Friday, April 8, 2011

Make Sure You're Weddy!

So, we have moved into the spring and with that comes Bridal season. This season for salons is crazy busy!  This means that if you have a specific hairstylist who does your hair, chances are his or her time could already be spoken for! I know that many brides in the making have already made the call, but for those who haven't yet, soon (or now) might be a good idea!

As a stylist I am amazed at just how nonchalant some clients can be regarding hairstyling for their wedding. If you are getting married this coming spring or summer, then you should already have your appointment booked to see your stylist of choice. Also, if it is important to you to have your whole bridal entourage together that day, then they are gonna need to have their appointments booked too. Just as fast as venues are booked, your hairstylist may be as well. Let`s not forget that at this time of year there are a lot of people tying the knot. Check out some more bridal hairstyles here.

Your appointment on the big day should bring together everything that you've envisioned.  All of the details: the ideas, the concepts for your style, the pinning, the curling, the height, and anything else that your look entails, MUST be decided on well before! For every bride, we recommend you have a trial at least one month prior to your big day. The trial should be included in your final price and should be booked as a longer appointment (like at least an hour and a half). During this appointment you will show pics, clarify your wants, listen to recommendations, and of course perform the entire style. Every single step included, and every single pin placement should be reviewed. This way you won`t end up sharing the same expression Kate Hudson showed in Bride Wars...

Do your research ladies! More and more salons are realizing that this is a HUGE day for you, and they`re starting to put together really great wedding packages that you and your girls will love! As an example, what`s wrong with a bridal mimosa at 9am? Absolutely Nothing! Anyway, what I`m saying is, look into what it is they offer and that you get the most value for your money. More importantly, make sure that you see eye to eye and jive with your hairstylist. The way to find that out (unless you`ve already got one) is to make sure you book a consultation right off the bat. If the hairdresser is open and listens well, chances are they will have patience and be able to give you exactly what you need.

These are a couple of important things to make sure you have in place for the months leading up to your big day. I am sorry if I stressed you out but... someone had to kick your butt into gear! Get on it girl and make sure your big day is EXACTLY what you`ve dreamed of; you deserve it. I could talk about this all day! Moral of the story...  Make sure your Weddy!

Jon Di Mauro

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