Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is It Cheating?

WoooHoooo now were talking! I am so happy that you guys have come around and are starting to really ask a lot of questions! This week has been phenomenal! I have more questions then I know what to do with, and I am very grateful for all the interaction!

So having said that I decided to answer a really good one that I received here on our blog. I think that with the sheer volume of questions that I have received I may have to try and answer some of them this way. I will also be answering  a couple of them through our "Saturday Night Lights Camera Askin" segments so stay tuned on Saturday nights at 8pm!

Alright so here we go! Sarah in Hamilton wrote me on Tuesday and asked a really great question that I am sure all of you have asked yourselves at some point. " If I see another stylist am I Cheating on my Hairdresser?"

I love it! Awesome, Awesome Question!  However I must say that it all depends on your feel for the situation. I will say that in our salons we have a token statement that we all believe in and live by posted at the front of the salon. This sign is posted in that spot for a very clear reason we live by it as a team and hope our clients embrace the philosophy. Here it is....

Now needless to say the situation is different if you are not seeing a stylist within the same four walls (however some of you may feel like that would be even worse!)  I guess the point is that you should feel as though loyalty between you and your stylist should only be there IF your stylist satisfies all your needs. If that IS the case then you have a stylist who listens to you, observes what you need, articulates the possibility or impossibility of achieving it and why, and also works with you to build towards your goals.  Because let`s face it some of you ask for some really crazy things and we cannot deliver them or you don`t even realize that what you are asking for requires WAAAYY more work then your are willing to do!

BUT... at the end of the day it all comes back to whether or not your stylist has articulated that to you clearly.  I feel as though I am confident enough in my abilities to have clients see other hairdressers experience what they can do and then... come back home.  I feel as though I give each client literally ALL of my care and attention,  hoping they see the value and love what I do.  Now, there is the other side of the coin also, let`s not forget that if you are unhappy with what your stylist has done... They know!  (That may be the little secret of the day here).  Not only do they know they don`t like the feeling. After all if they are a good stylist then they want to make you happy.  And if they aren`t doing that it is clear to them.

I guess they best way to look at is like any other relationship you have,  in that if both parties aren`t satisfied it will be evident and end regardless of how much you strive for better.  Anyway, make sure you set clear expectations for your stylist and they receive them well.  If you have decided to move on and try something else remember... your not salvaging what was already lost.

Please let me know if you found this helpful Sarah,  and for everyone else I would love to know what you think! Chat soon.....

Jon Di Mauro


  1. That is one of my favorite signs in your salon :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Does it make you feel like you can see anyone?