Saturday, April 2, 2011

#JapanQuakeTO Great Cause, Great People...

On Thursday night we attended another great fundraiser held by T.O`s  fantastic twitter community. We heard about this great cause from good friend Corey Herscu (aka @cellguru) We all gathered at Toronto`s Tattoo Rock Parlour at 567 Queen Street West.  This is a great venue that was very chic. Neither of us had ever been to Tattoo and we quickly realized that it was a place we would definitely be back to.  I loved the whole vibe of the place and really like the concept of merging a tattoo parlour with a trendy night spot. Good music, lots of comfy couches and areas to lounge make this place a hot spot with class.

A lot of things happened that night, which is why we love this community (the 6th largest twitter community in the world!) you just never really know what to expect!  We decided that we should do what we do best and cut hair! Jason was speaking to Natalie T. AKA @nearafar who let us know that she felt the front of her hair needed some shape. Lucky for her I just so happened to have my scissors in the car (as always) and we decided that there had to be a convenience store close by that we could get a comb from!  Well,  that worked out and we found one for .99cents and got to work!

Once we get started we have a really hard time stopping!  Before we know it we are generally surrounded by hipsters looking to get their hur did! So we gladly obliged, and found that the next in line was Shannon R. AKA @ShayReyn. I had a blast cutting Shannon`s hair because she really was up for anything! I just wish we had a little more time, lighting, water, I guess all the elements needed to create an awesome do! Even though we were short on those bare essentials we still managed to clean up and re-shape Rochelle Latinsky`s hair too! AKA @rochlatinsky who was a sweetheart who`s haircut ended up being stopped short by a segment for the CP24 crew! (Come see me so I can finish!) Hey @subzstancial make sure you bring your girl down to see me too because she her haircut stopped short also!

Anyway the spontaneous haircutting is ALWAYS fun! but that wasn`t all that randomly happened at this event.  Like I said in the beginning this is a tattoo parlour first and foremost, so naturally someone was gettin inked! That someone happened to be our tweetheart Casie Stewart AKA @casiestewart! She got an awesome tat and did it while everyone was partying and having a great time! 

Anyway,  we had a lot of fun and managed to raise some good money for a GREAT cause, that hopefully will have a big impact. Thanks to good friend Corey AKA @cellguru for getting us involved in this great event and to Shannon AKA @shananigans5 and Joallore AKA @clickflickca for showing us a good time!

P.S. We love you Tweethearts!

Jon Di Mauro

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