapped by the other piece.
7) Tug out a couple of pieces to make it look more full, spray, shine spray, and your off!

Hope you found this helpful and that you rock this look out on your next date to a fancy dinner in your gown, OR when you head out to the mall for a little shopping and lunch with a friend.

Jon Di Mauro

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greasy?... eeewww!

Yeah it is,  it`s gross! Not for anything but as a stylist I gotta say that we don`t exactly love having you in on your forth day without a hair wash! No... Seriously!

Especially when there are some great ways for it to not be as evident that it has been that full four days! With all of the dry shampoos out there on the market place I am truly confused as to how people aren`t just all over these products. There are so many benefits to a good dry shampoo that I believe anyone who has a longer length or even mid length hair and pushes out that one extra day NEEDS to know about. 

Now let`s make one thing clear, any self respecting hairstylist would want for their clients to be pushing out that one extra day (simply because less washing = less dryness).  However you`ve got to be prepared.  And being prepared today means owning, understanding, and using a great dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoos are meant to be a quick fix to the shampoo dilemma, in that they will not replace good old fashioned water and shampoo. However, what they will do is give that clean, fresh, and workable hair you want on the "lazy" day. They are meant to be applied at the scalp area and massaged or brushed through the hair. Once you have completed that you can then move into starting to restyle the days look. As an example, if you had a flat iron curl set in your hair and you did it on Tuesday and today is Friday and it needs a restyle you would:

1) Take sections of hair elevate them and spray the dry shampoo at the root.       
2) Then you would massage the product into your scalp and run it through your ends.
3) Next, use your brush to brush out all your hair.
4) Last step, take your flat iron and restyle those curls girl!

It`s just that simple and can leave you feeling cleaner, restyled, ready to take on the rest of your day with a fresh "new" style. There a couple that we have found work really well at our salons, one of which is Dirty Secret from Tigi`s Rockaholic line.  Its light weight, smells like fresh lemon, and is not that pricey of a product.  Anyway sorry to come out harsh in the beginning but WHOA I needed to get that one off my chest.  Hope it helps you help me!  ;)

Jon Di Mauro

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Hope You Go BALD!

This is NUTS!
There really isn`t very much more to say than that. I mean, I know that this is the second video day in a row and I know that what you really want is hair tips (which I promise will be back soon, like tomorrow) but c`mon I had to post this vid! When you watch it you will definetly understand why! Let`s put it this way, it involves a group of weirdos who decide that deodorant or hairspray are good things to spray onto your hair before you apply a flame to it! As a stylist I am pleased to see people having a great time with their hair, and believe me we love the business and you will definitely need that fixed! However, as a regular everyday dude, I think these guys are idiots and should be left bald! I mean there are quite a few guys out there that have been thinning out and would love the hair these dudes have! Believe me the last thing they`d do is set it on fire! It just goes to show you that at this point even people with absolutely NO talent can end up on YouTube! Check This Out...

Jon Di Mauro

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seriously Rockin "hair" by The Cowsills

This is the latest Youtube video to put a HUGE smile on my face! Anyone who watches this video will immediately be brought a wonderfully huge grin. I mean what I find amazing about this clip is that most of us will watch this and think that there is NO way, I repeat NO way that this whole group isn`t high while recording this! First of all hair should never ever be this big! Second of all, they either hair more than life itself or got paid A LOT of money to dance around like this.

The funny part about it though is that this was a group that did the family jam well before the Partridge family did their thing! This family was seriously PUMPED on hair! It looks to me like the one thing that had them all moving and shaking... Literally. I think that big hair is back, and if not all the way yet than very soon. However, Cowsills I don`t think its coming back like this! Check Out this CrAzY tune performed by "The Cowsills" in concert in (1969)...

Jon Di Mauro

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!

So here I am interacting! Send me your hair questions cause i`ve got your answers! Check Out This Video for more details!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Make Sure You're Weddy!

So, we have moved into the spring and with that comes Bridal season. This season for salons is crazy busy!  This means that if you have a specific hairstylist who does your hair, chances are his or her time could already be spoken for! I know that many brides in the making have already made the call, but for those who haven't yet, soon (or now) might be a good idea!

As a stylist I am amazed at just how nonchalant some clients can be regarding hairstyling for their wedding. If you are getting married this coming spring or summer, then you should already have your appointment booked to see your stylist of choice. Also, if it is important to you to have your whole bridal entourage together that day, then they are gonna need to have their appointments booked too. Just as fast as venues are booked, your hairstylist may be as well. Let`s not forget that at this time of year there are a lot of people tying the knot. Check out some more bridal hairstyles here.

