Friday, April 29, 2011

Get Gator Strength !!!

I don`t know how many of you have long hair and CANNOT get it to stay up in a pony! I mean I hear about it all the time! Or maybe you just have a tough time blowdrying and finding a clip that will actually hold when you're sectioning? Well, there is help!

There are phenomenal clips on the market now that I use every day and swear by; they are called Gator clips. These things are AMAZING. I have been able to hold a tonne (literally) of hair out of my way as I blow out one section before moving on to the next. In the past it would take a stylist at least two clips at a time to hold the hair of a woman with long, thick, flowy locks, but not any more! These things are phenomenal! Seriously!

The way they work is that there are hinges in the front and in the back, the one in the back controls the clips opening and closing function. The Hinge in the front however is the real prize! This hinge makes it possible for the clip to create like an elbow effect and therefore hold more hair in place in the middle space. One arm drops down and the other bends as you stuff more hair in the clip!  So you would imagine that if you have a lot of hair this is the right clip considering it just keeps wanting more and more of your hair!

Anyway they are normally sold in packs of three or four and usually go for anywhere between $8 - $15 dollars per pack. I love them and can`t get enough of these things! Check them out at your salon or closest beauty supply house. Quick tip that I hope makes your life easier and helps you get a grip!

Jon Di Mauro

So as per Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!
Here is another answer!

Mary in Woodbridge asked " I just bought a new flat iron and want to know if there is any products you recommend I use before I start flat ironing?"

First of all Great question Mary and thanks for asking! Yes I would recommend that you look into getting a good thermal protectant product. These products generally come in oil or cream form and are designed to protect the hair shaft from excessive heat application. They are made to be applied on wet hair and used during your rough drying and flat ironing. I will not even touch a guests hair with my iron unless a thermal product has been applied. A great one to use at a fairly good price is Flat Out by KMS and it retails at about $12-$18 dollars a bottle. Hope this helped Mary and thanks for your question!

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