Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Hope You Go BALD!

This is NUTS!
There really isn`t very much more to say than that. I mean, I know that this is the second video day in a row and I know that what you really want is hair tips (which I promise will be back soon, like tomorrow) but c`mon I had to post this vid! When you watch it you will definetly understand why! Let`s put it this way, it involves a group of weirdos who decide that deodorant or hairspray are good things to spray onto your hair before you apply a flame to it! As a stylist I am pleased to see people having a great time with their hair, and believe me we love the business and you will definitely need that fixed! However, as a regular everyday dude, I think these guys are idiots and should be left bald! I mean there are quite a few guys out there that have been thinning out and would love the hair these dudes have! Believe me the last thing they`d do is set it on fire! It just goes to show you that at this point even people with absolutely NO talent can end up on YouTube! Check This Out...

Jon Di Mauro

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