Your appointment on the big day should bring together everything that you've envisioned.  All of the details: the ideas, the concepts for your style, the pinning, the curling, the height, and anything else that your look entails, MUST be decided on well before! For every bride, we recommend you have a trial at least one month prior to your big day. The trial should be included in your final price and should be booked as a longer appointment (like at least an hour and a half). During this appointment you will show pics, clarify your wants, listen to recommendations, and of course perform the entire style. Every single step included, and every single pin placement should be reviewed. This way you won`t end up sharing the same expression Kate Hudson showed in Bride Wars...

Do your research ladies! More and more salons are realizing that this is a HUGE day for you, and they`re starting to put together really great wedding packages that you and your girls will love! As an example, what`s wrong with a bridal mimosa at 9am? Absolutely Nothing! Anyway, what I`m saying is, look into what it is they offer and that you get the most value for your money. More importantly, make sure that you see eye to eye and jive with your hairstylist. The way to find that out (unless you`ve already got one) is to make sure you book a consultation right off the bat. If the hairdresser is open and listens well, chances are they will have patience and be able to give you exactly what you need.

These are a couple of important things to make sure you have in place for the months leading up to your big day. I am sorry if I stressed you out but... someone had to kick your butt into gear! Get on it girl and make sure your big day is EXACTLY what you`ve dreamed of; you deserve it. I could talk about this all day! Moral of the story...  Make sure your Weddy!

Jon Di Mauro

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More than just "the fresh maker"

I had to put this out there because it had me in stitches! I love Mentos anyway but after this I may become a much larger consumer of their product! They have always made some pretty darn funny commercials but this one took the cake/mint for me. Maybe this is why they`ve stopped training young hairstylists to use a straight razor! I can honestly say that I have been fortunate enough to have never needed to think this quickly and cover up a mistake, BUT if I needed to, this would be an absolutely amazing way to do it! It`s obvious that good humour is universal! Check this Out!

Jon Di Mauro

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ruffled Feathers!!!

So, yesterday we covered a really hot trend in Undercutting. We make it a priority to stay current and so today, today we are gonna cover yet another really hot trend... Feathers! Right now we are seeing a resurgence of an older trend from the late sixties and early seventies. At that time hippies were runnin wild! Flowers and feathers in your headsets were a necessity! Well, its true in fashion just like in life that what goes around does come back around. There are a couple of companies that have started producing these feathers and are rockin it out making some great products. We really like the brand and approach of this company Fine Featherheads. We feel like this is a trend that again will be hot for the spring and summer months ahead. These easy to use, cool coloured, easily maintained extensions add dimension and style to your look. Slowly but surely we are starting to see more celebs sporting them also. Anyway check out this video for a look at the style, and feel of this upcoming trend!

Jon Di Mauro

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot Right Now?... Undercutting!

Remember Docs? What about the Plaid shirts we used to tie around our waists? Or  do you remember Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, hole, and so on and so forth! I remember  a lot about the nineties, and all of it I loved!  However, the one thing I remember most, is the thing I was so attached to... My undercut. Oh yeah, I used to LOVE my undercut! I rocked it for like two years! Thank goodness it`s made its comeback because it`s such a cool look.  So edgy and trendy, I love it on both men and women and in all its variations. Check out this amazing version below done by Ashley Nurisso at our Bloor  location the other day.

Over the last three months I would say that I have about 6 guests that I have personally introduced some form of under cutting to.  Men and women alike, this look attracts and inspires both.  I remember having my sides and back buzzed to a 1 or 2 maximum! that`s pretty short folks! I would then leave the top much longer and slick it back with a Dippity Do medium hold gel.  On winter days I remember my hair freezing on the way to 9 o`clock homeroom!

Anyway Under cuts are back HUGE, and you may have noticed as many stars and musicians are starting to adopt the look (Rihanna).  I think it`s a look that might be around for a little while considering that we are just now seeing people begin to be daring enough to take it back old school!  Speaking of school, that to me is an indication of just how long I think this trend will last. I think this will for sure be this spring and summer`s hottest trend, leading us right up till back to school.

This is a play back from a time in my life when music, friends, chillin, underage drinking, and learning to play an instrument (or saying you were learning) were the coolest things out there. I think our music is also being influenced by it and so too is our fashion. The ripped jeans with the big holes on the knee and ruffled un-hemmed bottoms are again on the rise! and so are all of the other trends. Men are going to have a blast with trend because, its cool and can still be manipulated into looking somewhat conservative for the office. I am loving what I have been seeing on Queen, and am happy the Doc martin store is rockin busy! I really hope more and more of us adopt this trend with open arms as its cool in a variety of textures, lengths, colours and styles.

