Friday, April 1, 2011

Tying The Net !!!

So maybe i`m a tad bit premature but... I don`t care! I NEED the warm weather! Like it`s not a want anymore, but a true and undeniable need! So I figure that if I want the warm weather I need to will it on. Logical I think... hope it works. I figure nothing signifies the change of season better than the commencement of wedding season. With the spring comes the brides generally speaking, and hopefully that sentiment is proven right considering we have our first wedding of the year this weekend.  Anyway, the idea behind this post was not to banter on about my NEED for summer, but to discuss a wedding trend I love.

We have been asked repeatedly about these beautiful head pieces that have gorgeous flowy nets attached to them. From a male perspective I must say I love them! I think it is such a sexy and yet classical look. It is the type of look that works whether you have long or short hair. I have seen many women look into these pieces and then get shy and back away! I cannot understand this, I see how it would take a bit of confidence to try and pull the look off but any thing beats covering your whole head with a vale! Whether they have the little built in hats or are constructed by feathers they are beautiful. One peice of advice from your stylist here, make sure they are constructed with a spot for your hairdresser to cross pin them on. They can be a little flimsy at times if not applied correctly.

So many women sport this look so well!  I feel like it is still a very versatile, trendy and more modern alternate to the old school traditional stuff.  I will tell you this much,  I hope my fiance is ready this because I am secretly pushing her in this direction. I guess that wasn`t much of a secret! Babe, if your listening... I really like these!

Jon Di Mauro

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