Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here it comes...SUN !!! What are the Best Summer Hair Products??

So it looks like slowly and steadily the sun is arriving! Thank Goodness cause this winter weather was really starting to get under  my skin! So, when we start moving into this warmer we need to change our arsenal of products also. So what are the best summer hair products? With the warmer weather and sunshine we start to require more UV protection and coverage.

Our skin feels the brunt of the UV ray damage but we would be fooling ourselves to think that our hair does n`t feel the same change. There are many products out there that care for the hair and its UV exposure, however very few of them protect, moisturize and REPAIR the hair from its UV exposure.

A lot of product manufacturers feel that as long as they have included a built in sunscreen then they are doing what is necessary to protect the hair shaft and therefore it should not need repair. Unfortunately this is far from true, and the minute that your hair is exposed to the sun and its damage it requires repair. There are a couple great lines out there that DO however recognize that a moisture restorer and protein replacer really make all the difference.

One such line that we know and love is made by the Italian product line Davines Haircare.  They have a line I am absolutely in love with called SU. This line is phenomenal when it comes to covering all aspects of sun exposure. From before care meaning protection and prevention to after recovery and vitamin replacement, I stand behind it all. I have seen its capability first hand in the Mexican sun and can say that it is unlike anything I have ever used. Its Argan Oil content is high and therefore replaces lost moisture and protein incredibly well.

Anyway, enjoy the weather to come but make sure you  have an incredible arsenal of defence and repair ready to go for when you need it. Check out Davines` SU line you won`t regret it. 

P.S If you are going somewhere or have just been let me know in the comments below, I will get you a sample to try and would love your feedback. I know one guest I gave it to recently loved it! Evie help me out here! 

So as per the Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!
Questions that I have been mailed let`s get to an answer!

Hilary in Brampton asked "What is a good colour to lighten to for summer?"

Hilary I have to say that that solely depends on what your current base colour is and what your skin tone looks like. However I can tell you that in our salon most of our guests have started to go at least 2 to 4 levels lighter than what their current base colour is. The most common tones are blondes that marry well with your natural colour, applied very finely for a nice natural feel. Hope that helped, however you should book a consultation with your colourist and get a clear picture of where you would like to go. :)


  1. Happy to report that I just got back from sunny Jamaica! This semi-Caribbean girl was glad to be back in the sun, but what should I do for my hair now to keep it strong & healthy? Hugs from Michelle G.

  2. oh Jon, you make me laugh!
    Went to Cali in the past couple of weeks and LOVED it there (Evoke should consider opening a salon there...and I would go when I live there).
    This product is SO GOOD. smells amazing and moisturizes your hair fully. it made my hair super silky and smooth! all of the girls I went with used it as well. kind of want to buy the whole line...just need to pay off that pesky VISA bill...
    thanks again, Jon!
    p.s. I want the girl's hair in the photo. it's TOO pretty!

  3. To Evie... I must say If I was lady I would love that hair too! Thanks for your feedback and constant interaction! We <3 U!

    Michelle, I am SOOO jealous! Honestly it depends on the type of hair you have got but I must say that the SU after sun spray with Argan Oil would be PERFECT for you! It has built in Argan Oil which is what the famous Moroccan Oil is made of. What makes Argan amazing is that it not only moisturizes and restores omegas and softness to the hair it also adds protein for added strength. A combo that is hard to find in most hair care lines. Hey take Evie`s advice the SU oil Rocks! Hope this helped and let me know if you would like a bottle or have any more questions. I LOVE the interaction! <3