Have fun with your hair and rock this look because it won`t be around that long and then you will have to wait another 20 years to get it back! So pulled out that old plaid and those doc`s. Clean the dust off those cassettes and bring it back, because we really loved the 90`s for all they were! A rockin good time with great music, relaxed clothing, and some damn good hair gel!

Jon Di Mauro

Saturday, April 2, 2011

#JapanQuakeTO Great Cause, Great People...

On Thursday night we attended another great fundraiser held by T.O`s  fantastic twitter community. We heard about this great cause from good friend Corey Herscu (aka @cellguru) We all gathered at Toronto`s Tattoo Rock Parlour at 567 Queen Street West.  This is a great venue that was very chic. Neither of us had ever been to Tattoo and we quickly realized that it was a place we would definitely be back to.  I loved the whole vibe of the place and really like the concept of merging a tattoo parlour with a trendy night spot. Good music, lots of comfy couches and areas to lounge make this place a hot spot with class.

A lot of things happened that night, which is why we love this community (the 6th largest twitter community in the world!) you just never really know what to expect!  We decided that we should do what we do best and cut hair! Jason was speaking to Natalie T. AKA @nearafar who let us know that she felt the front of her hair needed some shape. Lucky for her I just so happened to have my scissors in the car (as always) and we decided that there had to be a convenience store close by that we could get a comb from!  Well,  that worked out and we found one for .99cents and got to work!

Once we get started we have a really hard time stopping!  Before we know it we are generally surrounded by hipsters looking to get their hur did! So we gladly obliged, and found that the next in line was Shannon R. AKA @ShayReyn. I had a blast cutting Shannon`s hair because she really was up for anything! I just wish we had a little more time, lighting, water, I guess all the elements needed to create an awesome do! Even though we were short on those bare essentials we still managed to clean up and re-shape Rochelle Latinsky`s hair too! AKA @rochlatinsky who was a sweetheart who`s haircut ended up being stopped short by a segment for the CP24 crew! (Come see me so I can finish!) Hey @subzstancial make sure you bring your girl down to see me too because she her haircut stopped short also!

Anyway the spontaneous haircutting is ALWAYS fun! but that wasn`t all that randomly happened at this event.  Like I said in the beginning this is a tattoo parlour first and foremost, so naturally someone was gettin inked! That someone happened to be our tweetheart Casie Stewart AKA @casiestewart! She got an awesome tat and did it while everyone was partying and having a great time! 

Anyway,  we had a lot of fun and managed to raise some good money for a GREAT cause, that hopefully will have a big impact. Thanks to good friend Corey AKA @cellguru for getting us involved in this great event and to Shannon AKA @shananigans5 and Joallore AKA @clickflickca for showing us a good time!

P.S. We love you Tweethearts!

Jon Di Mauro

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tying The Net !!!

So maybe i`m a tad bit premature but... I don`t care! I NEED the warm weather! Like it`s not a want anymore, but a true and undeniable need! So I figure that if I want the warm weather I need to will it on. Logical I think... hope it works. I figure nothing signifies the change of season better than the commencement of wedding season. With the spring comes the brides generally speaking, and hopefully that sentiment is proven right considering we have our first wedding of the year this weekend.  Anyway, the idea behind this post was not to banter on about my NEED for summer, but to discuss a wedding trend I love.

We have been asked repeatedly about these beautiful head pieces that have gorgeous flowy nets attached to them. From a male perspective I must say I love them! I think it is such a sexy and yet classical look. It is the type of look that works whether you have long or short hair. I have seen many women look into these pieces and then get shy and back away! I cannot understand this, I see how it would take a bit of confidence to try and pull the look off but any thing beats covering your whole head with a vale! Whether they have the little built in hats or are constructed by feathers they are beautiful. One peice of advice from your stylist here, make sure they are constructed with a spot for your hairdresser to cross pin them on. They can be a little flimsy at times if not applied correctly.

So many women sport this look so well!  I feel like it is still a very versatile, trendy and more modern alternate to the old school traditional stuff.  I will tell you this much,  I hope my fiance is ready this because I am secretly pushing her in this direction. I guess that wasn`t much of a secret! Babe, if your listening... I really like these!

Jon Di Mauro