Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seriously Rockin "hair" by The Cowsills

This is the latest Youtube video to put a HUGE smile on my face! Anyone who watches this video will immediately be brought a wonderfully huge grin. I mean what I find amazing about this clip is that most of us will watch this and think that there is NO way, I repeat NO way that this whole group isn`t high while recording this! First of all hair should never ever be this big! Second of all, they either hair more than life itself or got paid A LOT of money to dance around like this.

The funny part about it though is that this was a group that did the family jam well before the Partridge family did their thing! This family was seriously PUMPED on hair! It looks to me like the one thing that had them all moving and shaking... Literally. I think that big hair is back, and if not all the way yet than very soon. However, Cowsills I don`t think its coming back like this! Check Out this CrAzY tune performed by "The Cowsills" in concert in (1969)...

Jon Di Mauro

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